The Ghost in the Atom by Paul Davies

The Ghost in the Atom

Nine distinguished physicists consider the conceptual foundations of quantum physics, its paradoxes, and its profound implications for the theory of nature. The text is based on a BBC radio documentary and includes interviews with several scientists who have played a prominent role in the debate over these issues.

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TitleThe Ghost in the Atom
Release DateApr 1st, 2010
PublisherCambridge University Press
GenreScience, Physics, Nonfiction, Popular Science, Philosophy, Writing, Essays, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematics, Chemistry

Reviews The Ghost in the Atom

  • LiN
    โลกควอนตัมซับซอน ลึกลับ ไมแนนอน เหมือนจริง แตบางมุมมองกเหมือนผี เลมนีสนุกตรงนักฟิสิกสแตละคนกมีความเชือแตกตางกัน หลายบทเราตามไมทันนะ มาวิชาการจา กแบลงกไปเลย ...
  • Ege Özmeral
    1) In two slit experiment, particles make an interference pattern, which means they act like waves. This also means that each particle goes through both slits. However, if you close one of the slits or put detectors on slits, particles don't make an interference pattern, which means they act like waves, and each particle goes one slit or another NOT BOTH. Then, how they "know" if there is a detector or one of slits are closed? One of answering th...
  • Lee Richardson
    Quantum mechanics is not simple. I actually read this book two times, and still don't have a solid grasp of the details underpinning the Aspect experiment, much less the mathematics, why it works so well, and what it all means. But that's not the point of this book. The main point (to me) is showing a broad audience the controversies surrounding interpretation of quantum mechanics. Since quantum mechanics is one of the most successful scientific ...
  • Rama
    The real (unreal) world of quantum theory; views of eight active researchersAnyone who is interested to understand reality (universe, consciousness and life), and laws of physics applicable to them must be interested in learning about the laws quantum mechanics. A number of books are available, and this one stands out as a book for good introduction. The authors' interview eight physicists who are actively engaged in research and the profoundness...
  • Peddiraju Bhargava
    A fantastic book with different points of view from some of the eminent physicists of the 20th century. The Copenhagen interpretation, many worlds interpretation, Schrodinger's kittens and the discussion about God Doesn't Play Dice - all very interesting and thought provoking. Thanks to SVNIT for providing this gem of a book.
  • Linda Hamonou
    Even if this book is designed for no-physicists. I'm not sure how easy it is to follow. It is composed of interviews of various physicists: theoretical physicists, experimental physicists in different field related to quantum mechanics who answer questions about the interpretation of quantum theory. The first side is to say that the mind of the observed has an impact on the world around and that the observer is outside of the system. An idea that...
  • Tony duncan
    this totally changed my understanding of Quantum mechanics. I do not know enough to make judgments about the various different theories, but each was such an interesting and provocative explanation of reality, that it really made me think.I hope there is a subsequent volume that looks at how the "string" crumbles so to speak.
  • Andrew
    Fascinating but somewhat above the level of the general reader like me. The final chapter with David Hiley I found to be a little more understandable than those before. A lot of the time the book enters into philosophical debate about the true nature of reality which often became a struggle to follow. However, I would still recommend it to anyone who seeks to enhance their knowledge as I do.
  • Eric Layton
    This little book is a gem. I read it in one sitting. To read the opinions of the actual physicist about their own take on quantum mechanics and relativity was quite interesting.
  • Mitch Allen
    This interview transcript from the Ghost in the Atom BBC radio show has some interesting nuggets from the likes of John Bell, David Bohm, Basil Hiley and other physicists. The first part of the book is a light summary of quantum mechanics leading into the interviews. Not the best introduction to the topic, but provides color to some interpretations of quantum theory.
  • Carlos
    A bit old-fashioned about quantum interpretation, it knows how to treat deep question in a easy way to explain it
  • Ed
    I dig this stuff.
  • Taom
    Najbardziej podoba mi się teoria światów równoległych. Realizuje się taki, który odpowiada naszej świadomości : ))
  • Aina
    Great coverage of the measurement problem, Copenhagen interpretation and other alternative views. The book is a bunch of conversations with leading physicists of 1980s.
  • John Buchanan
    From interviews (BBC I think) with pioneering quantum physicists. Mind boggling.