He Who Lifts the Skies (Genesis, #2) by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow

He Who Lifts the Skies (Genesis, #2)

Powerful imagery creates a 'you are there' immersion in the story of the post-Flood world. Kacy Barnett-Gramckow fans raved about her extraordinary job of moving the Flood off the Sunday School flannelgraph board and into life in the Heavens Before. Now, she continues to flesh out the Bible's brief account of the rise of Nimrod and the Babel rebellion with scintillating characters and a wealth of imaginative detail.

Details He Who Lifts the Skies (Genesis, #2)

TitleHe Who Lifts the Skies (Genesis, #2)
Release DateJul 1st, 2004
PublisherMoody Publishers
GenreChristian Fiction, Biblical Fiction, Christian, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews He Who Lifts the Skies (Genesis, #2)

  • Sarah
    *2019*This book was almost as much of an emotional journey as it was the first time. Knowing the ending didn't keep me from reading and feeling it all over again. This series is one of my favorites of all time.*2017*Yesterday, I wasn't feeling good. Instead of working on the books on my Kindle, I grabbed a book that had newly arrived on my shelf. As it also was an emotional day, escaping into this world was a double blessing.I didn't think that t...
  • Audrey
    Shem and his wife are saddened that so many of their and his brother's descendants have turned away from the Most High. Nimr-Rada is the most defiant of all, building a Great City and Tower to reach the Heavens. A descendant of Shem, Keren is a a devoted follower of the Most High and resists Nimr-Rada at every opportunity. Her sister, Sharah, is in cahoots with The Mighty Hunter and both make Keren' s life very miserable. This is a courageous sto...
  • Loraine
    The second book in Barnett-Gramckow's Genesis series focuses on Nimrod and the building of the Tower of Babel. Since little is written in the Bible regarding what happened before The Tower of Babel, this is purely speculative based on the history of the time period and the knowledge of the evil that occurred during this Biblical time period. The beginning chapters of the book were difficult for me to read for a couple of reasons. There is a wide ...
  • Carol
    Unbelievable is the one word I’d use to sum up He Who Lifts the Skies, the second book in the Genesis Trilogy by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow. I was impressed with the first book. It was great story and well told, based on the Bible.This book is pure fantasy. And there are several places in the book that are just plain silly. After five years as Nimrod’s (Nimr-Rada) prisoner, Keren/Karan has still not learned to use her weapons. Plus there is no evi...
  • Katie
    He Who Lifts the Skies was a great read! The story of Keren immediately drew me into the story. As with the first book in The Genesis Trilogy, I give 5 stars for an amazing read! I liked how it started off with Shem and Annah – the couple from the first book, The Heavens Before. I was just so attached to Annah, that I was thrilled when they were in He Who Lifts the Skies!Keren seemed like such a sweet girl, and I instantly liked her giving, sel...
  • Debbie
    I have almost given up on fiction retellings of Biblical history as very rarely does an author actually stick to what the Bible states on the subject. Therefore, I was tremendously pleased to read this wonderfully, vividly written story. It stuck faithfully to the Biblically provided information, though there really wasn't much there for this period (post-Flood during the time of Nimrod and the building of Babel). This author not only is a talent...
  • linda brimmer
    Stunning, Surprises, Scripturally ChallengingI Could not put this book down . Every page drove me toThe Scriptures to check names, places and facts. Even knowing the Bible, I was unsure as to how the author was going to the it all together and bring it to a close.
  • Joan
    Second book in the Genesis trilogy: wonderful characters! How are those who believe in the Most High God sustained in the most difficult circumstances. Kacy is a fine story-teller!
  • Christie Lovvorn
    I was somewhat disappointed in the sequel to The Heavens Before. While Barnett-Gramckow paints a convincing portrait of the post-Flood world, there is quite a gap in time between the novels. The characters are compelling and the heroine Keren is likeable and admirable. The continued presence of Annah, Shem, Naomi and Noah serve to enhance the story. The author has to invent quite a substantial amount of the story as the Bible offers scant informa...
  • Nance Roepke
    Not as good as the first book in the seriesI was so excited to read this book as I loved the first book in the series . But this one isn't nearly as good . The writing is still good but the story of Nimrod, as told from a woman's point of view, has little to do with the biblical account of Nimrod . The author in her notes at the end talks about her research and how it supports the book. But some of it still seems to be a big stretch . I like book...
  • Cass
    Ancient Oral History Revisited"He Who Lifts The Skies", by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, is anything but an uplifting story. Filled with bloody treachery and cruelty, it completely describes a society and kingdom that makes the Most High God their enemy. As history has proven over and over again, a nation without God will very likely become capable of any atrocity and will strip freedom and faith away. But God! Yes, God will always win! No challenge to ...
  • Susan Preston
    One thing confused me - chapter 28 Keren becomes Karan and it is a few pages before it is clear that the Ancient Ones call her this and it is not a typo.Unsure about Nimrod being executed by Seth - but Bible history is silent on his fate.I have copy of The Two Babylons mentioned by the author. It is a good reference for such a work.Those things out of the way - I enjoyed the book. The characterization of the people is excellent. I was involved in...
  • DustBunniesAndBooks
    Love this series, and this is my second time through them. This time I am reading them because of their lovely new cover designs! Keren is an ancient precursor of Daniel, standing for God even as those around her bow to a man-made idol--Nimr-Rada. Love how the early, post-Flood families are fleshed out.
  • Princess
    Not awesome... Her first book was wonderful, but this kept me feeling like, when was she going to finally be rescued? Though it has a happy ending, I won't be finishing the series. Kacy usually sucks me in and though her characters go through stuff, I always feel hopeful! Sadly not this time. This time I left feeling a bit depressed. Not a good way to end a book... Just my opinion.
  • Pat Whitworth
    The author the second book in the series continues to give a excellent look into the scriptures.Much work and research gives the reader of this book gives the reader a look into the past. You will enjoy the content.
    Book 2 of The Genesis Trilogy story. This is powerful story of the Post- flood .This story has adventure, faith based and drama.
  • Sherri Ferguson
    Wonderful story about Nimrod, the great hunter, and the Tower of Babel. I highly suggest that you read the first book in this Genesis Trilogy. Many of the same characters spill over.
  • Beverly
    I continue to be fascinated with the strength of God’s people in the midst of so much hatred and evil. Enjoyed the book immensely.
  • Terri
    Kacy Barnett-Gramckow’s Genesis Trilogy takes place in the days immediately before and after the Great Flood. The first book, The Heavens Before, starts before the Flood and ends after Noakh and his family begin their new life on the cleansed Earth. This book, He Who Lifts the Skies takes place many years after the Flood, where the tribes of the earth have begun to scatter and it’s hard to keep up with who is the son of this son or that cousi...
  • Kaity-Jane Culbertson
    Posted by Jane at 8:05 PM 0 comments Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: Ages 14+, Biblical Fiction, Christian Books, Favorites, Fiction, Historical Romance, Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, Romance, Ten StarsSaturday, March 12, 2011He Who Lifts The Skies by Kacy Barnett-GramckowPowerful imagery creates a "you are there" immersion in the story of the post-Flood world. Kacy Barnett-Gramckow fans raved about h...
  • Historyprincess
    This is the second book in the Genesis trilogy by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, and I can only say that she's done it again!This book takes place years after the Great Flood. Shem and Annah are now great-grandparents. One of their grandchildren, after having seven sons, finally has two daughters. The older is named Sharah, and the other Keren. But both girls are very strange. Sharah has pale skin, blond hair, and pale eyes. Keren has dark skin and dark ...
  • Rachel
    I was so glad that Noah and his sons were still alive for this book (and the 3rd book in the trilogy). I really liked those characters! This book follows two of Shem & Annah's great-granddaughters. Raised to worship The Most High, Sharah & Karan are taken to the Great City. Sharah is only to happy leave the Most High. Sharah has abandoned her infant son and husband to marry Nimr-Rada. Karan is forced to live in the city Sharah rules together with...
  • Casey
    Personally, I liked this one more than the first book. I think I liked the protagonist more. Keren had a backbone. She never broke. She pushed, as her name implies. I loved that about her. I thought the author expertly tied all the plots and the characters together, because I wondered how she would handle all of these little subplots with so many characters, but it wound up being surprisingly cohesive. I also could appreciate the spiritual messag...
  • Ahuvah
    I was pleasantly surprised. I read this as a fiction inspired by bible, not as a bible story, thus, I could enjoy it without wondering if it was biblically true or not. The plot, the characters, the descriptions of the world there, the story, were able to make me stayed up all night and ruined my sleeping time.
  • Phiona Macrae
    He Who Lifts the Skies is the inspiring story of Keren. She refused to abandon her faith in the face of grave danger and for that is labeled 'poison'. She not only pays for her disobedience to Nim-Rada with forced solitude and humiliation. She also suffers the price of death of any man who dares even brush against her. When the choice is between a king and her God, Keren defies the king to remain faithful to her God. He Who Lifts the Skies is a r...
  • Ashlee
    Wow, this is an awesome book! I was totally thinking, "Oh, it can't be better than the first one! 'Cause that one was amazing." But it. Was. Absolutely. AWESOME! Annah and Shem fell in love so quickly in the first book; but it was a while before they could get married. But in this book, Karan and Zehker were ever so slowly falling in love(and, you may not believe me, but the second he started watching her as a child in the first few chapters, I j...
  • Becky
    I've been trying to read books that bring me closer to God - not an easy task. This book felt "real" to me, not like some of the other Christian fiction I've read. I also enjoyed the romance, as I believe God is constantly wooing us!
  • Anna
    I think I liked this one even better than the first or the last in this series. Keren is a different kind of woman, separated from all others she knows, and noticed by everyone. Including the Great King, Nimrada and one of his guards.
  • Tgirl
    Overal the book was very good, but it was a little fast-paced in areas. I enjoyed it despite that fact though. I will truly never think of the Bible-times the same! I'm looking forward to the third book!
  • Rebecca
    He Who Lifts the Skies was a great story filled with drama, adventure, betrayal and romance. Great characters and imaginative storylines, this second book in the Genesis trilogy is a great read!