Fred Stays With Me! by Nancy Coffelt

Fred Stays With Me!

Told from the point of view of a young child whose parents are divorced, Fred Stays with Me! follows a girl and her dog, Fred, from one parent's house to the other's, giving her a sense of continuity and stability. With a simple text and childlike language, the story expresses and addresses a child's concerns, highlights the friendship between child and pet, presents a common ground for the parents, and resolves conflict in a positive way. Tricia...

Details Fred Stays With Me!

TitleFred Stays With Me!
Release DateJun 1st, 2007
PublisherLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Realistic Fiction, Family, Family Law, Divorce, Animals, Dogs, Cultural, Fiction, Love

Reviews Fred Stays With Me!

  • Kate
    A sweet story about a young girl and her dog, Fred. The girl’s parents are divorced, and although things are different with the two sides of her family, the one constant is her dog.
  • Amie
    Fred Stays With Me! is a cute story about a girl who sometimes stays with her dad and sometimes stays with her mom, but her dog, Fred, always stays with her! While her stays with her parents are different, bunk bed vs. single bed and pizza vs. peanut butter sandwiches, the one thing that stays the same is that Fred gets in trouble. He barks at dogs and chews up socks to the point where the little girl's parents exclaim, "Fred can't stay with me!"...
  • Kathryn
    4.5 STARS A thoughtful and sensitive look at how divorce affects one little girl. Thought it's clear that she loves both her parents, and both her homes, and that she is well loved by each we can also sense the difficulties and frustrations of having two separate but related lives. Fred, her dog, is the one constant as, no matter where she goes, Fred stays with her. I think this is a smart and delicate book on a difficult subject. The illustratio...
  • Tatiana
    Summary: Divorce isn't easy, but it helps when you have a friend like Fred. But Fred likes to steal socks and make a mess, and Mom and Dad are mad that Fred is such a troublemaker! If Fred can't stay with Mom or Dad, who will he stay with?Of course, the answer is "with me!" meaning the young narrator of this cute picture book. This is a good concept book and the letterbox-style, autumn color-tinted illustrations give the story a cozy feel.
  • RLL22018_ Delashay
    Fred stays with me, is a simply beautiful illustrated book. The illustrators take on the authors words, added just enough details, to make the story believable. The life of a little girl and her best friend Fred was a bit complicated. Sometime the little girl lives with her mom, and sometimes she lives with her dad. Fred her playful dog, creates a ruckus, at both of her residents. When neither parent wants to keep the dog, she comes up with a sol...
  • Amy Forrester
    Sometimes the little girl in this book stays with her mother and sometimes she stays with her father. But it doesn’t matter if she sleeps in the bunk bed at one house or the regular bed at the other, Fred stays with her. In a matter-of-fact fashion, the girl explains how her life works with her separated parents. Although she points out the differences in her two homes, she also points out the things that stay the same. She has the same friends...
  • 529_Amalia
    Fred Stays with Me by Nancy Coffelt and illustrated by Tricia Tusa is a story of a girl, who is never named, that has two homes but her dog Fred stays with her. "Sometimes I live with my mom. Sometimes I live with my dad." The girl always has Fred by her side, but Fred is causing trouble, barking at the neighbor's poodle or stealing all of dad's socks. Both mom and dad have had enough with Fred and say "Fred can't stay with me!" The girl responds...
  • Maricor
    Fred Stays with Me by Nancy Coffelt and illustrated by Trica Tusa (2007)Picture Book, 32 pagesLiving at each parent’s respective home, the protagonist in Fred Stays with Me gets picked up and dropped off between divorced parents. Her adjustment to the lifestyle and separation seems to be going well because of Fred, her constant dog companion who shares her travels, while creating a disaster in his wake at both parents’ homes. As parents fight...
  • A Allen
    I love that this book acknowledges being a child with two homes and finding solutions to problematic behavior (it just happens to be the behavior of Fred, the dog). I imagine many children with separated parents would feel less alone with a book similar to this. However, I didn't like that both parents gave up on Fred for a moment when they said "Fred can't stay with me!" If I could glue those two pages together without it being noticeable, I wou...
  • Randie D. Camp, M.S.
    The nameless main character of this story has divorced parents. Sometimes she lives with mom and sometimes she lives with dad--but her dog, Fred always stays with her. While coping with divorce is not the main intention of this book, it does shed light on an important aspect. Children need consistency and Fred was able to offer a sense of consistency for this character. The brown, red, sepia tones of the illustrations contributed to the calm feel...
  • Molly
    A little girl who shares one home with her mother and another home with her father, seems to live two separate lives. One thing stays the same, however, and that is her dog Fred. This is a cute story for children who are struggling to understand what a divorce will mean for them, and for parents who sometimes need a wake up call!
  • Susan
    A solid read about a young girl whose dog helps her work through her parents' divorce. I really enjoyed the almost monochromatic pictures.
  • Marjorie
    lovely story about a girl, her dog and divorce. I love the sepia toned illustrations in this book.
  • Alia
    Amid the confusion of living with divorced parents, a pet dog provides consistancy for a little girl. The book is reassuring without being overbearing.
  • Jessica
    Great story for kids of divorce.
  • Kajsa Jonsson
    SummaryThis story is about a girl and her dog, who have parents that are separated. She sometimes lives with her mother, and sometimes with her father. Depending on where she lives, she sleeps in a certain bed and eat different kinds of food. But she still goes to the same school and play with the same friends as she used to. However, her dog Fred, is doing things her parents do not like such as eating their socks or barking on their neighbor’s...
  • Sophia Tarullo
    This book is a story of a young girl with divorced parents. She stays with her mom and her dad, but he dog Fred always stays with her. She runs into difficulties with Fred, like he eats all the socks and barks at the neighbor's dog. When both her mom and dad tell her that Fred can't stay with either of them she said "Excuse me. Fred doesn't stay with you. Fred stays with me." They then come to the solution of having Fred make friends with the nei...
  • Dimity Powell
    This is a balanced and heartwarming tale of a little girl caught in the very real situation of a broken marriage. Her capacity to cope and thrive with both parents in spite of their split is enhanced by her dog Fred, who like the girl herself, never takes sides nor judges, rather he remains loyal to the once shared constant in the situation - the little girl. The text is stripped bare of unnecessary sentimentality and simple enough for even very ...
  • Laura Mossa
    Because her parents are divorced, a young girl has to adjust to living in two different homes. Throughout the sweet story, the girl shares how things are the same and different at each house, but the one absolute constant is that her dog Fred always stays with her. Her mom complains that Fred constantly barks at the poodle next door, and her dad complains that Fred keeps steals socks. As a result of his antics, both parents state “Fred can’t ...
  • White House Public Library
    Fred Stays with Me Is a cute story about a girl whose parents are divorced. Sometimes she stays with her mom, sometimes she stays with her dad, but her dog, Fred, always stays with her! The author does a great job talking about the differences that occur when going back and forth between houses, but one of the things that stay the same is Fred is ALWAYS in trouble! After a series of events the parents both say, “Fred can’t stay with me!” Th...
  • Connie T.
    In the tipsy-turvy world of divorce and joint custody, the constant in this little girl's life is her dog, Fred. No matter which household she's at, Fred is always by her side. Fred, being a dog, gets on the parents' nerves and there's talk of getting rid of Fred. (As another reviewer pointed out, this might lead to further insecurities for a child of divorce.) In the end, the dog issues are resolved and all is well.
  • Kate
    What a beautiful little book. I really love the way the author emphasizes the things that haven't changed in the child's life, the fact that her school and her friends are the same, and she has this great dog that stays with her wherever she goes. It's a great way to promote consistency and it's refreshing -- although it seems to be becoming less rare -- to read a children's book about divorce that is actually a great read.
  • Hannah Jane
    A heartwarming story about a girl whose parents are divorced, and though she has two very different places to stay, she has one constant, her loyal dog, Fred. Hands down, my favorite thing about this book are the illustrations, which are so sweet and so accurate. The car ride is my favorite illustration: happy Fred with his little girl, sitting in a cloud of watercolor mud from the park.
  • Sarah Brandt
    Fred Stays With Me! is about a little girl who switches where she lives because her parents are divorced. In the story, Fred is the only thing that is constant in the girl's life. When her parents talk about who Fred stays with she speaks up and says that Fred stays with me. This book can be used when you are talking about family units in your classroom.
  • Lynn Davidson
    A little girl's parents are divorced, so she stays with her dad some of the time, and some of the time she stays with her mom. Her dog, Fred, makes trouble in both places so that neither parent wants him staying with them. Their little girl makes it clear that Fred stays with HER. Nicely done. Wonderful illustrations.
  • Molly Cluff (Library!)
    The illustrations are super cute. I initially picked up this book while looking for a topic search on divorced parents. I don't know if I'd use this book for that purpose--there was a big focus on dog care too, maybe moreso than the parent situation.
  • H
    A little girl splits her time between her mom's house and her dad's house. But Fred-he stays with her to whichever home she is sleeping at tonight. But -oh no!-Mom and Dad are beginning to not like Fred's behavior! Will she have to give up her constant canine companion?
  • Katie Nash
    This story is about a girl and her dog, Fred. Her parents are divorced so her and Fred go back and forth between homes. This would be a good book to keep in your library for students dealing with divorcing or divorced parents.
  • Jo Oehrlein
    A girl in shared custody of her parents moves back and forth between their houses, but her dog stays with her. The dog is naughty and gets in trouble both places, but the girl and her parents work out ways to solve the problems so the dog can be with the girl.