The Food52 Cookbook by Amanda Hesser

The Food52 Cookbook

The Food 52 Cookbook is the first-ever online community cookbook, based on the popular website (“Best of the Web” —Saveur) by bestselling author Amanda Hesser and food writer Merrill Stubbs. The beautifully photographed pages are filled with more than 140 delicious seasonal recipes from the most inventive home cooks in America. The Food 52 Cookbook is a feast for the senses, tantalizing with scrumptious culinary delights like Lam...

Details The Food52 Cookbook

TitleThe Food52 Cookbook
Release DateOct 25th, 2011
PublisherWilliam Morrow Cookbooks
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Foodie

Reviews The Food52 Cookbook

  • Leigh
    I'm sure there are some hidden gems in Food 52 cookbooks, but if you are an avid reader of food blogs or have an extensive library of cookbooks, you will find a lot of well trod territory. I didn't find much that I hadn't made before or seen in cookbooks I already own (mine is a library copy). Nothing jumped out and screamed, "Me! Make me!" My main complaint, however, is with the organizational structure. The format is in keeping with the voting ...
  • Sara Thompson
    Little did I know when I picked this book up that I was going to be completely swept away. First Food52 is a website created by the authors to support home cooking. I could spend a day there just looking over their dinner and a movie section.The cookbook represents a year's worth of recipes that the authors gathered from their website. These are not just any recipes but the winners of a variety of contests they hold.The recipes are real world rec...
  • Anita
    Strong points of this cookbook are the gorgeous full-color photographs, and all the additional tidbits of information at the end of each recipe. I marked about a dozen of the recipes to try. The level of difficulty varies but most do not seem difficult and the step-by-step methods are clear and easy to follow. I like the associated blog -- Food52 -- too.
  • Jennifer
    This is a great idea for a cookbook. FOOD52 polled their blog readers for the best recipe to gather one for each week of the year (plus a few extras). As with the website, the layout is clean and interesting, and the photos are beautiful. The book is divided into seasons and (theoretically) what's best to cook during them. There are some recipes that I'll never look twice at, but I'm definitely looking forward to making some of these out. After a...
  • Marian
    Excellent flavors, very interesting recipes and the vegetarian ones are really stellar! So appetizing, I will cook some of them this week! Read on Netgalley, so not out yet, but I will get one soon...
  • Kelly
    Currently drooling over !
  • Robert Hudder
    Look, I love this website and it is a go to for tested and good recipes. These are the weekly winners and there are some good recipes. Many are takes on standards. I saw a version of chicken Dianne and some other recipe types that came up in another book I recently read (posset, saffron, and flourless cakes). So, it isn't that it isn't a helpful resource, it just didn't spark what I use cookbooks for. I did take two things away. www.flashlightwor...
  • Mabel
    It’s basically like the website and it’s odd that they include reader’s comments that don’t really enhance the recipe. There’s a wide array of recipes that fit a range of different level of skills in the kitchen. Pictures with every recipe which I appreciate.
  • Martha Hall
    These Food52 editors are onto something......I'm reading all of their cookbooks that I can get my hands on. Thank goodness the Seattle Library has most of them! What does it say about life when I'm doing more cooking and less reading...? Hmmm?
  • Denise
    Hesser & Stubbs where have you been all my life? Recipes my family will eat with ingredients I've heard of and things I'm skilled enough to make! Yay Food52!
  • Laura
    such great recipies to get you back to remembering why cooking is so great.simple recipes and ones to challenge.
  • Trish
    This is full of all kinds of recipes. I liked how the authors came up with the idea for the book. It is broken up into seasons.
  • Veronica Smyth
    I select a cookbook based a lot on the pictures presented and the pictures int his book just didn't cut it for me.
  • Lorraine
    Awesome cookbook! We used this in our cooking club and tried out over 25 recipes, and each one was wonderful. The recipes were well written out and the photographs were beautiful.
  • Trish
    I love reading through new cookbooks, earmarking new recipes to try. These are recipes submitted by home cooks, and I was eager to find a new set of delicious but hopefully relatively simple things to try. This cookbook is beautiful, well written, and beautifully photographed. Many of the other recipes, to be fair, do seem more sensible, but overall this cookbook feels like it is grasping to be more a fine dining cookbook and less a home chef ori...
  • Joanne
    I'm not familiar with the Food 52 network, so thought, when I saw the subtitle ("exceptional home cooks") that it was a no-frills, home cooking cookbook. Ha. Not with ingredients like almond butter for breakfast polenta and "dessicated coconut" (huh?) for ice cream. I really like the idea of submitting "best of" recipes: best Thanksgiving leftovers, best zucchini recipe...and the dishes are nicely photographed, with clear instructions, but I'm no...
  • Debbie
    OK. I haven't made even one of the recipes YET, but I want to make most of them right now! I checked this book out of the library and could barely finish reading it before I wanted to own it. Many of the recipes are not what I consider my usual fare but they all sound wonderful. The whole idea for a cookbook written with all sorts of comments, suggestions and more from other cooks and a contest for the best make this a must have. I'll think I'll ...
  • Bea Bezmalinovic
    I am not sure this should count as reading but I did review all the recipes. I haven't cooked many/any yet. I like the Food52 app and I like practical ideas that many home cooks present on the food52 website. I think that this will join Plenty (Ottolenghi) as a standard resource for cooking at our house.
  • Catherine
    Recipes from contributors to the Food52 blog, compiled by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs from themed competitions. Quite a few that I would like to try. Most of the contributors have their own blogs as well. This could be trouble.
  • Julia
    These Food52 editors are onto something......I'm reading all of their cookbooks that I can get my hands on. Thank goodness the Seattle Library has most of them! What does it say about life when I'm doing more cooking and less reading...? Hmmm?
  • MM
    I love the Food52 website/blog! Even though I'm terrible at actually following recipes I've gotten lots of great ideas from here and have tried quite a few from the book -- all great and pretty simple. And I love the ethos of crowdsourcing, or whatever you want to call it.
  • Heather
    great variety of ideas and all around American Cooking in this decade. I especially like the descriptions and the "reviews" included. {I wish all cook books had some "reviews with the recipes"}. Might up the stars once I make some of the dishes. Impressed initially.
  • Skye
    With a decent selection of recipes at different levels of difficulty, this book had a lot to offer-from the carbonara that had my family groaning for more to the rosemary bread that has become an all time favorite. Definitely check it out!
  • Lisa
    A great library book check out. I probably won't buy it; I wasn't wowed by the recipes like I was with Food52's baking cookbook. I thought that I would probably only make a few of the recipes. The zucchini pancakes and cookies looked like I should try them!
  • Alexander Case
    There are some good recipes in this cookbook, but boy, are there are some pretty darn yuppie recipes in here. General rule of thumb - if your recipe calls for saffron, you're officially entering into the realm of yuppy cooking.
  • Jenny
    WOW what a great cookbook! The recipes are absolutely delicious. The bonus are the notes of recommendation by other cooks and the references about the authors of the recipes. A great resource beyond just the recipes.
  • Tracy
    I pulled a few recipes, but not a ton seemed as awesome as you would think. I have marked a cold overnight coffee drink, a spice cake with caramel icing and a fried polenta topped with caramelized onions. We'll see how they turn out. The spice cake is a keeper.
  • Christine
    There's nothing special here. The pictures and anecdotes are nice. But the recipes are in chronological - for Food 52 contest - order, making it difficult to navigate if you're looking for a good dish by category.