The Price of Candy (Sandy Reid Mysteries, #2) by Rod Hoisington

The Price of Candy (Sandy Reid Mysteries, #2)

Passion makes fools of us all. When the irrepressible Sandy Reid learns the police have closed the case of an abused body found on the beach for lack of evidence, she feels compelled to discover the identity of the woman, expose what actually happened on that secluded beach that night, and find the perpetrator.The almost-too-clever young law student must confront the prominent Congressman who gave the beautiful hitchhiker a ride to Florida and av...

Details The Price of Candy (Sandy Reid Mysteries, #2)

TitleThe Price of Candy (Sandy Reid Mysteries, #2)
Release DateJan 12th, 2011
GenreMystery, Suspense, Fiction

Reviews The Price of Candy (Sandy Reid Mysteries, #2)

  • Betty
    Published by EnterabooksThe cover of this book is a portent of things to come. A good man walks from the light into the dark side, where man becomes fool. A story of opposites, complications, passion, action, threat, going from confusion to comprehension. Opening with the dead body of a naked woman on the beach, with two male witnesses to the accidental death, the story takes a sudden turn to our heroine Sandy Reid, met in " One Deadly Sister "...
  • Charles
    I absolutely loved this follow-up to One Deadly Sister! Rod Hoisington has a great writing style that presents you with a wonderful story encompassed by mystery! I always love getting to the end of the story, feeling like I have it all figured out, and then he throws an unexpected, yet wonderful curve ball into the plot! You can definately count on being kept on your toes with Sandy Reid!
  • Carmen
    Whew. What an engrossing story. Love this "new to me" author, and his heroine, Sandy Reid.Fun plot. I'm learning how this author thinks, but the very end came as a shock to me. I'd been waiting to learn "George" was the necrophiliac!
  • Barbara
    Good Story
  • Melissa
    Really good book. Got it as a free book and really enjoyed it.
  • Lori M
    Never saw the ending coming. I love Sandy Reid, such a great character!
  • Kellie Harrington
    great story
  • Ellen
    Love the Sandy Reid series. I seemed to have read them out of order, but they stand alone well.
  • Rae Wedding
    I've started the 3rd book. The revenge seeking Moran is tiresome. I may not finish it.
  • Kathleen
    Sandy Reid puts herself in disastous situations thinking she is saving the world. After 200 pages things start fitting together. She continually creates enemies by talking without thinking. By the end of the book she thinks she can do everyone else's job better. Too far-fetched and unbelievable to be enjoyable. Couldn't wait to finish.
  • Rick Reno
    I finished it... Finally.The first volume in the series, "One Deadly Sister," came free from bookbub a few weeks ago, and was a great read. Nothing much new in this one, though, and I found it intensely putdownable. The plot line isn't bad, but there's very little actual action and even less character development
  • Cathy Wisen
    I just didn't like the way the author took us to the end.
  • Michele
    This is book is better written than the first one in the series. It had a good flow & pace. This is book is better written than the first one in the series. It had a good flow & pace.
  • Michele Tanton
    Another great read in the series.
  • Dveith
    Not as good as the first one - the ending sort of dragged.