The River of Forgetting by Jane Rowan

The River of Forgetting

Using creative arts to access her strength and aliveness, the author reconciles with both her parents' love and their betrayal. This deeply personal memoir invites the reader behind the closed doors of a therapist's office and into the author's journal and her very body. Full description

Details The River of Forgetting

TitleThe River of Forgetting
Release DateDec 1st, 2010
PublisherGinger Cat/Booksmyth Press
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Sociology, Abuse

Reviews The River of Forgetting

  • Cheryl Malandrinos
    In this brave and touching memoir, Jane Rowan shares her journey through the healing process of recovering from childhood sexual abuse; a past she knew nothing about until vague, foggy memories began invading her mind.The River of Forgetting: A Memoir of Healing from Sexual Abuse opens with a moving Prologue and Introduction that set the scene for all that is to come. A successful scientist and professor, she was unprepared for the memories to co...
  • Marcia Noren
    This deeply moving memoir of surviving sexual abuse is poetically crafted by a formidable scientist who throughout her life, relied upon reason and supportive evidence to form her world view and her place within it. Forced to face a monolithic fog-bank of overwhelming feelings when traumatic childhood memories begin to surface after her charismatic father’s death, Jane confronts the foundation of lies that formed and sustained her family’s m...
  • Deborah
    My Review:This is a difficult review to write. I want to tell you this book has touched my soul and psyche in ways that nothing else I've read on the subject has ever been able to. That makes it difficult to summarize for me.Over the years, as all of us probably have, I've read numerous books sharing survival stories of alcohol, drug use, dysfunctional families, incest, child abuse and the like. Not until this book has any one of them had the sam...
  • Heavensent1
    The River Of Forgetting is a non-fiction memoir of one woman's journey to the truth surrounding her childhood sexual abuse.Jane Rowan takes us on a path of excruciating pain and humiliation as her psyche awakens to reveal things from her past that she had left dormant and hidden. On the day of revealing she has a flashback to a time when she was just a wee lassie, going to the bathroom and her mother telling her she slipped in the tub. Jane has n...
  • Rhonda Rae Baker
    This was an extremely moving story that took me on a journey within my own heart and soul. I trusted Jane as she led the way into unspeakable darkness. Felt the same lump in my throat and my hands were bound at times while remembering some of my own torments.What a powerful way to express and illustrate what it takes to find freedome and liberty in life. I'm speechless at how powerful this format was in telling her story. It made me smile, I felt...
  • Maxwell Pearl
    The River of Forgetting is a brave and creative retelling of a healing process. I was captivated by the author's honesty, self-examination, and creative story-telling. It is a book that anyone who is going through, or has been through a process of healing from childhood trauma should read. So many people have very fragmentary or little memory of their childhood traumas, and this book is important validation. It shows how healing is possible even ...
  • Jill Hunter
    The story of an amazing journey to find the child lost inside the adult. The author was lucky to have the time, money and resources avaialable that she has.
  • Wonderkell
    I have to admit that I really struggled to finish this book. But that wasn't because the writing was bad or the story not touching. It's a personal thing. I just found that I couldn't connect. The author speaks alot about using movement/dance classes to express her inner emotions, talking out loud to the 'little girl' inside her, metaphorically 'hugging' that little girl, and a few other things of the same sort. I think that if that is what helpe...
  • Elisha
  • Leslie Raddatz
    About a young girl that was sexually abused by her father. She had fragmented memories and was unable to recall the entire visional memory; however, she experiences extreme body memories that alert her to what occurred. Her mother knew about it and kept it a secret. Her therapist uses several different therapies such as talk, art, authentic movement, group and mothering therapy. She also was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and had t...
  • Kristina Franken
    I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.
  • LuAnn
    This memoir is written a little different than many I’ve read in the past. The author doesn’t dwell on the events that led her to the point of needing therapy; she talks about how it helped her and why.Anyone who needs to come to terms with something that happened to them in the past would benefit from this book. Jane Rowan discusses the steps in her therapy, how she learned to express herself and how she reached inside to begin the healing p...
  • richwire
    This is a book about nothing. It's based on two or three vague recollections. It leaves the reader highly suspicious whether any abuse even occurred. I can't help but feel the most inappropriate relationship revealed was the one between the author and her psychiatrist. Filled with abstract ramblings and unintelligible "poems", it's a quick read - you're reading quickly hoping to get to something of substance. I'll save you the trouble, there's no...