The Mozza Cookbook by Nancy Silverton

The Mozza Cookbook

A traditional Italian meal is one of the most comforting—and delicious—things that anyone can enjoy. Award-winning chef Nancy Silverton has elevated that experience to a whole new level at her Los Angeles restaurants Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza, co-owned with restaurateurs Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. A reservation at Mozza has been the hottest ticket in town since the restaurants opened and diners have been lining up for their wildl...

Details The Mozza Cookbook

TitleThe Mozza Cookbook
Release DateSep 27th, 2011
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Nonfiction

Reviews The Mozza Cookbook

  • Mark
    She is thorough in describing the techniques and ingredients used in these otherwise fairly simple and straightforward recipes that I always feel in good hands. After living in Italy myself, I also like to chart the ways in which she has integrated important Italian culinary culture, and language that expresses it. She works hard for the money, and I appreciate it!
  • Kimberly
    Behold, my most direct and to the point review ever. Ready? Here it is:GET THIS BOOK. Read this book. Eat from this book. Get fat. Go to yoga. Work off that fat. Eat from this book some more. Repeat.Ms. Silverton book book is an Italian cooking masterpiece. From reading the introduction, the prep for each recipe, Nancy's explanations and the energy of a book team that is the master of their craft, this book takes your cooking to another level and...
  • Victoria Allman
    Nancy Silverton is a fabulous chef that I have followed for years. Her food is exquisite and her cookbooks are beautiful.I fell in love with the pictures in this cookbook long before I cooked a single recipe but, in cooking many of them, I was not disappointed.I have used numerous of the recipes in this book and each and every one of them is well-written and easy to follow and execute. They all turn out really well and are super tasty.I recently ...
  • Matt
    Honestly, I did not like the layout of this book at all. From the format of the font to what felt to me to be sloppy style, I simply didn't enjoy reading or using this book. I think cook books are a bit more difficult to review because, in my mind, there are two aspects to the book itself - the writing and the recipes. The reason I say that is that to a certain extent, the writing is what makes the recipes accessible. My challenge for me is that ...
  • Megan
    the recipes are long, but silverton mentions this at the beginning anyways, so you're prepared when you dive in (so long as you read the intro). she says she hopes you won't get discouraged by the length, but i hate to claim that this did deter me (1.5 pages for a crostini or salad recipe??), even though i love to cook/bake.the pictures were sparse (watch out, those who want a picture of everything), but the ones that were there were gorgeous. i ...
  • Debbie
    I think if I could only have one cookbook it would be this one. With recipes for pasta, pizza and cheese what more could you want? But there's so much more. The recipes are very well-written and detailed, something you don't often see in many new cookbooks. I'm only disappointed that there aren't photos of every dish and that the photos that are in the book aren't captioned. A big pet peeve of mine.
  • JDAZDesigns
    There are eight recipes in this book that interest me. Considering the size of the book and the cost, not worth an investment. The pictures are great - which I love in a cookbook. But over all, not one of my top ten. It lacks inventiveness.
  • Jude Watson
    Made several recipes - all turned out tasty! Only 4 stars because it needs more pictures, and some more thorough explanations of certain specific techniques used in the book (e.g. making orcchiette pasta).
  • Tom Tabatowski
    The pizza recipe alone is worth the price.
  • Holly
    Fantastic cookbook- easily accessible recipes that are amazing! Super yums!
  • Carolin
    Great italian cookbook. Includes recipes for making cheese. well written.