Living off the Grid by Dave Black

Living off the Grid

In daily life, we can take control of the resources and services we depend on. Electricity and energy don’t have to come off the public utility grid—alternatives abound in solar, wind, and water generated power. Design decisions can drastically affect power consumption, and bio-diesel and alternative fuels can help break the oil habit. Dave Black describes alternatives for eco-pimping your home and lifestyle for independence, economy, and a m...

Details Living off the Grid

TitleLiving off the Grid
Release DateNov 17th, 2008
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Adventure, Survival, Environment, Sustainability, Reference

Reviews Living off the Grid

  • Penny
    This wasn't the book I was expecting. That's probably not the author's fault. It was more like a high school text book and a bit heavy on the 'that information has been out there for years already' side of things.If you didn't know anything about solar energy, wind power, etc., it would be a good start. If you've been working towards living off the grid for several years already, this may not have much in the way of new information for you.
  • Fredrick Danysh
    Many people are attempting to return to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Living off the grid presents tips for living off the network of infrastructures becoming less depend on government and corporation services such as power and water. While useful, it should not be the reader's only source of information.
  • Marcia Ford
    Though I have little hope of ever living off-grid, I love reading about people who do. Black's book is one of the most practical I've read on the subject; he offers lots of suggestions about how to adapt your current lifestyle to one that's more responsible, and he provides a wealth of information for those who want to move away from dependence on the grid, as much as is possible. To truly go off-grid, you'd need more than this book provides, but...
  • R. C.
    This is more a guide to surviving off the grid, with some philosophizing along the way about how gross compost toilets are, how large a percentage of any population leeches off the rest, and whether it is worth it to come to blows over various resources. I kept expecting the full-on incel prepper to jump out and toxic-masculinate at me any word now. The entire book was written like not seeing your poop was more important than your poop ceasing to...
  • Morgan
    A fine starting place to get a list of a few concepts to look into deeper. The author's tone is very contemptuous at times, though.
  • Don
    Thank you for telling me that solar fixes everything, what a waist.
  • Douglas Audirsch
    This is a basic introduction to setting up alternative energy sources for residential use. Since I am a novice in this area, it was helpful and interesting. Although the author occasionally distracts himself by making political commentary asides, they are easy to scan past to stay on track. It was not a deep or exhaustive manual on the subject, but it served the purpose for which I needed it - to stir up my thoughts on this subject and ponder wha...
  • Venessa
    A good beginner book for the person considering going off-grid; this book gives a brief overview of everything you need to think about, and provides resources for more in depth reading. I also like how the author reveals that NO ONE is really off-grid in this day and age, since there are so many things even rural off-gridders use that rely on the grid in some way. I like people who think and write realistically, rather than with their head in som...
  • Area51
    Nothing new that has not been said thousands of times before, unless you want to read idiotic suggestions for living "off the grid" like checking out websites for shelters and soup kitchens in the United States.The most uninformative book on this subject I have seen. Don't waste your money on this book.
  • Denise
    This is a good intorduction of who off-grid technologies work. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for. (I wanted more of an instruction of how slot A goes into slot B sort of thing.) Unfortunately my husband isn't quite ready to go completely off grid.
  • Stacie
    Interest Read with short chapters that explain different areas for how to live off the grid. Cooking, sewerage, energy, etc are all included with options for how to survive off the land and resources off the grid. It is very informative.
  • Lisa
    Did not enjoy this book as much as I thought. This book did not really have any practical tips in it unless my plan was to live in a hut....
  • LeeFrances
    Mostly simple explanations. A good primer for all sorts of "off-grid" projects.
  • Sidnie
    Very well written, with lots of how-to's (for those that can) and the rest of us who can't at least have some idea of direction to take and what to ask.
  • Roberta Morris
    Useful for extremely new beginners, but anyone who has been camping before knows most of what's in this book already.
  • Patrick
    A very basic covering of the topic. Nothing here groundbreaking for me.