Little Lady, Big Apple (The Little Lady Agency, #2) by Hester Browne

Little Lady, Big Apple (The Little Lady Agency, #2)

Melissa Romney-Jones went from doormat to diva when she donned a blond wig, became Honey, a no-nonsense bombshell, and set up shop providing London's most clueless men with all the basic girlfriend services -- except, of course, for sex and laundry! Now, her business is booming, but when her flat-mate decides to renovate, she has to temporarily find a new place to live. Then Melissa's dashing American boyfriend (and former client) Jonathan Riley ...

Details Little Lady, Big Apple (The Little Lady Agency, #2)

TitleLittle Lady, Big Apple (The Little Lady Agency, #2)
Release DateFeb 6th, 2007
PublisherPocket Books
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Little Lady, Big Apple (The Little Lady Agency, #2)

  • Sarah
    I have a love/hate relationship with this series. It's well-written and realistic and the characters are quite varied and nuanced, which is refreshing. But at the same time I find it incredibly frustrating that Mel, a character I really want to like, can be so utterly stupid and blind. WHY does she insist on wasting time with awful, AWFUL Jonathan? All he has to do is look vulnerable and tired and she goes into a witter about how handsome and per...
  • Ann
    I love the depth and detail of Hester Browne's Little Lady Agency books.Here, in Book Two, protagonist Melissa travels to New York to stay with boyfriend Johnathan and see the city for the first time. But such a simple hop over the Atlantic comes with any number of issues: who's going to cover for Melissa's Agency while she's away? Johnathan's ex, Cindy, lives in New York - how will Melissa feel about this? Can Melissa just sit back and relax and...
  • JayeL
    Melissa agrees to leave the Agency and go vacation in New York while Jonathan tries to impress his boss into letting him, eventually, run the company. Melissa's helpful and exuberent personality as well as the stereotype of pushy demanding New Yorkers conspire to cause trouble for Jonathan and Melissa.I finished this book and found, overall, that it was enjoyable, but it wasn't as good as the first one. It was entertaining, but jumps all around, ...
  • Love Fool
    I love Melissa Romney-Jones. I'm a huge a fan of her and would love to send a few men to her business. Her boyfriend sounds adorable and we all know how much I love NYC (it's my city)! So this was the perfect equation for a book. I also love drama that involves exes (maybe that's an issue I have in my life haha) and this brings it with Jonathan's ex-wife. I know this book got mixed reviews but I say give it a chance.
  • Kathryn
    A worthy sequel to The Little Lady Agency (which I absolutely adored and found surprisingly fresh, funny and well-written). I wasn't quite as wowed by this one, though I didn't feel that it sagged too much (as middle books in a three-part series tend to do). London-dwelling Melissa is convinced by her fabulous boyfriend to join him on his home-turf in NYC for a month or so giving her a chance to relax and get away from her business and see Jonath...
  • Michelle
    Melissa Romney-Jones transformed her blah life from being a doormat to her family and having horrible jobs to being the proud owner of a successful business, The Little Lady Agency, where she turns awkward bachelors into eligible men and scoring the boyfriend of her dreams, Mr. Perfect Himself, Jonathan (affectionately known as Remington Steele or Dr. No by Mel's friends). Business is booming and Mel is happier than ever when her flatmate and bes...
  • Angela
    The 2nd book in the Little Lady series follows Melissa to New York City, sort of. I expected more of her charm and grace to explore the vast landscape NYC offers a London girl. Instead, it was a sort of meandering tale trying to weave together the first book into this one. Honey is gone, so to say, and only Melissa remains to deal with her crazy family, her friends, and her boyfriend. Jonathan comes across as a pompous ass, which is somewhat disc...
  • Brooke
    Melissa heads across the pond to New York to spend some time with Jonathan, except she doesn't really spend time with him because he can't pull it together and give his ex the boot, which in turn lets us see Melissa's doormat personality that she is trying to get out from under. I still enjoyed the witty and quirky writing style, but I really missed Honey. And can I just say Melissa's problems would could be solved in one word: Nelson. So on to b...
  • Jane Thomson
    I loved the main character, Melissa and several of the others- Gabi and Nelson for example, , but her father and sister seemed "inhuman" in so many ways that it was hard to accept them as part of the story. Part way through, I thought the story line was getting silly, but having persevered, I came to understand that Hester Browne's commentary on modern life was quite interesting. I totally agree with those who found the love interest, Jonathan, d...
  • Aisha Hussain
    Jonathan is a bloody pig. And why has the author left so many loose ends? Why did her father’s olympic scam and her mother’s WI scam not affect Melissa’s business as it went through her books?Also, why is she fat and frumpy as Melissa, but if she puts on a blonde wig apparently she’s not anymore, she is now a bombshell? How does a blonde wig change the size of ur bum and thighs??
  • Melinda Elizabeth
    I’m going to say this straight out – I don’t like Jonathan. When his career forces him back to New York, it seems straightforward that his girlfriend of a few months will drop everything whilst he plays alpha male. For all the groundwork that Melissa gained in the first novel, against her father, her ex boyfriend and all of those in between that were taking advantage of her and using her to meet their own gains, it only took a bit of hand h...
  • Meg
    The second in a series (following The Little Lady Agency) following a woman who runs an agency offering "girlfriend services" to the bachelors of London. No, not those services -- etiquette advice, shopping for clothes, going to Friday night dinners with their Mum. In the first book our heroine, Melissa Romney-Jones (a.k.a. Honey Blennerhesket) started up her agency and ended up falling in love with one of her customers, Jonathan Riley.In this bo...
  • Adrienne
    The One Sentence ReviewCharacterization: The protagonist remains quite a pushover in this novel, and as her love interest plays a more significant role in this novel, the reader may be taxed by his overbearing and less-than-communicatory nature. Setting: Set partially in London and partially in New York, this novel contains fewer references to the locations and more characterization than the first novel. Plot: The major plot in this novel involve...
  • Vicky
    2.5 starsI did not enjoy this book nearly as much as the first in the Little Lady series, primarily because Jonathan went from being a predictable love interest to a pompous jerk. It's an old standby that many problems in books, movies, and real life would be solved if only people would talk to each other, but it seemed to be even more egregious and annoying in this book. (view spoiler)[ Jonathan won't talk to Melissa about how much time he has t...
  • Lisa
    Once again Melissa is doing her part to give the unkept,awkward, or simply clueless male population of London lessons on etiquette,help them shop, or give them a total makeover. This time however, she is branching out to New York as she takes an extended vacation with her new man. Well you know the drill, it is a fairly predictable scenario.... girl falls in love, couple has lots of good, cozy loving times before turmoil ensues. Again I was distu...
  • Dini
    A nice follow up to The Little Lady Agency. What I love about this series are: 1) The main character, Melissa, who beneath the charm and intensity still struggles with a lack of self-esteem, 2) Just when you think you know where the story is headed, it turns the other way, 3) The language flows easily but not cliched, 4) Melissa's roommate and best friend Nelson. The guy cooks for her, comforts her, and even rubs her feet when she's tired. I stil...
  • Nicole
    I read "The Little Lady Agency" and couldn't put the book down! I was thrilled to have found a new series to read and immediately purchased Hester Browne's next two books, "Little Lady, Big Apple" and "The Little Lady Agency and the Prince."I was expecting more of the same humor in "Little Lady, Big Apple," but unfortunately, after forcing myself to continue reading after the first couple chapters, I did indeed, "put the book down," and I haven't...
  • Katherine
    The Little Agency in the Big Apple was the follow up to the aforementioned book. It followed Melissa and Jonathan (spoiler, although I wouldn't recommend the first anyway) in their journey to New York. Jonathan essentially wanted Melissa to give up to job, be an event planner for his rich NYC friends, and stop doing what she did best--rescuing people. I wanted to murder Jonathan, had be been a real person. He was so demanding and controlling, and...
  • Carolyn Takara
    Not quite as good as the first book, probably because this one is set more in New York than in London and the London setting was what I really enjoyed. I was a little concerned about how Melissa and Jonathan would resolve their issues in the end and I'm not sure that it was. I'll have to read the third installment to see how that plays out.
  • תניה
    Picked up at Gallery Espresso Coffehouse, Savannah, GA through BookCrossing. Dropped off at Soho Tea & Coffee , Wasington DC.
  • Marjorie
    The sequel to The Little Lady Agency and it definitely helps if you have read the first one. I would imagine this would work okay as a stand alone read but there is much left out here that presumes you have read the first book and already understand the nature of Melissa's work, friends and family relationships. Fortunately, I am reading in order (for a change) so it felt more like slipping a cosy pair of pyjamas on.Melissa is just as we left her...
  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    A star and a half. Two means "it was okay" which it isn't. I can't finish it. It's dull and rambling where the first volume was fast-paced and funny. I don't hate it enough to give it one star, but I can't read anymore. I caught myself skimming one-third of the way through. Melissa is too spineless to live unless she's wearing a blond wig and spike heels and a corset. She can run other people's lives and make their choices for them (and she knows...
  • Kate Mathieson
    I did not like Jonathan. He invites Melissa (protagonist) over to New York and then proceeds to cancel dinners, not turn up for lunches, keep secrets, prattle on about his ex wife... The reader is supposed to care about Melissa, but it's hard when she puts up with Jonathan being a jerk, especially because she is excessively whimpering about "what a gentleman" he is and "how hot" he is in a starched shirt and suit pants. I feel this set back the d...
  • Peggy Huey
    Hester Browne has created an intriguing character in the person of Melissa Romney-Jones and her alter-persona Honey Blennerhesket. Melissa travels to New York City to spend some vacation time with the love of her life, a busy real estate broker, while her home in England is being renovated. Her adventures with an old acquaintance and her boyfriend's dog will keep readers rolling in the aisles while waiting to see how Melissa's life finally resolv...
  • Plum-crazy
    I was so looking forward to this having loved its predecessor "The Little Lady Agency" but I'm sad to say I was very disappointed. Melissa's family, while as obnoxious as ever, seemed over-the-top, the whole dog thing in New York I found a bit irritating for some reason & indeed the whole storyline was a bit thin. By the end of the book I was hoping Melissa would forget Jonathan & get it together with Nelson instead- maybe in the next one....Stri...
  • Shuhua
    I definitely prefer the Little Lady Agency#1 than this #2. I feel that what she did in New York is meeting Jonathan's friends again and again. I don't understand why she falls in love with Jonathan but not Nelson! There is not much about Nelson in #2. But still, it is hilarious and fun to read. You will probably love it if you are a Sophie Kinsella fan. Looking forward to #3.
  • Anjula
    It is ridiculous how anyone as easy to fluster or be taken advantage of as Melissa is can be so extremely in-charge when she’s in her work persona. There’s being more confident in some areas of your life than others, but this is ridiculous, borderline multiple personality disorder.
  • Annabelle Solt
    Second in the series about Melissa's dysfunctional family, her lovelife and her agency that assists awkward men in difficult situations. Melissa is naive and gets over-involved trying to help people.Funny situations.
  • Jennifer Guerra
    I loved this book! The drama with exes and the drama with Melissa's family will keep the pages turning. Jonathan seems like the perfect boy friend until he isn't but he totally makes up for it. I missed Nelson in the book but adding Allegra was a nice touch. Can't wait for the next book!
  • Lady Susan
    Eh. This was o.k. Not as interesting as the first (because the characters had been developed as well as the setting.) Also, I don't think really much happened. It felt like more of a set up for book 3.