The Gilda Stories by Jewelle L. Gómez

The Gilda Stories

The winner of two Lambda Literary Awards (fiction and science fiction) The Gilda Stories is a very American odyssey. Escaping from slavery in the 1850s Gilda's longing for kinship and community grows over two hundred years. Her induction into a family of benevolent vampires takes her on an adventurous and dangerous journey full of loud laughter and subtle terror.

Details The Gilda Stories

TitleThe Gilda Stories
Release DateApr 1st, 1991
PublisherFirebrand Books
GenreFantasy, Lgbt, Paranormal, Vampires, Historical, Historical Fiction, Horror, Fiction, Glbt, Queer

Reviews The Gilda Stories

  • Corrie
    I read my first Jewelle L. Goméz short story Storyville 1910 published in the Heiresses of Russ 2011 a year ago. It was about Gilda - the main character – visiting Woodards, the place that used to be her home. I found The Gilda Stories while I was looking for more information about the author and was so happy that I was able to read more about this intriguing black lesbian vampire. Goméz wrote the book in the early 90ies, way before Buffy and...
  • Jesse
    As I enthusiastically told friends I was reading and immensely enjoying this cycle of lesbian vampire stories, I would get vaguely patronizing smiles in response–I guess anything vampire-related gets that reaction these days–forcing me to trumpet all the more Gomez’s dazzling ability to intricately braid together the stuff of history, race, desire, time, and (im)mortality into a series of narratives that are not only compulsively entertaini...
  • True Reader
    First and foremost, I am not one for vampire novels. Vampires on the silver screen, or even the TV, I can deal with. But I’m afraid Stephanie Meyer ruined vampire literature for me. If you’re a Twilight fan, I’m very sorry, but I deplore the entire series for a number of reason–if you’d like them, well, leave some comments and I’ll write up a separate post for that. Anyway… the vampires I like are the ones from Buffy the Vampire Sla...
  • Cheryl
    Yes, my spouse got me to read another novel! When left to my own devises, I tend to stay up into the wee hours of the morning and don't rise again until well into the afternoon, I hate garlic, and I avoid direct sun exposure. These and other habits might expose me as a vampire, except that the closest I come to drinking blood is an occasional glass of sangria. I'm not really interested in the vampire genre of popular literature, but this one is d...
  • Shalon Lippert
    I couldn't get past the 2nd "episode". I found the whole thing terribly boring and realized it was time to give up when I started skimming whole paragraphs. The narrative was too slow and internal and the language and ideas were repetitive, fixating on the same things again and again: family, exile, the past, sharing, social fabric, oral tradition blah blah blah. The story didn't seem to move and felt like I was turning a lump of lead over and ov...
  • M.
    I wanted to love this but found the protagonist pretty dull and too right all the time. My illustrious book club co-leader Liza pointed out that Gilda functions as a Black lesbian superhero which I get behind 110%; would love to see this as a graphic novel or movie--lots of action and so much scene; transhistorical storyline; epic potential! As a book, the language and description kinda drag and the protag has too much darn integrity to fully cap...
  • Claire
    I JUST.
  • Ming
    [This was the first book I read on a e-reader. It went very quickly, perhaps too quickly. I felt I was eating empty calories or swallowing without chewing. I did greatly appreciate the magnification and the bright backlight of the e-reader. But at what cost or tradeoff to the reading enjoyment? I remain quite agnostic about reading in this format. Please recognize these factors in my review. ]I enjoyed the story and the writing. I think the premi...
  • Anna
    ‘The Gilda Stories’ are a series of tales stretching across 200 years and following an escaped slave, who is renamed Gilda when she becomes a vampire. Gilda and her vampire compatriots are thoughtful in their approach to immortality and careful in their taking of blood. Those vampires that Gilda associates with do not kill their victims, but rather leave them with something in return for their blood, like a pleasant dream. I enjoyed the atmos...
  • Tori
    "Some are said to live through the energy of fear. That is their sustenance more than the sharing. The truth is we hunger for connection to life, but it needn't be through horror or destruction. Those are just the easiest links to evoke. Once learned, this lesson mustn't be forgotten. To ignore it, to wallow in death as the white man has done, can only bring bitterness."This book is amazing, the characters are lovely and the vampire mythology is ...
  • Glaiza
    *For an own voices perspective, read the amazing review over at The Black Lesbian Literary Collective!*Growth, survival, family and unquestioned lesbian love are key touch stones in this Intersectional Feminist vampire classic. Cont'd on the blog:
  • Kat
    Black lesbian vampires! Kinda over-written and purple-prosey, but it is truly so wonderful to read a book with supernatural characters that actually explores issues of queerness, sexism, and racism without tokenization or, frankly, needlessly killing them off for the sake of Art. A perfect vacation book.
  • ONYX Pages
    4.5 Stars6.5/7 CowriesWatch my review here:
  • David Anderson
    Among the best reinvisonings of the vampire myth I've read; better than Anne Rice or Chelsea Quinn Yarboro, this is right up there with Tananarive Due's African Immortals series and Octavia Butler's Fledging. Making the protagonist a black lesbian vampire was a stroke of genius.
  • Kelly W.
    I first became aware of this book after several conversations with a friend/colleague, who is writing a dissertation chapter about The Gilda Stories. For whatever reason, I wasn’t aware that the book was about vampires - much less lesbian vampires. I just had a vague idea of speculative fiction floating in my mind, so when I actually realized what was going on, I was even more excited to read the book. If you’re a fan of lgbt+ literature, I...
  • Melinda
    I really liked the gilda stories. It made me crave more. I wanted to know more about gilda's family. I wanted to see her interact with them more. Her journey is one of solitude when she craves others deeply. That craving is what makes you want to know more about those she craves. She grows so that the desire doesn't make her feel empty. It's as if her craving is transferred to the reader and therefore she doesn't have to explain the others who fi...
  • LaToya Hankins
    As an avid lover of vampire literature and an avowed fan of black lesbian writings, I was pleased to receive The Gilda Story as a holiday present. I had heard so much about the novel but ironically, didn't know too much about the novel. I was surprised and impressed by the writing and the character development. Each era Gilda exists in feels completely fleshed out through Gomez's attention to details and exceptionally crafted passages. The book t...
  • Kathy
    This story was about a group of Vampyre that had "family units", I guess you can say that they were more refined. Gilda was the name of a very "Old" vampyre how lived in pre Civil War Louisiana. She rescued a young slve girl that had been discovered by a man hiw was prepring to rape her. Gilda rescued her and brought her into her home which was a brothel. "Girl as she was called lived with them as a part of the family. To undestand this unique st...
  • Lily
    The Gilda Stories, a novel about vampires, but much is a story about longing, living in the past, trying to define oneself by criteria that is inconsistent with the reality of one's existence. Gilda moves though her life, extended through vampirism, searching for a place to call home and wanting a lover who will never leave. Her conflict is her inability to leave her life as a human behind and take on the characteristics of a vampire's...
  • Shawnta
    The Gilda Stories is like a meal. I am still so full from its depth. The writing is refreshingly dense, and I would prefer it no other way. Still, I can feel the dripping of blood as if I am the pourous skin it lay upon. I am shuddering from the newfound ability to communicate with women, as naturally as we ought to, without the use of words. Thank you Jewel Gomez. I never want to finish this novel, as I'd like for it to walk with me forever.
  • Alicia
    Quite a different vampire story! Reading this book gave me warm, cozy feelings, and I could relate to Gilda's desire to find a home for herself among the people she loves. A nice slow-paced and thoughtful read.
  • G.L. Morrison
    This is the ultimate in vampire novels. Thoughtful, engaging and virulently curious about history, identity, and possibilities. Gilda is THE vampire.I'm excited to see the Gilda Stories taking new life in various mediums. It's a mesmerizing read. I dream in Gilda.
  • Nora
    If you want to read a groundbreaking feminist novel about an African-American lesbian vampire, now in its twentieth year of being in print, then what are you waiting for? Jewelle Gomez is an inspiration to me.
  • girlwithglasses
    lesbian subplots do not compensate for bad writing
  • Kelly
    A subversive and exhilarating read!(Full disclosure: I received a free book for review from the publisher. Trigger warning for violence, including rape.)“Why do you say others may kill and we must not?”“Some are said to live through the energy of fear. That is their sustenance more than sharing. The truth is we hunger for connection to life, but it needn’t be through horror or destruction. Those are just the easiest links to evoke. Once l...
  • Taylor Irwin
    “The Gilda Stories” was recommended to me by a classmate when they found out I have a soft spot for vampire fiction and let me just say I was not disappointed. I *technically* started this book back in late December but during the madness that was finals season, I stopped reading it, then lost my copy, only for it to resurface recently and I devoured the rest of it. “The Gilda Stories” is a beautiful vampire novel that doesn’t distract ...
  • Eve
    This is such a unique book! I'm actually having trouble rating it, because it wasn't exactly my cup of tea stylistically, but it's obviously groundbreaking and ahead of its time considering when it was published. I'm settling on 3.5, though I may raise it after a reread.This was a lot more literary than I expected - less driven by plot and more driven by symbolism. It was still enjoyable though, I just found myself wanting more. The chapters skip...
  • Emily
    "The only way to maintain any humanity is to remember the faces of those who've died. To carry them within ourselves so that whatever good might have remained in their spirits has some place to dwell."I really loved The Gilda Stories. I would consider this to be dark romance, which isn't something I read a lot of, but I found this one to be quite enjoyable. I picked this as my read for the LGBTQ+ challenge for the Ladies of Horror Readathon in ce...
  • Raychel
    This is a book I’ve wanted to my entire life. I am always searching for stories of queer women, and The Gilda Stories was everything that I wished for and more. I greatly enjoyed the lifetime of Gilda and the enchanting individuals she met. I feel like I could become a part of her family, and that is something that I wish entirely. The only thing negative I have to say about this book is that I wish it was longer. If Jewelle Gomez ever wants to...