Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

David Sedaris plays in the snow with his sisters. He goes on vacation with his family. He gets a job selling drinks. He attends his brother’s wedding. He mops his sister’s floor. He gives directions to a lost traveler. He eats a hamburger. He has his blood sugar tested. It all sounds so normal, doesn’t it? In his newest collection of essays, David Sedaris lifts the corner of ordinary life, revealing the absurdity teeming below its surface. ...

Details Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

TitleDress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
Release DateMay 26th, 2020
PublisherLittle, Brown & Co.
GenreHumor, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays, Short Stories

Reviews Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

  • Jason Koivu
    The Sedaris family is certifiably crazy and I love them. Out of everything he's produced (I've read all of his major work and only missed a few short pieces) this is my favorite David Sedaris book. Yet, I don't recommend it......not always, not to everyone. The subject matter can be too much for some people, especially if they've been told that David Sedaris is a humorist and then they encounter some the more depressing details of his real life e...
  • Candi
    “She's afraid to tell me anything important, knowing I'll only turn around and write about it. In my mind, I'm like a friendly junkman, building things from the little pieces of scrap I find here and there, but my family's started to see things differently. Their personal lives are the so-called pieces of scrap I so casually pick up, and they're sick of it.”I think David Sedaris would be surprised to hear that he has been a hero of sorts for ...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/I think by this point it’s pretty much common knowledge that I love David Sedaris like a fat kid I love cake and, well . . . . . Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim might be my favorite collection yet. I could seriously kick myself for not only not trying audiobooks before this Fall, but also for not thinking of collections like these as something that would fit into my short c...
  • Cindy Pham
    I chuckled out loud a couple of times while reading this book, and enjoyed learning more about Sedaris's quirky, dysfunctonal, yet endearing family. There wasn't one particular thing that majorly stood out to me that would push it to 4 stars though - I wonder if this would've been stronger had the essays tied together for an overarching theme or thesis. The book reads as if it were supplementary info about David's life, and since this is my first...
  • karen
    this is a book by david sedaris.shrug.i mean, what else am i supposed to say? it's not like he went out on a limb here and wrote a space opera or a bodice ripper. it's david sedaris. if you like him, you will probably like this one. if you don't, you probably won't.this is not my favorite of his collections, but i laughed out loud three times, which i think is pretty good. i like laughter.**one time, connor made david sedaris laugh. he has yet to...
  • Fabian
    Okay so the Chip Kidd covers usually ruins authors like this for me. These covers almost ooze a Wes Anderson-type Americana... I'll let prejudices slip past.So this writer has a following and it is understandable. This guy CAN WRITE. And topping that: he can write short stories. I am very ambivalent about short vignettes or even the lofty novella: why don't writers just extend the s**t out of whatever story they are writing to fit the perimeters ...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/I think I may have broken free of the endless Sedaris loop which I have had playing in my car, but I’m sure I’ll return to it eventually. If for no other reason than to hear about . . . . . I will tell you, audio is the ONLY way to go when it comes to stories about the youngest Sedaris – be it David or Amy’s impersonation, you’ll be hard-pressed not to look like a hysterical...
  • Michelle
    I thought I was over David Sedaris. I don't mean that I don't like him. I do. His essays are funny, but after a while they all seem to run together. He mines the same territory again and again -- stories of growing up with his dysfunctional, quirky, yet lovable family. Stories of himself as the odd and awkward kid growing up and trying to figure out how to live in this world.I wasn’t going to buy Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim in print...
  • David
    So. David Sedaris. Well, let's be clear. Nobody with a funnybone can hate David Sedaris. And neither do I. But it has to be said - that last book ("Dress your family in corduroy and denim") was quite a disappointment. Judging by the number of people showing up for his readings here in San Francisco, and its lengthy sojourn on The New York Times bestseller list, it obviously did pretty well commercially. And, based on the enormous amount of accumu...
  • Malia
    This was my first book by David Sedaris and though there were some stories that spoke to me more than others, all in all, I enjoyed it and would read more by the author. Yes, he came across as kind of cranky and irritating at times, but I think that is probably part of his charm. He doesn't seem to put up a facade, which makes for entertaining reading. I very rarely read collections of anecdotes like this, because I already know a number will sta...
  • Calista
    I read this again which was a happy accident. I didn't think I had. I have heard several of these stories in other works, so David does recycle a story here or there. This was a wonderful laugh and tension drainer for me. I really enjoyed some of these stories. I have to say that I think my favorite stories of his are when David uses his brother Paul. That man is crazy and so funny. He just had me laughing. He has a way of finding the funny in th...
  • Sarah
    This book makes me laugh myself sick every time I read it. Blood Work and La Nuit of the Dead are put together so perfectly. Sedaris creates a series of misguided attempts at human connection that seem doomed to fail through selfishness or insecurity, but somehow don’t. Sedaris is so good at exposing the frailty of those emotional connections without ever doubting that they can still sustain our relationships. He makes me relate to even the mos...
  • Matthew
    Sometimes cynical, sometimes neurotic, always entertaining. These stories are great for a few laughs and just might make you think.Often Sedaris says what we are thinking, but too afraid to say out loud.
  • britt_brooke
    Always a pleasure, Mr. Sedaris. A reread/listen was just the ‘rona distraction I needed. Can’t wait for the second installment of his diaries, due out this summer.
  • Jessaka
    Books to Sleep ByI wonder if you have to be weird to like Sedaris’ books, or maybe even weirder to use them to get to sleep at night like I do? I have listened to his books many times over, that is, what I remember of them, as I am lying in bed trying to not think so I can sleep. What is it with old people and insomnia? At least I am not alone. But that is not comforting. Maybe it is that old people think too much because they have a lot in the...
  • Lisa
    David Sedaris makes me happy. This is my second (after Calypso) and I am thrilled about his lengthy backlist. There were many laugh out loud moments here and also some poignant ones.
  • ABookwormWithWine
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim is another hilarious winner from David Sedaris. This is my second audiobook (and book) by him and I loved it even more than the first one I listened to {Calypso}.Sedaris talks about growing up, Santa Claus, drowning a mouse, a little girl that stole an eraser from him and so much more. I found Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim to be less serious than the other book I ...
  • Ginger
    Another good collection of short stories by David Sedaris!3.5 stars! I decided to do the audiobook for Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim and I’m glad I did. At times, his voice bugged me a bit. It was more indifferent then I liked, and I know he was going for deadpan. But at the same time, David Sedaris is cynical, funny and does the best job of explaining his crazy family and all his neurotic thoughts. Boy does he have a lot of neurotic ...
  • Jennifer Good
    oh so hilarious... "What the hell are you doing?" she whispered, but my mouth was too full to answer...as she closed the door and behind her and moved toward my bed, I began breaking the wax lips and candy necklaces pulled from pile no. 2. These were the second-best things I had received, and while it hurt to destroy them, it would have hurt evern more to give them away. I had just started to mutilate a miniature box of Red Hots when my mother pr...
  • Kelli
    This is my second favorite David Sedaris, so apparently I really prefer his older stuff. Six to Eight Black Men was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a very long time. 4 plus stars
  • Dana
    Just as reliably entertaining as his previous books!
  • J.K. Grice
    I actually listened to the audio book version of this, and I found myself laughing my head off to Sedaris's stories. Now, I don't usually laugh out loud very easily, but this guy is absolutely HILARIOUS. When Sedaris voiced his down south family story, I just about drove my truck off the road I was laughing so hard. Also, if you've never heard his narration of the Christmas season where he worked as a Macy's elf....amazing. My wife (who had never...
  • Antoinette
    David Sedaris has been a mainstay through everything over the past couple of months. He has been my companion when I walk with just my dog. His reflections on the minute details of life are humorous, but sometimes also very poignant. This is the third book of his I have listened to over the past 6 months. Easy to fall into and easy to listen to.
  • Adam
    Honestly, I tried to like this book. Maybe it's one of those that, at page 100, kicks everything glorious into overdrive, making you gleeful and giddy and full of delight at reading it. Maybe I should have read further and waited longer. But, you see, I only really started to read this because it seemed hip at the time to do so. I'm not too sure that I care enough about maintaining some form of imagined quasi-hipness to make myself sit through th...
  • Thomas
    This is the first time I ever read anything by David Sedaris. It had its moments, but I was expecting it to be more laugh-out-loud funny. At times it was clever and occasionally amusing but mostly it was kind of depressing. At least when you're reading a book about some horrible crime you know you're dealing with the extremes of human behavior, but these stories reminded me of just how common pettiness, stupidity and flat out meanness are. If thi...
  • Lucy
    What if you could write about whatever you wanted? What if no topics were off limits, no person's feelings or privacy taken into consideration, no personal flaws purposely left unmentioned in order to be protected from ridicule?You would probably write exactly like David Sedaris.To actually write like David Sedaris, however, you'd also have to be intelligent, impeccably attentive to details and most importantly - uncommonly funny. With that winni...
  • Anne
    I really enjoyed listening to Sedaris read his own book. Christmas in the Netherlands was straight up hilarious . A lot happens to Sedaris and to his family members that is bizarre as well as moving or downright sad. All of this material is fodder for Sedaris' humor and his special spin on people. Due to all of the GR reviews I was prepared for the humor in this book but not so much with it mixed in with so many poignant and sad anecdotes and tol...
  • Pixelina
    The last episode 'Nuit of the living dead' had me break down in tears from laughing so hard. A lot of the other chapters are funny, but I read it before in other Sedaris books. I just need to think 'Oh I see you have a little swimming mouse' to start laughing like mad though. Someone told me I should try and get one of his books on audio cause it is even funnier hearing him reading it. Will try that for sure.
  • Whitney
    I didn't like this book. I got the audio book to listen to on one of my drives. I couldn't finish it. I heard good things about it...that it was hilarious and that David Sedaris is great...but I just couldn't get into it. I think I forced a laugh out once just to remember what it felt like to laugh. It didn't feel right so I stopped.
  • Tara
    Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim is an extremely funny collection of essays. Sedaris’ particular blend of sardonic observations and endearing neuroticism is hard to beat. Plus, David and his family are downright adorable; I can’t help but love those jaunty little maniacs. One of my favorite parts relates to his younger brother’s ahem “decidedly refined” take on the art of cuisine: ”I phoned one night just as he was leaning a ...