Mütter Museum by Laura Lindgren

Mütter Museum

The first book on the Mütter Museum contain artful images of the museum's fascinating exhibits shot by contemporary fine art photographers. Here, the focus is on the museum’s archive of rare historic photographs, most of which have never been seen by the public. Featured are poignant, aesthetically accomplished works ranging from Civil War photographs showing injury and recovery, to the ravages of diseases not yet conquered in the 19th century...

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TitleMütter Museum
Release DateNov 28th, 2007
PublisherBlast Books
GenreNonfiction, Science, Art, Photography, History, Medical, Health, Medicine

Reviews Mütter Museum

  • Mark Desrosiers
    Few books can make you feel happier to be alive than to gaze upon this loving collection of nineteenth century deformities and monstrosities. First off, you're far removed from their direct experience (thereby erasing guilt). Secondly, you're much more normal and self-possessed than these freakazoids, especially as they're getting shamed by the lengthy shutter speeds of male-gazing doctor-photographers. I'm half-kidding about that last bit, of co...
  • Angela
    A lovely photo book from one of my favorite museums. This book concentrates on the photographs which could be considered groundbreaking, rather than purely a physical record. The only thing I found lacking was an explanation of the medical conditions displayed. As this book is for a general audience rather than medical professionals, I would have preferred a few sentences of explanatory text about the condition shown rather than just, say, "sever...
  • Robert Palermo
    I thought the photographs were great. I would have like more, but I guess I'll have to go to the museum.
  • Kaila
    Creepy and wonderful. So grateful to live in a time with vaccines and vitamins.
  • Kristen
    Wow! And also wow.
  • Lindz
    Wow. This book is incredible. It's a collection of medical photographs, many taken from the beginning days of photography, illustrating a variety of unusual medical diseases. It's absolutely heartbreaking. Only a couple photographs have information on what happened to the patient, but you can infer by many of them the outcome.This book has very slight commentary, which was disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Some of the photographs have in...
  • Stacy
    I wasn't sure what to expect from a book showing medical oddities of the past. I was afraid it would be a combination of sideshow acts and old-fashioned treatment disasters. Instead, it was filled with people living relatively normal lives until they were impacted by a random disease, or children born with disorders I didn't know existed. I was also surprised to learn that I had vastly underestimated the ability of doctors to diagnose and treat a...
  • Meaghan
    Meh. This was a little disappointing. Some of the photographs were stunning, both in an artistic sense and in a oh-god-I-am-so-going-to-have-nightmares-tonight sense. But there was some repetition -- several photographs were of the same thing, taken from different angles. And some of them didn't make a lot of sense. For example, they had one picture captioned something like "skeleton of infant with club feet" but the skeleton was from the knees u...
  • Dana Fontaine
    This is a must read for anyone fascinated by the medical profession, has a morbid fascination with deformities, or just has a natural curiosity for anything weird or out of the ordinary. I like all three, and I am fascinated by the Mutter Museum. The photographs in this book showcase medical anomalies ranging from conjoined twins (as shown on the cover) to abnormal tumors and diseases. The photographs are from the end of the 19th century to the b...
  • Judy
    I found this book fascinating, not only of how the human body can go horribly wrong, but in how the use of photography dated so far back as a study aid. I was also impressed with medical treatments and surgeries going way, way back. There was more knowledge and ability than I would have thought.
  • Jessi
    What a fascinating collection of photographs! I'm normally not squeamish with these things but there were a few that even made me gasp outloud. Makes me wonder what the rest of the museum holds. If I ever get to Philadelphia, I'll have to check it out.
  • Toby
    This was an intersting read. Definitely made me feel better that we have the ability to do more with medicine now and how we understand more about different medical issues.
  • The Badger
    I cannot wait until I'm able to visit the Mutter in person!
  • Wendie
    Very interesting.
  • Merilyn
    Fascinating! I am glad I am alive and kicking!
  • Jill
    Lots of information on medical anomalies - I would really love to visit this place next time I'm in Philadelphia.
  • Judi
    A definite keeper "my favorites" shelf.
  • Gia
    Fascinating photographs. Would love to visit the actual museum one day.
  • Leilani
    One of my favorite photography books! Pales in comparison to the museum itself.
  • Vicki
    This book has the creepiest pictures for anyone into human deformities.
  • Carissa
    I loved this book, it is fascinating. Visiting this museum is on my top ten list.
  • Beth Chamberlain
    Not for the feint of heart or the weak of stomach.
  • Jolie
    I can be a little spooky and strange, but I'm not that spooky and strange. I also found this impressive collection to simply be too sad.
  • Amira El-Hashem