The Viper (Highland Guard, #4) by Monica McCarty

The Viper (Highland Guard, #4)

The war for Scotland’s sovereignty rages on—as Robert the Bruce is crowned king and the Highland Guard, his elite fighting force of legendary warriors, battle for land . . . and love.Prized for his snake-like stealth and deadly strikes, Lachlan "Viper" MacRuairi is a warrior to enlist but not to trust. His only loyalty is to his purse, his indifference sealed by bitter betrayal. All that changes when Lachlan is tasked to protect and deliver B...

Details The Viper (Highland Guard, #4)

TitleThe Viper (Highland Guard, #4)
Release DateOct 18th, 2011
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical

Reviews The Viper (Highland Guard, #4)

  • Dija
    Spoiler-free mini reviewI'm so completely hooked on this series and McCarty's world! The Highland Guard books are a combination of every single thing I adore in historicals - beautiful settings, strong heroines and swoon-worthy heroes, heart-stopping suspense, lots of action, adventurous plots, and best of all, unforgettable romances. These books are absolutely perfect for winters and I'm enjoying every word. Favorite passage from The Viper:“Yo...
  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    Very good. Wow, once again the author has written a story where the H/h are up against the most impossible odds. Viper and Isabella are both tortured souls, so if you like the tortured soul trope you'll get double your pleasure with this story. Times were very hard in those days, war or not. But fighting enemies and being captured means making impossible decisions that risks your life and others. Isabella is a true character in history who crowne...
  • Zoe
    Thoughts after My First RereadI have just finished my first reread of this book. My initial rating stands. It is a 3 star read for me. I reread this book because most books I have read recently failed to capture me. I was bored flipping through the pages. The characters seemed unreal. In this hour of need, I returned to Monica McCarty, who always captures human interactions in a way that I can relate to. I picked up The Viper today for reread, th...
  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2011-02-17 story begins with our heroine Lady Isabella MacDuff being led into a cage-a cage suspended above the courtyard at Berwick Castle. We see her strength of body, mind and spirit tested, as Bella has finally realized what crowning the Bruce king has cost her. The biggest price? She’s lost her daughter. They had to leave 12 year old Joan behind with her father, which wasn’t an awful fate for the girl si...
  • Kathleen
    Story Rating 5 starsCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance Rating 5 starsHeat Level 3.5 starsOverall Rating 5 starsMonica McCarty does it again. I just finished this book and I have chill's all over. This story was a very emotional one that had me shedding tears often through out the story. What amazed me most is that Monica wove this story around actual people and actual history. Oh I'm sure this book is not for everyone but it was just right for me.I ...
  • Kübra Yağmur Aslanhan
    Sınav sonrası tembellikten yeni yeni kurtulurken sonunda okumaya ve dolayısıyla hayata dönmeye başladım. Ve tabii ki dönüşüm böyle bir güzellikle olsun istedim. Sonuçta burada Monica’dan ve bu muhteşem İskoç Alayı’ndan bahsediyorum. İSKOÇ YANİ ANLAYIN SİZ Kitap yine ve yine harikaydı çünkü Monica’nın gerçeği alıp araya kendi masallarını karıştırdığını bilerek okumak apayrı bir keyif veriyor. Kadının...
  • Aoi
    The book that I've been anticipating for the entire series! Both Lachlan and Bella are such larger-than-life characters, Bella's fierce courage and Lachlan's bad boy and IDGAF persona; now that their story comes to fruition, it makes quite the tale.The Viper opens with Bella McDuff heroically walking to her imprisonment, to be hung in an iron cage from the highest tower of Berwick Castle. She dared to defy her husband and King Edward by crowning ...
  • ~ Becs ~
    I very much enjoyed this and I think I may well have read it (perhaps devoured is a better word) much too fast.I'd been looking forward to the story since the little teasers in The Ranger about Lachlan's feelings about Bella's fate. We start the story with Bella facing her punishment - incarceration in a very exposed cage atop a turret in a Scottish castle. I actually felt physically appalled by this because it is based in truth. This actually ha...
  • Tuba Özkat
    Monica McCarty'nin kitaplarını gerçekten çok seviyorum. Hem anlatımı çok güzel oluyor, hem de kurgunun arkası tamamen boş değil. İnanılmaz değerli araştırmalar yapıyor, bazı gerçekleri ele alıyor, bazı gerçek kişileri alıyor, onları birleştiriyor, değiştiriyor, olmasını istediği geçmişi yazıyor. Bu serisini de çok seviyorum. Evet, bu kitap ilk üçü kadar akıcı bir harekete sahip değildi bence. Biraz daha du...
  • Sha Mslvoe
    Monica McCarty is one of my favorite romance writers and I always know when I pick up one of her books that I'll feel better when I'm finished.I love this scene. I laughed hysterically as I read Viper hit Chief :D "Damn it, Viper," a familiar voice said from above. "What the hell did you hit him with?"Lachlan's stomach pitched forward. Ah hell. "Hawk?"His cousin's grinning face peered down at him. He winked. "At your service."Lachlan started over...
  • Yolanda
    ay como me ha gustado!
  • Alba Turunen
    Una muy buena entrega éste cuarto libro de la Guardia de los Highlanders. De nuevo Monica McCarty me sorprende con lo buena escritora e investigadora que es (me leo siempre y sin falta sus notas de autora, me chiflan).En éste cuarto libro toca la historia de Lachlan, el miembro de la Guardia más vil, "malvado" y malhablado, tiene una fama atroz, se dice que mató a su esposa, y todo ello lo acompaña con una lengua viperina. En contraposición...
  • Duchess Nicole
    I love the way that Monica McCarty uses real people and events and then creates a new world to throw them into. This entire Highland Guard series has been amazing. It reminds me a bit of Virginia Henley, in the fact that the author stays as true to history as she can while writing fictional historical romance.Lachlan is the bad boy of the Highland Guard, the one who just doesn't seem to give a damn about anyone but himself. We've met him in previ...
  • Jonetta
    Lachlan “Viper” MacRuairi is barely tolerated by his fellow members of the Highland Guard because of his seeming indifference to anything but money for his service. However, they highly respect his warrior skills, his snakelike stealth and ability to get in and out of situations. He's extremely handsome but his sneer, surly personality and reputation keep most at a distance. When he's assigned to get Bella MacDuff to Robert Bruce's coronation...
  • Kari Kaz
    I LOVED this book! My favorite in the series so far. I was so looking forward to reading Lachlan's story and was not disappointed. We have a gorgeous warrior rebel, the bad-boy of the Highland Guard, falling in love with a wonderfully strong heroine. I loved Bella, how she goes to hell and back and comes out stronger and a better person at the end. Lachlan is amazing throughout the book, even when he's trying to convince her (and himself) that he...
  • İnci Puyan
    2012-12-17 McCarty'nin yayınlanmış son kitabını da okumuş bulunuyorum. Evet seri devam etmeyecek ve evet bu seriyi deli gibi sevsem de ne yazık ki hasret kalacağız ama bu demek değil ki okumayacaktım. Bu kadının yarım kalacağını bilsem de serilerini okurum çünkü cidden süper yazıyor. İskoç Muhafız Alayı, orijinal dilindeki ismi ise Highland Guard Serisi'nin 4. kitabı serinin en güven...
  • Ing
    My Synopsis:Lachlan MacRuairi has been fighting for the last two years to get back to Isabella "Bella" MacDuff. Bella and the family and friends of Robert the Bruce were captured during a mission that Lachlan was in charge of. He was assigned to guide them to safety by Robert the Bruce. After their capture the English kept them prisoner for the last two years. Lachlan has blamed himself for failing to protect Bella and the rest of the group. Bell...
  • ♥ℳelody
    3.5 starsWhile slow to finish I enjoyed this book. Wasn't a fav but great story. But there were things that kept standing out for me. Glaringly. It’s safe to say that there is a repetitive pattern that McCarty likes to use throughout most of her books. I generally don’t like books that are clone copy of each other in plot and action and dialogue only difference being the characters (with seemingly similar characteristics). I’ve noticed this...
  • Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria
    I just finished reading this book and it was just magic. I give five stars VERY sparingly, but I thought this one deserved it as I couldn't put it down; it had a totally amazing H and h, the story was fascinating and moved along at warp speed, I had that pain in the chest thing happening so many times in this book, and cried numerous times both in commiseration with the characters and in happiness. On top of that it had a totally awesome epilogue...
  • Mandie (Naughty Book Snitch)
    Again I loved this book! Lachlan “Viper” MacRuairi is a tortured warrior soul, named specifically for his snake like personality. He doesn’t have friends and is only loyal to himself. Bella MacDuff is a passionate and devoted woman who stands up for what she believes in. Bella was imprisoned for crowning Robert Bruce the King of Scotland and betraying Britain’s King. Upon capture Bella was put in a steel cage and hung from a tower to be m...
  • Elaine
    It was a good read. A bit long in parts but the underlying story was quite interesting.I like this one more than the others in the series, probably because Bella stands up for herself more than the other women did, that and there is more to Lachlan than meets the eye. Lachlan and Isabella make a fascinating couple with lots of fireworks from start to finish. I seriously don't know which of these characters I liked better, Bella or Lachlan.I reall...
  • Melann
    Pffff je ne comprends pas. J'essaye ! Mais non, je n'arrive pas à accrocher.Assez peu de plaisir à la lecture, un peu fastidieux. L'héroïne est bien chiante, très mélo-dramatique (ok, elle n'a pas le choix, son personnage a réellement existé, et une vie franchement pas marrante !). Du coup, faire une romance sur ce terrain, bof. J'ai l'impression que les histoires sont écrites trop au sérieux, ça ne me fait pas rêver...(Je prends note...
  • Susan (susayq ~)
    It seems like it took forever to read this, but I really loved it. Bella's story is so heartbreaking, and even so much more so when you stop to think what is described in this book is largely true. I really appreciate all the research the author puts into this series :)
  • Valquiria
  • Songül
    Elimden bırakamadığım bir kitap oldu .. Kurgusu , karakterleri bana göre süperdi .. Umarım bu seriyi bitirmek nasip olur :(
  • Angie Lippard
    Oh Monica, Monica, Monica! Why?! I've read all your other books/series and have been waiting patiently for this book so I can read about the breathtaking Highland Guard. I waited till midnight so I could download it. (Ended up being 3am my time so I scratched that idea) Lachlan wasn't my favorite character from the previous books but I still couldn't wait to read his story and get to know his past along with revisiting my other favorite Guardsmen...
  • Hackmops
    Wow! The Viper by Monica McCarty is definitely the highlight of her Highlander special ops series so far. To recap - Robert the Bruce, war against King Edward, discord amongst Scottish nobles, indepences and LACHLAN MACRUARI. UNF.There were many things I enjoyed about this book and the author's foreshadowing in the previous instalments certainly paid off. Certain bits and pieces of the story were already hinted at, such as the unsuccessful rescue...
  • Xia
    The Viper is definitely one of my favorite historical romance books. The story was full of intrigue, betrayal, and lots of steamy scenes. The Viper tells the story of Isbella MacDuff and Lachlan MacRuairi, aka Viper. The beginning of the story is from Bella's point of view in captivity, but then takes us back to when Lachlan and Bella first meet and he's come to take her to Scone to crown Robert Bruce. Bella is forced to leave her daughter behind...
  • Monique
    This was a great book, I really enjoyed it! A lot of people said this was one of the best books in the series. I don't really have a favourite in this series so far but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying reading this series.The hero and heroine were great. Lachlan is so misunderstood. He's considered a snake with no morals who would do anything for money. But it's so not true and that become blatantly clear over the course of this book. He's actu...
  • KarenF
    I have to admit that when I started this series I thought the whole concept might be pretty cheesy. It sounded like a Highlander/Navy SEAL mashup that was just cashing in on two hot romance sub-genres. Boy was I wrong. There are so many historical details, real life people, battles & places that I've taken to cheating and reading the author's note first because the research is so fascinating. In this book the heroine is Bella MacDuff, a real life...