My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor by Haruka Minami

My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor

by Kazuka MinamiA bit of Christmas merriment leads to a night of passion between Natsu and Kouno. How do the two plan on handling "the morning after?" Natsu doesn't want to let go and their relationship continues. Kouno begins harboring feelings of love toward Natsu and every day it gets harder and harder for him to confess his love.

Details My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor

TitleMy Paranoid Next Door Neighbor
Release DateAug 20th, 2007
PublisherDigital Manga Publishing
GenreManga, Yaoi, Sequential Art, Romance, M M Romance, Boys Love, Glbt, Gay

Reviews My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor

  • Teetee
    Soo smutty, pretty to look at but little story, effeminate characters and cheesey storyline.
  • Mayu
    4/10Fue el primer manga que leí de Kazuka (después probé con esos que he suspendido), y me dejó con ganas de leer mas de ella. No fue la mejor historia que podría haber leído pero me gustó. Le recomiendo. Es el único tomo que merece la pena de Kazuka, asi que os invito a probarlo. Me pareció una historia entretenida, divertida, un tanto irritante/frustante, caliente, y sensual. (...)MI RESEÑA COMPLETA EN:http://mayuamoraprimeravista.blo...
  • Annchan Maulana
    it's an Adult Manga about sex and masturbate that have a side story that make the reader forget about it.Originaly review by AnnChan ^^*it refers to sexually things
  • Jennifer Lavoie
    Too much of the manga I buy turns out to be a series of one shots mixed in a volume. This one is not the case. Not only are Hokuto and Yukito fun characters that have a series of misunderstandings (of course), but there are other fun characters that show up, like Sei and Shiga-sensei. Aside from the story, I liked the art as well. It's very well drawn, and as I was reading it I thought that each character had an incredibly expressive face.
  • Skoora
    I adore the uke, but I think we need to learn more about the seme. Overall it's kind of a tragic story and brings to light the old sayings: we all have 20/20 vision in hindsight and if you wait to confess your feelings you open up a door to possibilities you might not want to face. It was sad in some ways, but had a nice resolution. And if I ever get a hankering for gratuitous frotting scenes I now have just the manga for it! ^_^
  • Kuronekko
    I think this one looks reeeeeeeeally good... even tho it's another one of the mature-rated books... *sigh*