Batman by Jeph Loeb


Taking place during Batman's early days of crime fighting, this new edition of the classic mystery tells the story of a mysterious killer who murders his prey only on holidays. Working with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon, Batman races against the clock as he tries to discover who Holiday is before he claims his next victim each month. A mystery that has the reader continually guessing the identity of the killer, this st...

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Release DateNov 1st, 1999
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Dc Comics, Batman, Superheroes, Comic Book, Fiction

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  • Donovan
    "I believe in Gotham City."The Long Halloween deserves its hype. It's a classic Batman story and belongs among the greatest like Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Killing Joke. I have to say, this is probably Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's best work. Loeb's writing is incredible. It definitely draws from Frank Miller's Batman Year One with its sense of noir, crime drama, mystery, and the addition of light horror. But largely The Long Ha...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    Batman: Me:What? 3 stars is good! It was way better than sucky bookBatman: Me:For reals Bats? Are we going to go there? This book had some draggy parts that bored me, but it did have Poison Ivy, The Riddler, The Joker, Catwoman and The it had some good stuff...but what the hell was with Soloman Grundy? He had no place in the frigging book. Plus the art made you look hot.Batman: Me:Now you are gonna grope me? Me:I could go for that....
  • Jeff
    If I met anyone that had never read a Batman book, this is probably the one I would recommend. This is the quintessential Batman story. The volume revolves around mobsters being murdered on each holiday and takes place early in Batman’s career. It’s a vehicle for Harvey Dent’s transition from Gotham City district attorney to Two-Face. Dent along with Captain Gordon and Bats (puts “Detective” back in DC comics) attempt to figure out who...
  • Dan Schwent
    Someone is killing off associates of Gotham City's crime lord, Carmine "The Roman" Falcone but only only holidays. Can Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent stop Holiday before the entire Falcone crime family is dead?I first read Batman: The Long Halloween in that mythic time before I felt compelled to write reviews for everything I read. I didn't care for it at the time but when a copy fell into my lap last w...
  • Sean Barrs the Bookdragon
    Comic books often deal with extremes; they deal with the extremely good and the extremely bad, highlighting the struggle between two opposites on the morality scale. One wishes to wreak havoc, hurt people and gain some form of gratification. The other wishes to save and restore order. The two are diametrically opposed, though sometimes in order to achieve the most ultimate form of good (or evil) one needs step into the opposite camp to reach thei...
  • Bradley
    Pretty decent volume, full of all the favorites and the beginning of Two-Face, featuring a ton of mobsters and everyone, including the villains and Batman, are bright and shiny and new. It's Year One for the DC line, and it's just fine. Coherent, fun, even having a bit of depth.I like the quality and it's a good story. I especially loved all the interactions with Catwoman. Other than that? It's just the classic Two-Face opener. :) Good mystery, i...
  • Trish
    This is my very first Batman comic. Apparently it's not too bad a place to start. I must admit I'm not too much into the big superhero comics but instead prefer independent comics (mostly because of the constant re-boots of universes etc).The Long Halloween is actually less of a superhero comic and more of a detective story. We have a bunch of mobsters such as Mr. Falcone and his Familia and on each holiday, someone dies. Thus, Batman (together w...
  • Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*
    I’d been hearing great things about this the past few years (I’m a late comer to the game, what can I say?) The story is broken up by different holidays, some major and some I basically forget exist until they pop up during the year. All the stories connect as Batman works with Gordon and attorney Dent to try and figure out who the killer is, as he strikes during the holiday season, setting forth a solid detective battle. They investigate, co...
  • Richard
    In general, this might be the most quintessential Batman story ever. I wouldn't call it the best just yet, but definitely one of the most definitive. It captures a proper tone, rightfully grounding it as a crime epic and features almost all of the major bat-villains. It follows a tumultuous year early in Batman's career as a vigilante as he works with GCPD Captain James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to bring down the untouchable Carmin...
  • Brandon
    Well, this is a rarity.I honestly can’t remember the last time I re-read a book.  Granted, this was a graphic novel, which is generally a quick read anyhow, but usually my cup overfloweth with new reads leaving me with little interest in re-reading stuff.  Back in August when I was scheduling my reads for October (a.k.a spooky book month), I was perusing my shelf for some frightening fiction when I came across Batman: The Long Halloween.  Gi...
  • Sandra
    FINAL RATING: 4.25 STARS I made a promise to my parents that I would rid the city of the evil that took their lives. I wasn't really intending to read The Long Halloween, even when it was highly recommended to me by my comic book reading friends. I'm member of a Goodreads group that has Batman: Dark Victory as their next group read and I wanted to participate. However, it seems that Dark Victory is set after the events from The Long Halloween, so...
  • Ran
    So many years ago during college, a philosophy major and I used to argue with each other for kicks - I was a freshman in years (but a sophomore in class credits) and I hadn't learned yet to stay away from philosophy majors. I can be forgiven for that. The only thing we ever managed to agree on was that Jeph Loeb's and Tim Sale's Batman: The Long Halloween is the best Batman out there. Obviously, I waited until Halloween to re-read it ... seemed a...
  • Shannon
    This was one of the three Batman comics which influenced the making of the movie BATMAN BEGINS. The sequel to that film THE DARK KNIGHT grabbed heavily from this particular graphic novel. It's something of an early years of Batman's time as he deals mostly with the mob and an avenger named Holiday who kills people during almost any holiday. There are some good connection setups between Batman, Gordon and Dent. Film noirish style as to the murders...
  • Sam Quixote
    Want to know exactly why this book is garbage, in detail? I wrote this article today about the many faults of The Long Halloween which you can read here. Let me know what you think!
  • Artemy
    Warning! This is not strictly a review as much as me just loudly yelling into the void, so if your gentle soul can't handle some tasteful swearing, please avoid it at all costs.My second attempt at giving Jeph Loeb another chance failed spectacularly. This book is everything I ever hated about Jeph Loeb's writing: contrived plotting, horrible character work, unbearably bad dialogue, and the story that is so fucking dull and stupid that I would li...
  • Nicolo Yu
    I almost didn't get this digital copy when ComiXology had its graphic novel sale for the holidays. I was leaning toward Batman: Hush, also by Jeph Loeb and with art by Jim Lee, but I already have that story in singles. It was best deal though, if it's measured in pages with a 353 page count. So I pulled the trigger on the purchase. I didn't regret it.The Long Halloween is probably the best work to come out from the collaboration of Jeph Loeb and ...
  • Murat S. Dural
    Açık konuşmak gerekirse, JBC Yayınları'nın Batman / DC ağırlıklı yapısını anlayamamışım. fakat buradan çıkan eserleri okudukça şaşkınlığım ve saygım daha da arttı. Açıkcası bu kadar geniş, yaratıcı bir evren beklemiyordum. Jeph Loeb'in yazdığı, Tim Sale'nin çizdiği, Aslı Dağlı'nın editörlüğünde Hasan Süpürgeci tarafından çevrilen "Batman: Bitmeyen Cadılar Bayramı" tam anlamıyla çok iyi. Bir y...
  • Andy
    Every comic book artist thinks their interpretation of Batman is the best, but most of them are overdrawn. Tim Sale gets it – he’s one of the best Batman artists I’ve seen. I think he captures the insanity of the Mad Hatter and the Scarecrow so well, and his rendering of Batman is one of the best. I was listening to Amon Tobin’s “Out From Out Where” while reading “The Long Halloween” and the music fit the comic perfectly (especial...
  • Lᴀʏᴀ Rᴀɴɪ #BookDiet2019
    I won't lie. I had high hopes for this story. After all, it has been consistently placed in the Best Batman Stories lists, either as part of the Top 10 or Top 5 graphic novels you have to read. Comprised of thirteen issues, Jeph Loeb's The Long Halloween had great promise. It had all the right ingredients. We got Bruce Wayne just starting out his early years as Batman, and his partnerships with Commissioner Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey...
  • Ronyell
    The Origins of Harvey Dent has begun! Introduction: Now, I have been reading many Batman comics whose stories dealt with Batman defeating one of his greatest foes, the Joker. But, I had always wanted to read some “Batman” stories that dealt with another one of Batman’s greatest foes, Two-Face! I got interested in Two-Face’s story when I saw one of the episodes on “Batman: The Animated Series” that dealt with the origin tale of Two-F...
  • Jesse A
    It's time I admitted something, more to myself than anything. I don't like Batman as a character. Feels good to get off my chest. He just doesn't work for me as a superhero. He's a P.I. in a silly costume. And don't get me started on him in the justice League. "Hey Batman, we have a crime going on. Grab Superman's cape so you can get there too" Some of the movies work because he exists in a world without a Superman or Wonder Woman but in their wo...
  • Jeannette Nikolova
    Also available on the WondrousBooks blog. I can't say that I had fun reading The Long Halloween. Rather, I grew tired with it by the end. It's okay, of course, because luckily authors and illustrators of comic books change all the time, but as praised as this book is by critics and fans alike, it was not for me. Both the story and the art were more old school that I was in for. On the other hand, with time and reading more Batman, I think I might...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Phenomenal graphic novel with amazing illustrations. Batman: The Long Halloween is one of the most interesting Batman works I've ever read.
  • Sesana
    The Long Halloween is a follow-up to Year One, written by Jeph Loeb because Frank Miller had no apparent interest in doing so. (After having read All-Star Batman and Robin, I think that's a good thing.) It essentially picks up right where Year One left off. Batman is still kind of new to all of this, still working out his code of ethics and how best to use the Batman persona. It's also a passing of the torch for Gotham itself, moving the city fro...
  • Kelly
    Well, it's between 3.5 and 4 to be honest. I loved the fact that EVERYONE was in it; Joker, poison ivy, catwoman, riddler etc and I found the concept really interesting, I had to see who Holiday was. However, I didn't think the artwork was as good as Year One and the Man Who Laughs, especially of my doll Ivy, and the ending was just slightly ridiculous which was a shame. The one unveiling of holiday i could get my head around but adding more thre...
  • Manisha
    "Solomon Grundy..." If there was one word I could use to describe this comic series, it's this: Clever. "Born on a Monday..." I loved the concept of each comic being centered around a holiday, with a corresponding villain to match. I loved the idea of showing the 'Holiday' murders in black and white, while Harvey Dent was hiding in the shadows half the time. "Christened on Tuesday..." I loved how three dimensional all the characters were. No...
  • Miloš
    WOW! That's everything I will say!
  • M. Ihsan Tatari
    Seneler önce İngilizce olarak okumuştum; JBC sağ olsun, artık Türkçe olarak da, keyifle okuyabiliyoruz. Batman'in ilk yıllarını, Falcone ve Maroni ailelerinin hâlâ Gotham'a hâkim olduğu bir dönemi konu alıyor çizgi roman. Kendisine Holiday diyen gizemli bir seri katil, bu mafya ailelerini hedef alarak her tatil gününde bir cinayet işliyor. Batman, Komiser Gordon ve Harvey Dent de onu yakalamaya çalışıyor.Ve bu süreçte Ha...
  • Sana
    [Auszug aus meiner Leserückschau März]Nach Thrill und Humor hatte ich Lust auf Action und Mystery, und da bot sich einer der Batman-Klassiker, The Long Halloween, wirklich an. Darin geht es um einen Mörder namens Holiday, der an jedem Feiertag im Jahr einen Mord begeht, der irgendwie mit den Mafiosi Gothams verknüpft ist. Und natürlich muss Batman in Kooperation mit Jim Gordon und Harvey Dent herausfinden, wer sich hinter diesem Pseudonym ve...
  • Robert
    Easily the best Batman story I've ever read, and clearly deeply inspirational for many of the better aspects of the Christopher Nolan cinematic Bat-verse.Tim Sale's art isn't to everyone's taste, I know, but having previous experience of him via Superman for All Seasons made it easier for me to just dive into the story. Also, it helps imbue the book with a timeless quality- you could pass it off as having been published in any era convincingly!Al...