Miette by Meg Ray


Renowned for beautiful cakes and whimsical confections, Miette Patisserie is among the most beloved of San Francisco's culinary destinations for locals and travelers. Miette's pretty Parisian aesthetic enchants visitors with tables piled high with beribboned bags of gingersnaps, homemade marshmallows, fleur de sel caramels, and rainbows of gumballs. This cookbook brings the enchantment home, sharing 100 secret formulas for favorite Miette treats ...

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Release DateJun 22nd, 2011
PublisherChronicle Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Miette

  • Yaaresse
    Another review said they rather wanted to punch Miette in the face. I'm inclined to agree. At the very least, I want to throw one of their cakes at them. I have never eaten a product from Miette. It may be nectar of the Gods, the best baked goods on the planet. It may be the warmest, fuzziest, friendliest, most homey bakery in the universe. But I doubt it. All I can tell you is that I now have no desire to set foot in the place. The author goes i...
  • Anne
    This book is a joy to look at from the first scallop-edged page to the last. Unfortunately the joy is short-lived. I have to agree with the reviewer that called this book the most pretentious cookbook in the last decade (?). The author talks about 'american cakes reinvented', and lectures US about the importance of going that extra mile by using the finest ingredients such as locally milled cane sugars and flours and then clearly doesn't take the...
  • Tessa
    i kind of want to punch miette in the face.
  • Cody
    This cookbook in a nutshell: Here are my fabulous and delicious recipes which are definitely too complicated for an idiot like you!
  • Megan
    This is a gorgeous book. I found the scalloped edges of the pages (instead of straight edges) adorable. Some of the pictures seemed redundant (there were pictures of a big cake plus pictures of its cupcake version), but all were shot beautifully. However, none of the recipes seemed inspired; I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, given how unimpressed I was upon stopping by both of the SF Miette shops. I was put off by the hot milk cake recipe, w...
  • L
    This cookbook changed my life (and unfortunately, my pants size, but that is temporary). A fabulous book with excellent, easy-to-follow recipes that will have you baking like a pro in no time, the Miette Bakery Cookbook has excellent tips for cakes, Parisienne macaron (the reason I bought the book), ganache, butter creme, etc. The book starts with an introduction to technique, lists tools to be purchased, stores to source ingredients, and then pr...
  • Arri
    This book has so many errors in it, it shouldn't be published. The photography and layout are beautiful and instill the hopes for a proper cookbook, but obviously Miette didn't want to publish their "secret" recipes and decided to publish a botched job. I wrote to the publisher, and they said they would send me a new copy with the updated recipes. Alas, it arrived, and the recipes are EXACTLY the same...no additional information on a separate car...
  • Aileen Noura Vitarelli
    i love the food display suggestions.. making me wanna have a bakery...:)BUT the recipes are boring ..just plain cakes recipe with intriguing deco..but the book packaging and scalloped pages are pretty.. ( well that makes me to buy it..grrrr)
  • Miette
    Awesomeness! Plus, it's my name ^^
  • Sarah
    Most pretentious cookbook in a decade. They could have adapted more for the home baker & cared less about The "proper" Miette way. That said, the cupcakes & some cookies look good.
  • Megan
    Do you know what Miette means? It's crumb in French. How cute is that? I love this book. I checked it out from my local library and I'm immediately putting it on my Christmas list. It was full of delightful little recipes as well as pictures that will make you drool! A lot of step by step instructions as well as pictures to help guide you on your quest to make picture perfect pastries at home. I did notice the author and owner of Miette is totall...
  • Heather Duff
    I was very excited to finally get my hands on this beautiful book after a long time sitting on my wish list, it was finally bought for me after much nagging!!Miette, if you have not heard of them are famous for their fantastic cakes and pasty creations, originating in San Francisco, started by Meg Ray the shop first came to life as a tent at a local farmer's market and has progressed from there to several beautiful bakeries.Beautifully designed, ...
  • Lo
    I picked this book out from the library because of the beautiful cover and photos inside - all my favorite cookbooks entice in such ways. I only tried one of the cakes, I think it was the gingerbread one? It was the best cake I've ever made - spare traditional cakes. Mostly I used the cookbook for cookies (the lemon shortbread is amazing) and giving my first shot at marshmallows. The recipes are all very easy to understand and the end products we...
  • marissa sammy
    Other people have done a good job dressing Meg Ray down for her snooty attitude despite the tangle of errors in her book, so I won't retread that ground. I will simply restrain my review to being:WHAT KIND OF MONSTER REPLACES THE MARZIPAN IN A PRINCESS CAKE WITH FONDANT??!?That recipe instantly made all the other pretty cakes objects of suspicion. So I enjoyed the images, but never wanted to run into them made real.
  • Jocelin
    This book was so beatifully photographed and the baked goods just seemed to jump of the page. The presentation of the book was really cute as well. I did not know that Miette means (crumb) in French. I loved the introduction of the cookbook. You always get a good sense of someone and their dedication to the craft by reading the introduction. For anyone looking to expand their cookbook library this is the one book you should get.
  • Valendie louis
    I love this book
  • Gina Enk
    Beautiful photography and lovely details, but this cookbook is too exacting for this home cook!
  • Stephanie Duff
    This book is BEAUTIFUL. The photography, scalloped pages, and pastels are just precious. I will say that there are many many errors throughout the book, and there was even a guide with revisions on it. The must-tries of this book are the raspberry frosting and the Tomboy cake.
  • Beka
    Very helpful for someone looking for reliable recipes for standard cakes. I tend to look more for new flavor combinations or out of the ordinary recipes, so this didn't stick out to me.
  • Kendra
    Disappointing! After noticing major errors just reading some of the recipes but fortunately before I tried to make any of them (for example, the chocolate buttercream variations direct you to add the chocolate- or coffee-flavored butter to the "yolks," and of course there are no egg yolks in the recipe), I checked out the reviews on the book. It seems to be riddled with errors. So I went to download the errata. Hmm, the one on the publisher's web...
  • Tony
    Amazon sent an e-mail, announcing that some of the recipes have the wrong ratio of ingredients. A link provided an errata page. Not only has Amazon apologized; they will also send me a corrected version of the book when it is re-published in October. I can pitch or keep the first book.This is a gorgeous book. Give it as a gift to a serious baker and you will receive much love in return.(Grading of specific recipes to follow).to-wit:A tart is only...
  • Purplepaperreader
    This book is nicely laid out - great pictures with a picture for every recipe and some additional photos of individual steps. The recipes are easy to follow and the instructions are clear and well laid out. There are a few base recipes that are modified into different recipes which is nice as once you've mastered the cakes you will be able to bake up some lovely variations. The book doesn't offer all that many variations for the home baker (i.e. ...
  • Linda
    I may update this after I make something out of it. The products are lovely in the pictures but I've never seen a cookbook with so many errors published. There's actually a page pasted in this book of corrections plus a suggestion you check the web site.Logic dictates that professional chefs don't give away all their secrets but you do expect recipes will come close and be accurate. Stay tuned.
  • Amy
    The cakes and other treats featured by Miette are beautiful, and I'm sure absolutely delicious. I enjoyed reading about the TLC that goes into each recipe, but they're quite complicated. They have a "special occasion, to be eaten right away" vibe to them, so I'd likely only bake one of these items on a very rare basis, if at all. One of my favorite things about the book is that the cakes are portioned for 6-inch cake pans, making them easier for ...
  • Jennifer Salazar
    Just be sure to check the published errata page available on the chronicle website for a dozen and a half errors in the recipes before you bake.Gorgeous eye candy for anyone who bakes! Wow - beautiful cakes that look just like the ones in their shops in SF. the real test will come when I try to make some of the easier recipes and work up to the fancier cakes. Should be a tasty learning experience!
  • Bonnie
    As beautiful as the book is, the recipes aren't friendly for a domestic kitchen. The recipes pull from 3-4 other recipes (For frosting, cream fillings, syrups, etc) so there's a lot of complexity that isn't initially evident. It's fun peeking behind their kitchen walls to see how they build these beautiful creations, but I can't imagine most people with the stamina to create any of the cakes.
  • Niki
    Interesting read, but the proof will be in the pudding. I mean, cake. Thanks to all who warned that the recipes aren't to be relied upon. Will check the Chronicle site for the corrections. PS. Referring to the author as a chef on the book jacket is preposterous when inside she describes herself as a self-taught baker. Or, did I miss something?
  • Lisa
    This book is not for the regular home baker. This book in VERY in depth, there are long ingredients list, very long instructions lists and techniques that are very precise. I might eat what was in this book but I don't think that there is anything in this book that I would ever care to attempt to make on my own.
  • September Dee
    This is a pretty little book but I hope you know how to bake so that you can figure out how to correct the mistakes in the recipes. It is rather pretentious to write a cookbook and then have it full of errors without any way to correct it. How did this get to print? What a waste. A cookbook must be accurate for heaven's sake.