Drawing Dynamic Hands by Burne Hogarth

Drawing Dynamic Hands

The most comprehensive book ever published on drawing hands, it uses a revolutionary system for visualizing the hand in an almost infinite number of positions.

Details Drawing Dynamic Hands

TitleDrawing Dynamic Hands
Release DateApr 1st, 1988
GenreArt, Drawing, Reference, Nonfiction, Design

Reviews Drawing Dynamic Hands

  • Serge Pierro
    An amazing book on drawing hands. The drawing of hands is one of the most complex things for an artist to do (for figure drawing). Hogarth spells out the formulas and techniques to make it viable.
  • Anzu The Great Destroyer
    Perfect for drawing hands. One of my favorites and most-used books.
  • Tim
    Hogarth offers some helpful approaches for the initiate artist, but his style and the depiction is highly exaggerated. The bones are cartoonishly portrayed. However, by exaggeration he shows the structure. Worth utilizing but your study of the hands should not stop with this.
  • Sam
    tl;dr Not the best artwork as examples, with little variety. But nice explanations and information, for the most part. Borrow if it's an option, otherwise the internet has better (free) tutorials.Not tl;dr:Hands are notorious for being difficult to draw. So of course, wanting to master them is something many artists want to achieve. (That, or avoid them. But you know, I wouldn't be checking out this book if that was the case for me, haha.)I don't...
  • Helsean K.
    By far, the most accurate drawing book about hands and very detailed. I finally learned properly drawing hands with this book.
  • JunIL OkaZamI
  • Matthew Kapfhammer
    I remember starting out and going through this book to copy the illustrations. At some point, I realized that's not at all how to best utilize this volume. You have to READ it - the images are done with heaps of exaggeration to stress a particular point. Once I re-read it with that understanding, I was able to begin to build structurally sound hands pretty quickly and regularly.
  • Ricky Walten
    I find that hands can really make or break a good illustration. I have used this book for years and it has helped me immensely. It breaks down the hand with simple forms showing how to bring life to your drawing.
  • M0rningstar
    Hogarth's style is a bit too gnarly for my liking.
  • Hadji VanderVeer
    really helped me understand how the hands relate to the human body, along with developing my renderings of them.