Preacher, Volume 3 by Garth Ennis

Preacher, Volume 3

The third amazing new edition in the PREACHER series, collecting issues #18-26.Jesse Custer heads for France to rescue Cassidy, the Irish vampire, from the clutches of religious fanatics. His search leads him into a no-holds-barred battle against the forces of the Grail. Also told here is the story of how Cassidy became a vampire in the first place.

Details Preacher, Volume 3

TitlePreacher, Volume 3
Release DateOct 1st, 1997
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Comic Book, Graphic Novels Comics, Horror

Reviews Preacher, Volume 3

  • Bradley
    Well now! It looks like Robert Langdon has nothing on Ennis! And Ennis beat him to the punch, no? Pretty delicious! I'm probably gonna gorge myself on these comics until I get as big as that fat man with the idiot. :)Seriously though, Cassidy makes for a wonderful damsel in distress and he sure can take a lot of punishment, too. Even better was the tiny guest appearances of god, this time moving on from Tulip and giving Cass a little ugly heart-t...
  • Sh3lly
    Here we have the ongoing journey of Custer, trying to (literally) find God and rescue his friend, the vampire Cassidy. He's been taken by religious fanatics who are trying to lure Custer to them. These religious fanatics think Jesus married Mary Magdalene and are obsessed with protecting the bloodline of that lineage. Here is the last descendant of Christ.He's nick-named The Messiah and is so inbred that he goes around pissing everywhere and sayi...
  • Kemper
    The Preacher saga continues as Cassidy, the Irish vampire, has been captured by the Grail, a vast secret society that has powerful influence over the world’s governments. Jesse and Tulip are off to France to mount a rescue. As Cassidy is being tortured in the Grail’s heavily secured complex by a castrated psychopath, we learn more about why Starr has been organizing a coup within the Grail’s ranks. When Jesse confronts Starr and the Grail...
  • Sam Quixote
    Three volumes in and it’s still unclear to me why Preacher is considered to be this “classic” of modern comics. Sure, it’s by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, both of whom are brilliant comics creators, but I feel Preacher is mostly an excuse for Ennis and Dillon to shout and swear and do all manner of silly gross things for the hell of it, rather than tell this amazing story.Proud Americans opens with a one-shot story of Jesse’s dad in Vi...
  • Andrew
    I was looking forward to read this third volume and see the fight between Jesse and the Grail.There is a lot of background stories in this book, starting with a chapter about Jesse’s father, in Vietnam, (view spoiler)[with John Wayne, in flesh and blood, like special guest start (hide spoiler)]. This helps to give a form to a man we only have imagined, a model for his son, the one who tried to make him a right man, because there are a lot of ba...
  • Mike
    Of COURSE Ennis would find an excuse to weave a Vietnam story into this book. I suppose it gives a *little* perspective on Jesse, showing us what his daddy was like, but boy does that thread feel weak. But I'll give Ennis one thing: he knows how to play out the terrible reveals for maximum suspense. Hearing about the Jesus descendant out-of-scene, then off-camera, for half the book - makes the ultimate entrance that much more savoury. The irrever...
  • Eric
    This volume was broken into three very separate parts -- the first was a flashback to Jesse's father's time in Vietnam, the second was a continuation of The Grail plot, and the third was a flashback to Cassidy's past. The two flashbacks were great, helping to give depth to the main characters and flesh out their motivations, but the real highlight was the middle part -- Jesse rescuing Cassidy from The Grail. Just when I thought this series couldn...
  • توفيق عبد الرحيم
    I don't really feel like writing any big reviews these days when am not really reading as much as i used too so i will keep this shortamazing volume the next one is going to be tricky since it runs through a mini series and few one shots not sure if i will read it right away the whole volume was about the rescue of Cassidywe got to meet new characters which are all dead now but they were amazing none the lessAllfather D'Aronique and Baby Jesus (t...
  • Brandon
    Proud Americans is a pretty big deal. I mean, a lot happens here. Ennis only scratched the surface in the prior collection detailing the secret religious organization, The Grail. In Proud Americans, we're given a bit of a back story behind Starr's hatred for their groups leader as well as their ridiculous plans involving a direct decedent of Jesus Christ.Also, Cassidy is still being held captive and is hoping for the return of his good buddy Jess...
  • The Flooze
    Proud Americans is the third installment of the Preacher series and it’s just as ballsy as those that came before. I think this one might have the highest body count so far--for this series, that’s really saying something. There are a lot of running themes throughout Preacher, apart from religious hypocrisy. Coincidental meetings is a notable one, and Proud Americans begins with a doozie. While waiting for his flight, Jesse throws back a few ...
  • Stephen
    4.0 stars. Volume three in the ground-breaking Preacher series by Garth Ennis. Ennis maintains the very high level of quality he set with the first two installments and I am looking forward to reading the next installment. Recommended!!
  • Mandy
    I’m loving this series of books. Storyline is consistent and the artwork is gorgeous. I’m completely hooked.
  • Jesse A
    Another good volume. I have to say though I was a bit bored by the Cassidy - centric stories.
  • Devann
    Ok let's get the hilarious part of the review out of the way first, namely that we finally get a backstory for Cassidy and they apparently want us to believe that he died when he was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. Like, yeah, okay. I don't know how I always forget that little detail but it just made me think of this and now I can't stop laughing:Then the rest of it: Overall a pretty solid volume but all the ...I don't know ...feminism 'buzzwords' set in a re...
  • Rhonda
    I continue to adore this series... but the books are offensive enough I'm not even going to attempt to figure out who to recommend them to. Perhaps it's safest to say if you like the television show give the books a try... but keep a finger on the button for the escape hatch until you find out if these are right for you or not because things the tv series can only hint at the books revel in.
  • Gef
    Last summer, I read what I thought was the third volume in the Preacher series, but it felt like I'd missed out on some stuff. Turned out that the book I read was a hardcover edition (Preacher: Book Three) instead of the trade paperback, so there were actually some stories I missed. In actuality, it looks like I skipped right over this entire third volume, Proud Americans. And that's a damned shame because this was an absolute treat to read. I gu...
  • Lee
    Back to being great. This was a lot of fun to read. A added complexity to the story a old as the hills, but potentially devastating to our band of three.I love the artwork in this series and the story of very strong.
  • Jim C
    This collection has three different parts. The first part deals tells a little story of the preacher's father and an incident that happened to him while he served in Vietnam. The second part continues the main arc as Jesse attempts to rescue Cassidy from the Grail. The third story is about Cassidy and his backstory.I will say again that these collections are not intended for young children. We have sex acts, eating disorders, and murder. Nothing ...
  • 47Time
    This arc reveals more about how Genesis came to be and its importance in the grand scheme of things. The Grail gets hit hard, but Jesse still has some serious enemies out there. Even so, his mission remains the same- to find God and hold him accountable for leaving His throne in heaven. Also we get Cassidy's backstory.Jesse and Tulip are heading toward Masada in France where Cassidy is kept. Unknown to them, Starr is keeping constant tabs on them...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    Proud Americans revolve around Custer rescuing Cassidy from the hands of the Grail. There were some moments that I literally fell asleep whule reading the book while there were many parts that I cannot stop myself from reading it.Here we witness Cassidy's transformation from an Irish revolutionary to a cold-blooded vampire, something that I really don't care about but wouldn't mind reading anyway. We also discovered some of the Grails well-kept s...
  • Rade
    I mean I could find more offensive comics as I am sure worst ones are out there, but this is one hell of a comic. Again, it has everything from graphic violence to copious amounts of swearing, as well as some nudity and everything in between. If a religious person read this, they would be VERY offended as the writers of this comic are not even a bit shy from offending just about everyone including God. I am not religious and sometimes even I thin...
  • Holly (The Grimdragon)
    Disturbing, perverse, funny as hell, blasphemous! I felt like this issue ran a little long, but it does seem to be setting up for something big down the road. I was happy that Cassidy's origin story was finally revealed!
  • Brittany
    Finally, by the 3rd volume (well into issues, what like 30....) a 5-star review. You will fall for the main characters in this one for sure.Now I am starting to see what everyone raves about with the series, Preacher.I must admit, the first two which set up the story was a lot to take on at first. Now, in Vol. 3, we get to see how the characters came to be in the conditions and situations they are in. There is some deepness here on the backstorie...
  • Dale Jones
    Preacher is still on a roll! In this volume, Jesse and Tulip have to rescue Cassidy from the religious fanatics who are using him to lure Jesse in. We meet the leader of the grail Allfather D'Aronique who is the fattest person I've seen. He may be fat but he's smart and wise. Of course, violence ensues between them. The seraphim/angel that boinked the demon (dad of the half demon half angel thing that is inside Custer) is back. The second half, C...
  • Tundextra
    I could talk about the delightfully dark and absurd The Grail organisation and it's plans for the world Jesse and co. get dragged into; but now it's time to get to heart of the matter of Preacher as Ennis gets a lot more overt about the overlying theme of friendship, personal morality and the trials and tribulations of the modern man finding his place in the modern world, whilst respecting others! I kid you not. Most of the key moments in this se...
  • Quentin Wallace
    Cassidy is kidnapped and taken to "Masada" by the Grail, so Jesse is determined to save him. We see D'Aronique for the first time, as well as the last of the Holy Blood line. The very pure blood line. A little too pure you might say. If you've read the comic or seen the show, you know what I mean. There's also a two part origin of Cassidy. This is some of the best of Preacher, both story and art.
  • Francisca
    just as much fun and absurdity as the first volume. i can only respect how garth ennis can write so much of everything together and still preserve the same style of writing and storytelling for it all. also, gross. which part? many of them.
  • Aimee Poulin
    By far my favorite of the series... so far. I love Cassidy.
  • Keith Moser
    I think I found the part where I had to stop reading back in ol' 1999... First half (or so) of Vol. 3 felt familiar like I had read it before heading off to college, but I think I had to give it back to my friend before getting to the Cassidy stories.The volume starts with a one-off story of Custer's dad, told through flashback with the help of an old war buddy in the airport while our hero is waiting for a flight... Messed up things happen, but ...
  • Scott
    Another great set of comics in the series. Once again, this collection of 8 original issues can be divided into two "parts" - the first 6 are Jesse's action-packed assualt on Masada, while the latter part is Cassidy's two-issue "origin" story. The infiltration of Masada is brilliant. With Cassidy initially posing as Jesse, the terrifyingly powerful group The Grail is revealed as a religious order which has been keeping the bloodline of Jesus (yes...