Cook Like a Rock Star by Anne Burrell

Cook Like a Rock Star

If chefs are the new rock stars, Anne wants you to rock in your own kitchen! For Anne Burrell, a classically trained chef and host of Food Network’s Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (where she shares impressive recipes and smart techniques that anyone can master), and Worst Cooks in America (the show that transforms hopeless home cooks), being a rock star in the kitchen means having the confidence and ability to get a great meal on the table witho...

Details Cook Like a Rock Star

TitleCook Like a Rock Star
Release DateOct 4th, 2011
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Cook Like a Rock Star

  • Liz De Coster
    Honestly, I couldn't see the recipes past the grating tone of the writing. It was cringe-inducingly cheesy, and for the most part added nothing to the recipes. Why have an abbreviation for "Reduce to Simmer" if you're going to spell it out every time anyway? Though with the number of typos elsewhere in the book, maybe this was just another example?
  • Lexie
    I'm giving this a five stars not because I have read it, because my sister, who loves Anne Burrell like no other, wanted me to. She does not have a Goodreads account.So here you go, Shira. Are you happy?
  • Bookworm LLC
    Not my favorite cookbook. The recipes are to fancy for everyday. Maybe for a special dinner or something. Good directions but glad I got it from the library instead of buying it.
  • Kimberly Ann
    Well, I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover, at least not in this case]What I didn't like was the title (because I still don't get it) and her posed photographs.I what I liked was most everything else.....Piccolini: Mortadella pate, Zucchini/parm fritters, Figs stuffed gorgonzola & walnuts, Peperonata w/ goat cheese, Polpettini, & Cipolline (mini onion) tempuraFirsts: Calamari noodles w/ fingerling potatoes; Ricotta stuffed zucchini ...
  • Pam Camel
    This book not only gives you the recipes but idiot proof cooking directions in the recipe. I only gave this book 3 stars because while the directions were very easy to follow I would not make 90% of the items in this book.I did try two recipes though, Truffle Deviled eggs and Mac and Cheese.I almost never follow a recipe to the t we substitute out things we will not eat and replace with things we will. TRUFFLE DEVILED EGGS:First off lets be hone...
  • Casey Haven
    I have been cooking for 30 plus years and I don’t buy cookbooks anymore because quite frankly, I either already know how to do things or I research it on the Internet. I pre-order this one however, because Ann Burrell really does rock the kitchen! “Secrets Of A Restaurant Chef” is one of my favorite cooking shows. Many of the recipes in this book are directly from the show. I have made and loved about half of them already. Anne Burrell alwa...
  • Rachel
    I watched her interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, and I liked her before that after watching her cooking show on Food Network. Her cookbook is not conceited like other major chefs, and she doesn't talk down to you like you're an idiot. I knew that she worked with Mario Batali (he wrote her Forward for this book) but I never knew that she had trained in Tuscany. As a result of this, most of her recipes have an Italian slant. I like who s...
  • Katherine
    HAHA!! Please tell me why bother make an acronym (WBMAA) when you're just going to spell it out anyway??! IE, "BTB" (bring to a boil) and "RTS" (reduce to simmer). EVERY SINGLE TIME (EST)!!I can't stand Anne Burrell. But when I started flipping through this cookbook, I decided that I would maybe try some of the recipes in this book - they all looked mostly easy and tasty. Plus, she had a picture of the food for nearly every recipe in the book, wh...
  • Cameron
    The past fagioli recipe, which I followed exactly, is so bad that I threw the entire thing out. The liquid to beans ratio is completely wrong. I was a huge fan of Anne and really really looking forward to this book. Based on how bad this turned out, I'm going to throw the book in the garbage on top of pile of crap that the recipe turned out. The book sounds great, and reads just like Anne, which makes the betrayal with this POS recipe even worse....
  • Sue
    As I stated in a review elsewhere, I really like this book, and love hearing Anne's "voice" as I read through the recipes. However, I've found a few editing errors, and though they are recognizable and easily interpreted properly, they bother me. I don't like to find editing errors in recipes - it makes me distrust the others. Despite that, this is a fun and encouraging cookbook that reads like lunch with a good friend.
  • Johnann Thompson
    This has to be one of the best and most entertaining cookbooks to read. Anne breaks down each recipe where it is easy to follow. Plus she adds her humorous and cute persaonality to them. Lets face it Anne will tell you that a step will last a long time and you cannot change it... In fact she will state "Live with It and move on".
  • Samantha
    Five stars because Anne is very entertaining and if you've ever seen her on any of her Food Network shows, you'll be happy to know that the way the instructions are written just like the way she talks, so it feels like you are having a conversation about the recipe. Not everything in the book is something I would make every day, but many of these look yummy and I look forward to trying them!
  • KP
    Disclaimer: I love Anne Burrell.That being said, I think that this was a really crisp, easy to follow cookbook with recipes that taste great. There's nothing really setting the world on fire as far as something so new or different, but most of the takes are refreshing and you won't be searching the grocery or specialty store aisles for random ingredients that you will only use once.
  • Debbie
    This is a terrific cookbook. It is full of recipes I want to try right now. The thing I like most about cookbooks like this is that they are not only filled with good recipes, but with detailed information about tools, tips and techniques. That and the fact that the author's spirit and passion for cooking and eating come through.
  • Jenne Kopalek
    What I love most about this book is how the recipes are set up for the reader to follow. Anne’s literary voice is just as strong and witty as it is on her shows. The recipes simply shine with dishes such as Killer Mac & Cheese with Bacon, Maple Pumpkin Bread Pudding and Lemon Curd Tart. Definitely add “Cook Like A Rock Star” to your cookbook library.
  • Pam
    I love love LOVE Anne Burrell! This is a fantastic cook book for any starter cook. Anne has filled this book with good recipes and some wonderful ideas on how to make things easier in the kitchen. I especially love the way that she uses the fancy smancy Chef Lingo and turns it into everyday homecook lingo.Many thanks to Net Galley and Crown Publishing Group for this ARC.
  • Roberta
    It reads like Anne Burrell - which is not a bad thing, per se - but apparently "cooking like a rock star" means "classical Italian I would only ever make if I ever had a grown-ups only swanky cocktail party."
  • Kelly
    Chef Anne loves bacon! Will I actually cook any of these -- maybe, maybe not. Chef Anne also really loves appetizers - there are two chapters of them. Really? A bit overkill if you ask me. Loved the pictures!
  • Michelle
    Anne Burrell is one of my favorite FN personalities, and a great chef. This book reads like your cool aunt wrote it, and is an easy-to-understand cookbook for those who are not kitchen-types. I have not had time to make anything featured, but all recipes sound and look amazing.
  • Dana West
    Chef Anne uses words that I understand. I have used her recipes at and wanted a go-to book on my shelf. I am glad that I purchased this book. I like her story, I like her approach to cooking restaurant quality food at home, and I like how she makes it EASY.
  • Emily
    Love it!!! Gonna rock my kitchen!!!A must for every kitchen library!! I love Chef Anne straight to the point and down to earth making everyone a four star cook of their kitchens!!!
  • Rebekka Moore
    I love it!!!!!!!!!! it has many little tips and such to tell you how to start your kitchen and pantry. I just can't wait to get my own place so i can have my own things! I just want to roll up my sleaves and rock out!
  • BJ
    Anne Burrell is fast becoming one of my favorite chefs on the Food Network. I liked this cookbook. It was not just recipes, but stories about the recipes and tips and very explicit instructions. I may have to get my own copy of this one.
  • Jean Olaughlin
    I love Anne Burrell and I love this cookbook! Great recipes, I have only made a few but they were awesome!
  • Beate
    Lots of interesting recipes that aren't too complicated.
  • Beka
    Nice pics and recipes. I need to remember this book for when I want to give homemade pasta a go.
  • Michelle
    Love her cooking!
  • Maegan Spivey
    Learning how to truss a chicken is worth the price of the book alone! Love all of her recipes - they are delicious!
  • Penny Ramirez
    I love Anne Burrell's style. Hubby & I want to try the calamari noodles, and we had great success a couple of years ago with the pork shoulder & roasted brussell sprouts. Yum!