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Alan Moore

Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman contains comic strips, illustrations, essays, articles, anecdotes and other pieces contributed by top American, English, and international comics creators paying tribute to the master of comic book writing, Alan Moore (creator of Watchmen and From Hell), as he celebrates his 50th year. Over a hundred contributors include Neil Gaiman, Will Eisner, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Gibbons, Denis Kitchen, Dav...

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TitleAlan Moore
Release DateJan 11th, 2004
PublisherAbiogenesis Press
GenreBiography, Sequential Art, Comics, Nonfiction, Writing, Essays, Art

Reviews Alan Moore

  • Camilo Guerra
    Libro de hace algun tiempo, cuando se celebraban los 50 cumpleaños de Alan Moore...puedes tomarlo como un agradecimiento, carta de amor, poema , quitada de sombrero, como sea, de muchas personas del medio que saben lo que ha hecho Moore y te lo cuentan, desde la increible presentación de Moore que hace Bissete, contando como se conocierón en la Cosa del Pantano, los liso que se dierón con los años y su alejamiento del escritor, el muy divert...
  • DeCarabas
    Se trata de un homenaje y una macro carta de felicitación en forma de libro al genio escritor y mago conocido como Alan Moore, con el pretexto de sus cincuenta años cumplidos en el 2003, es decir, hace casi catorce años, y en donde constan las palabras e ilustraciones de alabanza y agradecimiento de muchos grandes creadores como Will Eisner, Terry Gilliam, Michael Moorcock, Jeff Smith, Neil Gaiman (por supuesto!), Jim Lee, Mark Millar, Stephen...
  • Chris
    I picked this up out of curiosity since I had only read a few of Moore's stories (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Courtyard). Although I had no reference for a lot of the discussion articles, the high praise for his work has motivated me to see out more.
  • Chloe Glynn
    This collection is alternatively delightfully enriching and aggravatingly dull. It took me some two-hundred odd pages to recognize that a third of the tributes are thoughtful analyses of Moore's work, and the rest are self-aggrandizing recollections of, "When I was a young lad reading comics, Alan Moore had an impact on me." I'm not here to read about you, comic man; I'm here to read about Alan Moore. After realizing this dichotomy, skipping entr...
  • D.M.
    Gary Spencer Millidge and the mysterious Italian smoky man engineered and edited the tribute to hugely popular and instrumental comics writer Alan Moore, in honour of the bearded one's 50th birthday. It is a fitting, informative and (mostly) entertaining collection of essays, personal recollections and art centring on Moore, his life and creations. Though there is a biographic comic, newly created by Millidge for this volume, Portrait... makes no...
  • April
    My thoughts: