The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee

The Sweater Workshop

This book teaches creative knitting. Sweaters are knit in one piece -- no seams! -- to the knitter's own set of measurements, enabling knitters to use even hand-spun yarns that never seem to fit a predetermined gauge. The Sweater Workshop provides an alternative for those who wish to knit sweaters of their own designs. The rewards are well-fitting, perfectly constructed seamless sweaters knit from any yarn.

Details The Sweater Workshop

TitleThe Sweater Workshop
Release DateJan 1st, 2002
PublisherDown East Books
GenreCrafts, Knitting, Art, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews The Sweater Workshop

  • Ashley Lambert-Maberly
    What fun!I've been knitting enough to know many of the tasks the sample called for (ribbing, increasing, etc.) but she has some nifty tips for simple tasks, so worth it, and the more complicated bits or clever notions (how simple to make a pocket after the fact!) are well worth learning.(The structure of the book is you knit a "sweater" sample, vastly smaller than a normal sweater, containing all of the components that 95% of the sweater patterns...
  • Marnie
    I read this book sometime in 2003, right around the time I started designing. I had looked at and passed on buying it a few times because the projects were boxy and dated looking. Eventually I read some reviews of the book and I was finally swayed to give it a shot and I'm glad I did. I'd been knitting all my life but I learned almost everything I knew from a crinkled old Mon Tricot book and a few 1970s era books of patterns. Walking through the ...
  • Apryl Anderson
    Clearly influenced by our favorite Opinionated Knitter, Elizabeth Zimmermann, this book would've given me a nice shortcut to more confident sweater design using the EZ percentage method. I like her idea of making a sampler of various techniques (introduced in the first section). And there's a short mention of dyeing wool with plants (one of these days...) Apart from that, Zimmermann's books will always have a special place on my reference shelf (...
  • Lily
    The purpose of this book is to teach you how to craft your own sweater patterns. The Sweater Sampler was allegedly designed with this in mind. If you don't have any more experienced knitters around you are going to have a heck of a time creating one of these stupid things yourself.You should know the blurry little pictures in the margins of the Sweater Sampler pattern are meant to stand for any real good explanations of the most complicated parts...
  • Tina
    An excellent knitting book. I finished the sweater sampler some time ago and it taught me so much. Since then I've referred back to some of the insturctions on several occassions...a sign of a great reference book. I just finished going through the last part of the book last night. A must have book for every new knitter!
  • Linera
    I made my first vest from this book. Beware! Lots of unexplained passages, seems like a good format, but has hidden traps. I made a quite nice vest, but not due to this book, due to my knitting teacher, one of the infamous Twisted Sisters.
  • Kip
    This is the BEST, the ESSENTIAL book for knitting in the round. Yes, the patterns are sorta dowdy and unappealing, and Ms. Fee is a persnickety, opinionated coot, but her "sweater sampler" is a boot camp that will turn you from a person who can knit into a real knitter. She's a genius.
  • Gaile
    Teaches you how to make samples before beginning a project. Basic stitches and techniques included.
  • Cocoa
    Helpful book that assists the knitter with designing (or for me personalizing existing patterns) raglan sweater patterns.
  • Dayini
    The Sweater Sampler is a fantastic learning tool!
  • Carrie Hill
    Helpful in the design process. Clear and informative.
  • Dana *
    Great workbook to enhance your skill set, comprehensive