Crazy from the Heat by David Lee Roth

Crazy from the Heat

The tales from the larger-than-life spectacle that was the glory days of Van Halen are the stuff of rock and roll legend. In this unapologetic, Technicolor, high-fiber blast, David Lee Roth comes across with seemingly unlimited energy and graphic clarity. of photos.

Details Crazy from the Heat

TitleCrazy from the Heat
Release DateOct 6th, 1997
GenreMusic, Biography, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Crazy from the Heat

  • Cwn_annwn_13
    I remember back when I was in jr. high a little after Van Halen rolled through town on the last tour they did with Roth as the singer during the 80's soon thereafter many wild stories bordering on, if not surpassing, folklore began circulating about the depravity and debauchery that Van Halen indulged in during their stay in town. Off the top of my head a few that I can remember, the band had a contest backstage to see who could snort up the bigg...
  • Cathal Kenneally
    If you are looking for a proper autobiography of Diamond Dave then look elsewhere. As he says himself: if youre looking for an exacting history to the month, to the year, thats not how I remember it. Its a memoir and some memoirs are just full of stories but not in order. There isnt a history of Van Halen or his solo career but fractious relationships existed as they are mentioned. His erudite style of writing about what he did and why he did it ...
  • Ryan Werner
    The David Lee Roth route to happiness, the one that goes through fun and only fun, is what makes this autobiography - and, ultimately, classic Van Halen - so fulfilling.David Lee Roth may not be Bob Dylan. In fact, hes not even Bob Daisley. Why is it, then, that his lyrics have been so influential in the ideological development of millions of young males? Certainly one could have taken more from some of Dylans (or Ozzys) more profound statements ...
  • Matt
    David Lee Roth is smarter than you'd think, but maybe not as smart as HE thinks... At least that was the case back in '97 when this was written. I've gotten to where I like reading memoirs long after their original release context much more than "current" memoirs, because it's fun to take into account everything that's happened since. In this case: David Lee Roth pretty much hates Eddie Van Halen in 1997. "Ed Van Halen without a guitar is a crumm...
  • Chad
    DLR has always been a musical icon since the 70s, but it wasn't until I realized he was a well-read, bilingual (tri even?), black belt, swordmaster, mountain climbing, New York EMT who dominates in interviews that I truly became interested in him. The way he lives his life, heading off deep into the Amazon jungle, a hunger for knowledge and an avid reader reminds me a lot of Henry Rollins, but with a permanent smile and a more optimistic view on ...
  • Andrea
    3.5 stars. DLR is a pretty interesting guy and he wrote (or dictated) a pretty entertaining book. It's easy to get a little worn out by the force of his strong personality and the seemingly endless shtick but he's fun to spend a short time with.
  • Mike
    The library finally located its copy of this book. For the longest time, it was listed as "consult librarian," which usually means it is lost or stolen. But miraculously, it was located and placed back on the shelves for me to read. Mary recommended this a while ago and I'm glad I finally got to read it. It's a fun read, especially if you're a fan of Van Halen (DLR-style, the only kind) and you like his voice - it's hard not to read this book wit...
  • Beem Weeks
    David Lee Roth, former and current lead singer for the mighty Van Halen, tells his life story in a steady rhythm any fan will recognize as pure Dave. Roth gives insight into his life, growing up Jewish in an anti-Semite environment, learning show business while watching the comedians and folk singers that played in his uncle's New York City Club Wha? in the mid-1960s. Roth possesses a naturally engaging style of telling a story. We've seen it thr...
  • Nicholas Tillemans
    It's great to hear Diamond Dave talk about his experiences fronting Van Halen, his crazy life experiences and the drama after he left the band in his own words. The prose are raw. The whole book is written in a conversational tone, just as David Lee would talk. He's no Shakespeare; but we fans could care less about that. That said, there are passages, which are hauntingly clever. He's a rock 'n' roll Peter Pan who takes us all along for the ride....
  • Tracy
    This book is fun to read! I think anyone who is a Van Halen fan would enjoy it.I really liked the stories about the early days of Van Halen. He also tells some great stories about his travels, particularly to Haiti and hiking in the Himalayas. It's not written like a normal book, with chapters, or in any order. You feel like you are sitting down listening to David Lee Roth telling stories. Not all the paragraphs use complete sentences, and not al...
  • Chris
    I've having a hard time rating this book.The writing wasn't very great, the nonlinear narrative made it hard to follow (even for a fan), and some of the stories seemed out of place.At the same time, I really loved this book. I'm giving it four stars, but I'll offer the following modifications:1) Add one STAR to my rating if you are a Van Halen or David Lee Roth fan.2) Subtract one STAR from my rating if you've never heard of either, or dislike ei...
  • Brooke
    He's not a great storyteller by any stretch, but I couldn't put it down. I was able to accept his overpowering egotism because he made some of the best music videos in history. That was my starting point and I guess, after reading his book, I still like him just as much, maybe even a little more. See you around Pasadena Diamond Dave...
  • Andy
    David Lee Roth is a terrific showman and this book is as entertaining as his shows. My mind wandered when he got into his Wild Kingdom crocodile hunter-type shenanigans, but it's okay. He stays on the rock 'n roll path most of the time and always has something entertaining to say.
  • Michael
    Just in case you needed additional proof that Diamond Dave is the man, this book provides substantial evidence.
  • Steven McKay
    I'm a huge fan of Van Halen, with DLR being my favourite of the two singers that made good albums with the band. I think we all know Dave is a bit crazy, and this book is a bit like him - all over the place, unfocused and silly at times. But it's also a really good read and he does come across as a decent guy. He doesn't really say anything bad about his former band members, although at the same time he doesn't really say much about the likes of ...
  • David Cavaco
    This autobiography by founding Van Halen vocalist, David Lee Roth (DLR) is unconventional to say the least. Completely non-linear without following a clear chronological path, the book glances at some of 'Diamond Dave's" life story and avoids discussing any background about any of the Van Halen or his solo song catalogue. Compared to other more recent memoirs, there is little talk about sex and drugs. Enjoyed the chapters recounting, DLR's travel...
  • N.N. Light
    If you think David Lee Roth was crazy on-stage, you ain't seen anything yet. In this honest memoir, Roth speaks Rothisms about life as a rock icon and all the umm, perks that come with that job. He has no filter and this is David Lee Roth uncensored. I freakin' LOVED this and if you're a fan, this is a must-read! Life is a buffet and David Lee Roth's just getting started.My Rating: 5 stars
  • Joshua
    One of the finest, strangest autobiographies I've read. Diamond Dave is a curious character anyways, and the story of the hard work that landed Van Halen a place in American Music history, is compelling enough. but Dave Lee Roth also has an interesting pension for self discovery and adventure, enlisting the aid of a bodyguard to attend a voodoo ceremony in Haiti, and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Jana Coleman
    I swear it's like I could hear David's voice as I was reading this book. Amazing insight into his personal beliefs and experiences, and what makes him the man and rockstar we all know and love. (If you don't love him then: 1 Why are you looking up this book, and 2 nobody cares what you think anyway!) Great book for any DLR or early years VH fan.
  • Lorin
    Crazy From The Heat is a rare read. The words flow like a leaking faucet, Roth is so eager to tell you everything, but as a born entertainer, he is loathe to bore his audience and he never spends too much time on pointless minutiae. The accounts of time in Van Halen take up less space than youd imagine, but still get plenty of coverage. Dave is the guy at the party with only great stories. Crazy From The Heat is a rare read. The words flow like...
  • Paxton Holley
    Roth's autobiography. Hoping to get more detailed info about Van Halen's split in 1984. Unfortunately it's not really in this book. Doesn't paint a nice picture of Eddie Van Halen. Lots of random stories. Sort of glosses over much of the "Van Halen" days.
  • Allan MacDonell
    Van Halen singer David Lee Roths autobiography, Crazy From the Heat, is exhaustive. This book has exhausted all my interest in its subject matter, which may very well be the author's intention. Job well done, Dave! Van Halen singer David Lee Roth’s autobiography, Crazy From the Heat, is exhaustive. This book has exhausted all my interest in its subject matter, which may very well be the author's intention. Job well done, Dave!
  • Amy
    This ended up being one of my top three rock memoirs, right up there with Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Turns out Diamond Dave is an interesting guy with many insights and a lot of adventures under his belt.
  • Jana
    Love this book! David Lee Roth is one of the greatest rock stars that will ever Grace the face of this planet, and this is his story of how he did things. You can really hear him telling the story as you read, no ghost writer here...
  • Janine
    My love for DLR is undying, but I don't know how to rate this book. It is simultaneously the best and worst thing I've ever read. A *lot* of cocaine went into the production of this book.
  • Jesse Harwood
    Pure, unadulterated Diamond Dave.
  • Tim
    nice to read in 2 days. Dave rules, the others, not so much.
  • Dwayne J.
    No one is more rock n roll than Dave.
  • Simon Sweetman
    Utterly fuckin' bonkers. Made no sense. Loved it!
  • Kyle Withrow
    Essentially the Bible