Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomis

Fun with a Pencil

Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amongst artists - including comics superstar Alex Ross - for his mastery of  drawing. His first book, Fun With a Pencil, published in 1939 is a wonderfully crafted and engaging introduction to drawing, cartooning, and capturing the essence of a subject all while having fun. With delightful step-by-step instruction from Professor Blook, Loomis's charming alter ego on the page.

Details Fun with a Pencil

TitleFun with a Pencil
Release DateMay 8th, 1939
PublisherViking Books
GenreArt, Drawing, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews Fun with a Pencil

  • Xanthippe
    Loomis was an illustrator par excellence, and a marvellous teacher. Be forewarned, however: as a previous reviewer stated, some of the content might be considered culturally insensitive. The antiquated race categories 'negroid', 'mongoloid', and 'caucasoid' are referenced here, and non-whites are drawn always in caricature fashion--pretty ghastly. There's a great deal to appreciate in this (or any) Loomis book, however.His approach to drawing the...
  • রিফাত সানজিদা
    It's a true helpful guide for the beginners, who have interest in illustration. The way of showing the basic techniques is so easy indeed.And yeah, making lines & images on paper with a pencil is always fun to me. :)
  • Kalin
    I love Andrew Loomis. All of his books are brilliant. Reading this book was an excellent first step into understanding how cartoons can be created by breaking them down into simple forms and exaggerating their various proportions. I loved the section on facial expressions and how he encourages drawing from the imagination through the use of the basic construction framework. He also shows how the framework of a cartoon relates back to a traditiona...
  • Camilasc
    Deceptive title. This book is a gross liar in that it presents itself as a drawing book for "rookies".Make no mistake, the drawing principles exposed here are extremely hard, and 70% of the illustrators of today do not draw this good...even those who went to art school.This book covers how to draw with volumes , keeping proportion, technical perspective and shadow and light. Heavy emphasis is on the human figure (the most rewarding and challengin...
  • Alien Citizen
    racist crap...well, racist anyway. This one includes lots of fun instructions on how to draw stereotyped forms of all sorts...from the librarian with glasses on the nose to the African-American man with lips the size of Australia. Yes, this book was written in the early 60s, I think. If that's enough excuse for you then enjoy the's not for intermediate or advanced artists.
  • Meidhita
    It's fun to "interact" with pencil. But still it's not as easy as it is in the book. I've tried, hard enough. But still, it's the practice you need, not the theory. However, i recommend this book for those who doesn't have time for a drawing class. But try as the book say. Don't just stare at the book. it won't help you out.
  • Ajoy Sarkar
    Very good book for learners.
  • Violet Marcelo
    He's a master illustrator but he's racist, propagates stereotypes and if you actually did the lessons in this book, you'll realize that it's way too hard for beginners!
  • JP
    ~3.5 stars A pretty good book with some fun lessons rooted in simple geometry and clear instructions. The perspective lessons at the end are a bit more complex, but they're still good instructions. I'd say back this up with other books on the fundamentals (including perhaps Loomis' other books on figure drawing), since formulaic lessons can become a crutch, but this book is still rooted in a lot of those basics, so you won't be lead astray.It's u...
  • Loran (Algonquiins)
    Fun with a Pencil is a really awesome introductory drawing book for people who have little to no experience with figure drawing or basic techniques. Anybody could pick up this book and get a great grasp for how to start drawing and where to progress from there. Andrew Loomis's lessons are classic and simple to follow and provide enough structure to even encourage those people who don't think they can draw at all. The only downside to this book (a...
  • Brian King
    Fantastialy authentic, endlessly usefulAndrew Loomis was one of the biggest influences in commercial art. His guidance will never be missed as long as you can find his books. This one is fun, but loaded with practical information on how to upgrade your feeble attempts to draw what want to illustrate your ideas. Andrew seems to genuinely want you to become proficient and maybe even even excellent as an artist if you catch the drawing bug. And you ...
  • Jasmin
    In my opinion, the book "Fun With A Pencil" is probably the perfect resource for people who are interested and wants to learn how to draw. It contains step by step photos on every chapter and makes it easy to follow the steps. It also contains many tips and techniques which I find useful as an artist.
  • Angel Arturo
    While the principles seem simple, they are actually very powerful tools to learn how to correctly draw from life. I've always struggled with "seeing" the world as shapes and the examples were good enough to let me draw accurate representations of objects and people I see in my daily life. Now the struggle comes to draw from imagination.
  • Chris Jones
    Great introduction to cartooning and drawing in general. All Loomis assumes is the person can pick up a pencil and draw a few shapes, but he quickly builds on basic shapes to constructing frameworks and figures. I've drawn for a long time and still found his methods useful and helpful. Loomis wrote in the 30s/40s so the books can be difficult to find but many libraries carry them.
  • Lachezar Petkov
    I read this one a long time ago. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to draw a little bit better just for the fun of it (even if you "can't draw at all"). Or to children and teenagers who want to improve and become pros. Its indeed very fun to read and very fun to do the exercises (lots of funny cartoons!)
  • Abdullah Alasmari
    I was 16 when a fellow artist recommended this book for me. Andrew approach is very interesting and will keep you following up the steps and continuously learning. As we had no art schools or classes around, Andrew books were the ultimate learning resource. I highly recommend all his books not just this one.
  • Michael Scott
    Andrew Loomis's Fun with a Pencil is a wonderful about drawing. Starting from the premise that anyone can draw, Loomis draws what becomes circles, circles in circles, and ultimately human shapes and figures. The twist? It's not only a masterful course on drawing (cartoons) but also a course on drawing philosophy. Read it and all the books signed Loomis.
  • Gerald Henthorn
    Don't think the whole book is published here!I only got a couple of pages with my purchase, basically an introduction. Problem with the programming ... book freezes up. Crappy! Not happy.
  • Mai Ngoc
    I keep giggling all the time I read this book. Marvellous!! I love all the illustrations. It feels like there is someone actually taking to me and teaching me how to draw. And it is just so easy following all the steps and I always get amazed of what I have drawn. An awesome book. :'D
  • Sonya Ball
    This book is an excellent introduction to illustrating comic characters. In this book you will find the original models for the comic strips we know and love, and many marvel and DC characters known today. If you want to learn to draw american style comics, not manga, this is the book for you.
  • Josh Edward
    Excellent for beginners! A must have!
  • Kawther Al Sayed
    This is the book of my dayIts a very interesting book wich let you know how to draw by the shapes and mostly the circle It show the basics you need Read it and start drawing your own painting
  • Advaita
    Great tips for successful drawing skills
  • Kris Budi
    Great book on hw to draw cartoon charactersstep by step and really made it easy
  • Marcus
    Loved this book in High School! Such a fun way to learn to draw. I am so excited for the 2013 reprint so I can finally share this with my children!!!
  • Sam Reeves
    Fantastic art instructional book for beginners. These techniques for drawing the human form are the same ones used by most artists today.
  • Lisa Ulibarri
    Love his character Drawing so fun and inspiring.