Uncaged by Paul McKellips


In a thrill a minute read, author Paul McKellips poses a frightening “what if” scenario that will leave the human race on the brink of certain disaster.   When a series of attacks on animal researchers leave several people dead, the government—including the President—issues an immediate ban on animal testing. And that’s when the real trouble begins…At the heart of the action are two government agents, the dashing Commander “Camp...

Details Uncaged

Release DateJul 1st, 2011
PublisherVantage Point
GenreThriller, Business, Amazon

Reviews Uncaged

  • Meg
    While I admire the author's effort in trying to get people to understand the importance of in vivo research, this book is a horrible read, even with a somewhat interesting storyline. It jumps around and the dialogue is ridiculously hokey. Then, all of a sudden, it's over. I was hugely disappointed in a book for which I had had high hopes. One of the worst I've ever read.
  • Suz
    Oh ugh.I wanted to like this book, I did. I have had a few ads for this book through my professional associations, and it makes sense. I am/was a biomedical researcher, I do work with laboratory animals.Here's a thriller, all about sciency-mediciney stuff with animals! It's a "what if" story. What if animal research was banned. Even better, what if animal research was banned and it was all an evil conspiracy.The story was OK. It was a bit much. A...
  • Anne
    I am a biomedical researcher and recently had the pleasure of attending one of Mr. McKellips' talks. He's so engaging and dynamic a speaker; I expected more from this book. To me it was a Robin Cook-meets-Tom Clancy attempt that missed the mark. I found the story to be choppy and inconsistent and much of the book to be over the heads of the lay reader. I liked the idea of the "what if" scenario created and there was so much potential, but unfortu...
  • Pragati
    Exciting read! A great plot a little too close to an "almost" reality. It's scary to comprehend we're just a few "crazies" away from total mayhem. Animal research has provided so many cures and procedures and helped increase human life expectancy! Folks who oppose it need to remember that everything has been tested on animals for safety. Products that are marketed as "not tested on animals" are most certainly composed to individual components tha...
  • Liam Wallace
    Great sci-fi/military operations type thriller. Combines a Tom Clancy-style action and character list with some very scary real biological warfare/bioterrorism concepts.
  • Anna Engel
    Oh, it's so so so bad. This is one of the worst books I've ever read. The plot, characters, and writing are awful. I think a bulleted list is probably the best way to go here.* HAB (holy acronyms, Batman!). I guess when you want readers to believe you've worked for the government, you add some acronyms.* There were a surprising number of secret and/or illegal conversations that occurred in public places. Like, sit in the car and talk about classi...
  • Orbs n Rings
    A compact bio-terrorist military thriller with an ideal balance of tenderness, passion and unexpected twists and turns.UNCAGED is a wild ride within the secretive operative world of the military as they race against the clock to find and isolate a plaque terror cell operation. This terror cell which includes a mix of Korean, Russian and an Islamic pharmaceutical group, have developed a mixed strain of Ebola and a plague virus called Malak al-Maut...
  • Alain Burrese
    "Uncaged" by Paul McKellips is a medical and military thriller that won't only keep you up at night turning pages to find out what happens next, but will have you wondering if something like this could really happen. It's a fast paced book that really does leave one wondering "what if?" I enjoyed the story, but I also enjoyed the questions and situations the novel made me think about.The story centers on two main characters: Commander "Camp" Camp...
  • R.J. Palmer
    I have to say honestly that I truly enjoyed this story and would've finished it far more quickly if I weren't a mother during summer vacation because I found it quite easy to become completely involved in the storyline, and I can appreciate that. Uncaged is a fictional blending of medical type thriller and "what if" scenario that successfully turns "black ops" or "classified" into something evocative and exciting. Well done, Mr. McKellips, you ha...
  • Mary
    Review copy provided by author.Animal rights activists are conspiring to shut down biomedical research in the United States just as terrorists have weaponized the bubonic plague with the help of Russian and Korean interests. Two military officers who are themselves medical researchers, "Camp" Campbell and Leslie Raines, reluctantly join forces to thwart the terrorists and reinstate animal research before a deadly flu virus can kill thousands of A...
  • ILoveBooks
    What many readers will enjoy about this book is the there is immediate action right when he/she opens the page. It will not take long for a reader to catch on to the plot and understand what the meaning of the novel is, as is the case with some science fiction novels. This novel is told from several different point of views, making it easier for the reader to understand and read the whole picture. The author captures each different characters' re...
  • Melissa
    As many others who wrote reviews, I was also a researcher, and received many emails proclaiming this book as a "must-read!" So I did, and was anticipating a book I could relate to. Again, this seems to be a consistent review, but this book was highly erratic and lacking in clear quality writing. Not a dig at the author, who is obviously very passionate about his line of work and stands for a cause... But maybe this thriller book writing isn't his...
  • April
    UNCAGED by Paul McKellips is an exciting suspense/fiction set in present day U.S.A. It is written with depth and details.The plot is interesting and will have you on the edge of your seat. It has biomedical,danger,a deadly plague,intrigue,suspense,researchers,high tech science,conspiracy,death,and valor. Commander "Camp" Campbell and Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Raines find they are in a dangerous situation with the government.While Camp is banished...
  • Kyle Wendy Skultety (gimmethatbook.com)
    Great idea for a plot. Poorly written (looks like one of those self publishing jobs), grammatical errors, awful transitions between scenes/places/times. I found myself reading dialogue again and again, because I could simply not figure out who was speaking. Really, really GREAT idea for a plot. That is the only thing that kept me going. In the hands of a talented writer (or simply a more polished writer with a good editor), this would have been a...
  • Rick Kew
    The War: Ripped from Today's NewsThis is as good as anything by Tom Clancy. Bubonic plague, Avian Flu, Ebola, Animal Rights, Undercover operatives, Politicians, The Military, Al Qaeda, the Russians, Twists, Turns, Love, a Hero that sheds tears and much more all knit together in a tight story that eventually warms your heart like a hand-knit sweater on a chill night. Tons of factual information delivered by the characters in a believable conversat...
  • Dan
    Uncaged is a rollercoaster ride filled with suspense, tension, bio-terrorism, intrigue and more. You certainly get your money’s worth in Paul McKellip’s novel. The trouble begins when the president bans animal testing after several people are killed in such facilities. But not only is the book about animal rights, it is also about bio-terrorism. With several plots and numerous characters, you’d think one would get hopelessly lost in such a ...
  • Bubba61909
    I thought this book was really good. I work in the medical research field so this was right up my alley. My friend recommended it to me because she got the book at a meeting. I hope that if someone reads this they realize this is a REAL what if scenario, not just a made up story. This can actually happen if certain situations happen. Reading this was kind of scary because I have seen the plague worked with and I know that this stuff is real. I re...
  • J&B Reviews
    What a read.What a ride into the dark side of bioterrorism.This is an exceptional book of fiction loaded with science and some behind-the-scenes truths in its events. A global conspiracy to deploy bioterrorism on an unsuspecting USA.The characters tenacious in their resolve to find cures and bring our villains to justice. The reader are whisked across 4 continents during the pursuit which climaxes in a nice twist. If you love this subject matter ...
  • Sara
    I really thought this book would be better. I thought the writing was choppy and the characters were not developed enough to get into their stories. The overall story line was interesting but again could have been developed more. I felt like the book was written in a hurry or the author didn't want it to be too long.
  • Skippy
    Working for a biomedical institution, I was excited about reading this book. It was very interesting and I liked where it was going, however, it seemed choppy to me, used lots of characters with foreign names which sometimes confused me on who was doing what, and lots of acronyms for no apparent reason.
  • Cati
    OK, the one star is because it has no blatant grammar or spelling mistakes, and because the story has potential. The rest of the book sucks. It never picks up a pace where you are tempted to keep on reading, the sexual tension between the characters is non-existent, it leaves like 20 loose ends. Don't bother, not worth the read.
  • Shelley Deuso
    I thought this book was great. It is a very scary thought finding out about the different, dangerous, and deadly viruses that can be used to hurt people and this book had that plus an awesome storyline that ended beautifully. I hope the author has plenty more books just like this one.
  • Anne
    While this had good writing and an ok story line, it went off on too many tangents to thrill me.
  • Tess
    Super fast read about animal research. Ended up being a pretty good balance between points of view.
  • Patricia Barr
    Signed copy. Looking forward to meeting the author at our company on May 9!