Separate Roads to Feminism by Benita Roth

Separate Roads to Feminism

This book is about the development of white women's liberation, black feminism and Chicana feminism in the 1960s and 1970s, the era known as the "second wave" of U.S. feminist protest. Benita Roth explores the ways that feminist movements emerged from the Civil Rights/Black Liberation movement, the Chicano movement, and the white left, and the processes that supported political organizing decisions made by feminists. She traces the effects that i...

Details Separate Roads to Feminism

TitleSeparate Roads to Feminism
Release DateNov 24th, 2003
PublisherCambridge University Press
GenreFeminism, History, Nonfiction, Race, Womens, Academic, Read For School, Gender, Politics, Cultural, African American, Social Issues, Social Movements

Reviews Separate Roads to Feminism

  • Dealulcudor
    A very useful piece of writing on the topic of the emergence of feminisms.
  • Karli
    This is an informative and well-researched comparative history of the simultaneous rise of three feminist movements in the U.S. It richly catalogues the struggles unique to each group of women especially in terms of working with or separate from activist men. This is also a great work to enter into the conversation around the criticism of Second Wave feminism as exclusionary in its white upper/middle class bias.
  • Beth
    An important sociological study of the feminist movement and how it manifested among white, black, and Chicana women. While a little hard to read in places, this book fills a significant gap in our knowledge of how the various feminisms originated.
  • Diana Richtman
    I was assigned this book for class, and I definitely would not have picked it up otherwise because it is such an academic book. However, I thought it was really informative and really opened up my eyes to everything that was happening with feminism during the 1960s and 70s. It also made me think a lot about the forming of social movements in our current time period.
  • Olivia Black
  • Aerion
    amazing to see so many parallels in the African American and Chicana women movements. I hate that American society has so divided people of color that we internalize and project harmful stereotypes of one another as opposed to continuing to band together and see the similarities in our ongoing struggle.
  • Tim D'Annecy
    Interesting analysis of second-wave feminism. Roth looks at the most influential New Left, Chicana, and Black feminist organizations during this era and discusses their creation, peak, and dissolution. This book gives a more in-depth analysis of movements which normally get whitewashed.
  • Madeleine
    i read this a while ago and remember it was really helpful!