Old Habits (Wicked Lovely, #2.6) by Melissa Marr

Old Habits (Wicked Lovely, #2.6)

Melissa Marr returns to the ravishing world of Faerie with a story set between her bestselling novels Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. Recently anointed king of the Dark Court, Niall struggles to forge a new relationship with his subjects—and with the former Dark King, Irial, his once-friend, once-enemy, and now possible-advisor.

Details Old Habits (Wicked Lovely, #2.6)

TitleOld Habits (Wicked Lovely, #2.6)
Release DateJan 11th, 2011
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Fairies, Urban Fantasy

Reviews Old Habits (Wicked Lovely, #2.6)

  • Katerina Kondrenko
    4 out of 10 ревью на русском/review in russianHigh Court added to the story some pepper. Still like Niall. Still very dislike Irial. Would love to meet Devlin again.Wicked Lovely (Коварная Красота):— Wicked Lovely (Коварная Красота) #1/5— Ink Exchange (Роковая татуировка) #2/5— Stopping Time (Останавливая время) #2.5/5— Old Habits (Старые привычки)...
  • Arlene
    ”…And that, my lovely Gancanagh, is why I am not qualified to be a king.” Irial says gently to Niall. “There are two people I would put before the court. It is not a matter of being tired of my court, or throwing it away, or punishing you, or trapping you, or any of those very diabolical things you would like to believe of me. It is, quite simply, the fact that I would damn them all if it meant protecting you or Leslie. The court requires...
  • Rachel
    Old Habits is a short novella, of ten chapters, that focuses on the relationship between Irial, the former Dark King, and Niall, the new King of the Dark Court. It is set between the events taking place in Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity.Irial and Niall have had a long and rocky history. Irial, who is now serving as Niall’s adviser and protector, must learn to take a subservient role now that Niall is beginning to accept his status as the new...
  • Jen
    My Thoughts: I tell you no lies, people. If I could make one book world come to life, it'd be Melissa Marr's gorgeously written faerie world. It's not enough that her books have beautiful titles and infinitely more beautiful covers. She just so happens to have concocted one of the most irresistable characters in any paranormal romance I've read EVER. (Looking at you, Irial.) What a twisted, enticing specimen that one is.And can you believe that t...
  • Melly
    I loved this book! It was short, but made me fall even deeper for Niall and Irial. I absolutely love them. I'm grateful for the further insight into their backgrounds. I love the part with Niall and Seth, haha I was cracking up.
  • Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)
    This lovely little read arrived on my kindle last night at midnight and since I'm such a big fan of Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series I just had to read it then and there. I finished at 2 a.m. :) Old Habits is another wonderful novella taking place after Ink Exchange and let me say includes my 3 favorite men of the series Seth, Irial, and Niall. Where Stopping Time focused on Niall and Iri's love for Leslie. Old Habits centers on Niall and Iri'...
  • Rebecca Maye
    I think the writing for this and "Stopping Time" was caught in between a supposed to be teen book and an adult book. Not sure that I quite like the feel of it being juvenile in some areas and adult in others, however, overall, it was entertaining.
  • Marzie
    I just love Irial and Niall.
  • Anne - Books of My Heart
    Another interesting novella giving us insight into the fae court politics. If you're not reading the series, it wouldn't mean too much tho.
  • Doreen
    short story that gives a little insight into the world of Faerie
  • Jillian -always aspiring-
    "The court needs new energy, Gancanagh.  I got us through Beira's reign, found ways to strengthen us.  I'm tired--more changed by Leslie than I'll admit, even to you.  You may have broken our tie, seared me from her skin, but that doesn't undo my changes.  I am no longer fit to lead my court." Irial smiled sadly.  "My court--your court now--needs a new king.  You're the right choice.  You have always been the next Dark King."Old Habits, th...
  • Vicki Keire
    I am a Dark Court girl. What could be better than a novella set entirely in and around the Dark Court, especially one that takes us all the way back to my favorite book in the series, revisiting events right at the close of Ink Exchange?Now that I've exposed my inherent bias, let me address the actual novella: I think it's a great bridge as we wait for the final book, Darkest Mercy. Not only do you get a substantial novella (10 chapters), but you...
  • Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom)
    Old Habits offers us a bit of a glimpse into how Niall is handling the transition to being the Dark Court's new King, which was bestowed upon him by Irial, and how they are both dealing with the role reversal.It's hard for Irial to give up his OLD HABITS of leading the Dark Court. He tries to continue conducting the *less desirable* aspects of the Dark Court dealings behind the scenes, attempting to spare Niall from it. In doing so, he didn't mea...
  • Jeanne 'Divinae'
    This takes place after Ink Exchange also. It focuses on Niall's and Irial's relationship. Niall is dealing with being the new Dark King. Even though he doesn't desire the role, he cannot think of anyone else who is more capable of being it(besides Irial who refuses it back). As Niall is settling into his new role as Dark King, he still struggles with his feelings for Irial and Leslie. Irial is working behind Niall's back to help keep him safe. Ev...
  • Gemma
    Short, and I didn't much care for the story line. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't bad at all, I just didn't care. Niall irks me. Too whiny. Too serious. Too... Niall. Ick. Even his name sounds like a yawn.BUT IRIAL WAS IN IT!!! IRIAL!!! He who single handedly made this book go from two stars to four.He who may or may not be dead....No!But he was in it. A lot. And that's why I read it. Because the description made it sound like he would be in it. An...
  • Ange (Libby Blog) Schmelzer
    Irial hands the Dark Court over to Niall, who becomes the Dark Court's King of Nightmares, whether he wants to be or not. Will he be able to command the Dark Court and strengthen it? After handing over the reigns, what becomes of Irial? Can he truly hand over the reigns?My thoughts: There are so many questions about Niall and Irial that go unanswered when the Dark Court transitions, but this short story clears up all of your questions while also ...
  • Kelly
    I ADORE the Wicked Lovely series. The Irial/Niall/Leslie triangle (not a love triangle, mind you, but a potentially fantastic triad) remains one of the bog draws for me. Of those three, I've been enamored of the former Dark King since he first stepped on page.Irial is powerful and deadly. He makes hard choices for the good of his people - choices that sometimes hurt those he loves the most. And I feel for him. It hard to see him choosing the path...
  • Zhane
    This short story was made of win. Like Stopping Time, it takes place in the past, yet it captivates the reader all the same. The difficulties of ruling a court are present as we hear from both Niall and Irial, as are the tensions they both face to form something like the trustworthy relationship that once existed in their past. Irial was as witty as ever, and Niall's demanding, kingly sides comes out in ways that they were not shown to us before....
  • Gina
    Oh MY! I can not get enough of the "Wicked Lovely" world and its characters! This book is mainly about what Irial and Niall were doing after Niall taking over the dark court (unwilling , of course at this point) I really love that Melissa Marr is putting out all these short stories, it allows so much more time in the world that we can spend! Every book Niall is sexier and sexier LOL and Irial too! If u love a GOOD, but BAD boy, these are the book...
  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
    Old habits die hard. For me as much as for Niall and Irial. I have to read everything in a series, even if it's pretty pointless short stories that are really cheap on Amazon. Melissa Marr has to keep adding addendums to Niall and Irial. As with her other short story, Stopping Time, Marr seems to have this sick need to return to the story that had a perfect ending in Ink Exchange. I should add that I haven't finished the Wicked Lovely series, so ...
  • Angie (Mind Malfunction)
    Old Habits is book 2.6 in the Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr. I loved this story. It was more of Niall and Irial with Gabriel, Sorcha, and Devlin thrown into the mix. (view spoiler)[I love seeing Niall and Irial together and seeing the way they love each other, even though there is so much hurt stopping them from being together. Niall is quite the fighter and I loved seeing him fight for his court, with his court, against the hounds, and wi...
  • Charlotte (Buried in Books)
    First of all, although this apparently follows on from Stopping Time, it actually reads like it should come before it.This story is all about Irial and Niall and the fallout from Niall assuming control of the Dark Court. Or rather his struggle to accept that he's in the right job.Niall knows that Irial has a lots of secrets concerning how the court is run, and he wants to know everything.This was a sweet little story - but I get so frustrated by ...
  • Dawn Ross
    As soon as I found out this Novella was out I bought it. It covers the time period after Nial became king of the dark court. A lot of minor questions are answered. You get a clear understanding about the relationship between Irial and Nial. You also find out some other bonds/ relationships of the most unlikely characters. Melissa has me pining for her Darkest Mercy so much…I need it. We also get a sneak peak into the first 2 chapters of the fin...
  • Audrey
    This novella gets into the relationship between Irial and Niall and fills in some of the gaps between the other books. These two are probably my favorite characters in the series, and Marr does a great job of portraying the shifting relationship between the two of them. The story is driven more by character than by plot, which I think is really necessary when doing short pieces like this that fill in the gaps between novels (especially novels tha...
  • Breanna Rose Graham
    Love melissa marrs wicked lovely books and this novella did not let me down! Very interesting and compelling story. We learn so much more of the inner workings of the fairie regents. Like irial and sorcha's close yet indiffent relationship. sorchas relationship with her brother, devlin. And my favorite the sorid love/ hate relationship of nial and irial. Two of my favorite characters together again in this short but must read. Couldnt put the sto...
  • Emma (BelleBooks)
    This is another short e-book released by Melissa Marr as part of the Wicked Lovely series, the story takes place between books 2 and 3.I didn't enjoy this book as much as Stopping Time, the other e-book that ties in with the series.This book was based around Niall and Irial, their relationship in the past and how that is now changing as Irial is realising he in no longer the Dark King, and has to obey orders from Niall now.It is a good story, and...
  • Julie
    I liked this story well enough but I get a little fed up with Niall and Irial's relationship. I suppose they both have reasons for being the way they are - Niall HAS been screwed over by Irial before and has had a very hard time coming to terms with being forced to accept the kingship of the Dark Court - but one would hope that his feelings for Irial would overcome it.It was interesting reading this having finished the rest of the series already.
  • Rebecca
    I loved this book. Naill and Seth are my favorite characters, so reading another Naill story was fantastic. I loved getting some background on the Dark Court, which is my favorite court so far. I think I would be a solitary fairy if I was one, but the Dark Court would probably be my home. The Hounds were great, I want a dragon for my stead. I want more stories! This just really makes me excited to read Darkest Mercy.
  • Mel
    This is a Wicked Lovely novella that takes place between Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. It focuses on the shifting of the Dark Court between my favorite character, Niall, and the former Dark King, Irial, and their very complicated relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and the preview of Darkest Mercy. Can't wait to see what happens when the world of Wicked Lovely comes to a close.
  • quinnster
    Of the fae, when a mortal touches Gancanagh they become obsessed and begin to wither away from want. That's pretty much how I feel about the Wicked Lovely series.In retrospect, these books were ridiculously unnecessary, but I loved them. When I finished Ink Exchange I wasn't ready to be done with Leslie, Irial and Niall's story. I thought more could be told and this was perfect. I can see how both of these set up the next stories and it only make...