The Good Old Days by Ernst Klee

The Good Old Days

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TitleThe Good Old Days
Release DateMar 1st, 1996
PublisherWilliam S. Konecky Associates
GenreHistory, World War II, Holocaust, Nonfiction, War

Reviews The Good Old Days

  • Henry
    Holocaust literature keeps moving on. At first, there was a flood of survivor memoirs, and some continue today (especially self-published books as the aging survivors want to leave a legacy before they die). The trend in recent years is well illustrated by this title, a closer look at the perpetrators; it answers the question "How could anyone do such things?" One of the earliest efforts was included in "Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp...
  • Edwina Callan
    They said they didn't know what was happening ... they lied.This book will curdle your blood and make you sick to your stomach.
  • Linda
    You've read and heard about the atrocities against the Jews all your life. Book after heart-rending book has been written.But have you heard the story from the other side? Read this book. I mean read this book. It's fascinating.Journal extracts, interrogations, memos, personal recollections and other sources of information were collected and edited to allow us to see the German side. It is definitely a MUST read.This is Arendt's "banality" of evi...
  • Jennifer
    Thoroughly terrifying. As I read this, I was forced to ask myself what I might have done if I'd been there. That seemed like an easy question to answer before but when the darkest, most vicious instincts of mankind are laid bare, as they are in this account, it no longer seems so simple.While many of the perpetrators (perhaps ALL of the ringleaders) one encounters in The Good Old Days are clearly monstrous from the outset, waiting only for an opp...
  • Bruce Nickel
    Like the review on the dust cover states “This is a horrible book to read, and yet one that should be read-“It is truly horrible. It is dark, disturbing, troubling and enraging. The callous accounts of those who had committed the atrocities of the “Final Solution” and then unflinchingly speak of trivial matters such as the excellent supper at the officers mess shows the very darkest side of humanity. It bares witness to those who refused ...
  • Dachokie
    Casual Killing …Ernst Klee’s THE GOOD OLD DAYS differs from most books on the Holocaust in that rather than writing a historical perspective, he provides damning evidence of the extent of German involvement in mass murder.THE GOOD OLD DAYS is mostly a collection of correspondence, testimony and other documents from those who witnessed, facilitated, ordered and/or participated in the murder of Jews on the Eastern Front. While names like Mengel...
  • Susan Sample
    This is an edited work of primary documents by and about perpetrators (and a few bystanders) of the Holocaust. There is some post-war legal testimony and interrogation, but a great deal of the book is composed of letters, diaries, and action reports made at the time. The editors have some particular goals here--the book has a small section toward the end on the death camps, but much of it covers the slaughter of Eastern European/Russian Jewry by ...
  • Vera
    One the most interesting books about Holocaust. The times of horror seeing by Perpetrators as The Good Old Days. Taking "samples" of body parts of living humans, like if they are just a laboratory animals, killing them with injection. But taking good care about they animals and about the families at home. Nothing can make you understand more the evil idea of Holocaust. I find this book again on my shelf by reading a short article about one 95 yea...
  • Rob
    Very disturbing. I couldn’t help wonder how easy it is for a society to justify and carryout such barbaric acts. It should serve as a reminder to all of us to be ever vigilant to not repeat history
  • Sam Brown
    Absolutely required reading. You won't find any levity in this. Never read anything so boldfaced, simple and hard to contemplate: the pure mechanics of it all. Read in Exeter on a bad day.
  • Angela
    This book is a brutal reading experience, but well worthwhile. It is a collection of primary sources from the Nazis, including letters home, diary entries, transcribed testimony, photographs, and paperwork, was collected by German researchers. The title, meant to be bitingly ironic, was taken from the title of a photo album belonging to a commandant of Treblinka.The voices included range from sympathetic to cruel, but the editors never intercede....
  • Godlarvae
    Taken from official documents, with no real commentary by the author, this work plumbed the motivations of activity in a spread of groups ranging from SS troops to local nationals who took up the "cause". I was interested that a major element within the system was how to more efficiently organize the "special treatment exercises" to allow better use of manpower involved, their psychological health a main concern; how many seemed to complain that ...
  • David Hill
    Very difficult read; very brutal. Comprised primarily of diary entries and courtroom testimony, it's not visceral like many of the personal memoirs I've read from WWII but its brutality comes from the matter-of-fact presentation. I've read many personal accounts of German soldiers in WWII. None of them admit to taking part in any atrocities. In fact, none will admit they ever witnessed any. I believe that's possible, but that none saw any always ...
  • Xon
    It's all of the gruesome details you thought were out there but are hard to find. You keep reading and then are upset you did, closing the book with a sick feeling in your stomach. It's interesting to hear the story from the Nazi side. Several letters home and journal entries capture a range from indifference to total disgust by Nazi's. It's Fascinating how many other ethnicities willingly participated in beatings and firing squads after the Germ...
  • erock
    This book is not a romp in the hay. This book is horrible and terrible and depressing and absolutely terrifying. I wouldn't wish this book on my worst enemy. The things I have in my head now... because of what I read in here are things I never wanted to know. Horrible things. I highly recommend that you read this book as a gentle reminder that these days are not long behind us and that the nightmare of mob rule, fear, and lust for power is always...
  • Bonnie
    An insight into the minds of those who willingly and with pride did such vile and horrific systematic killings of millions of Jewish men, women and children. Using documents, letters, statements and diaries, you suffer through what these men felt and believed, and without being forced discuss the pride in their 'work'. It is gut wrenching and pathetic, but a must read as it must never happen again.
  • Sharon
    The argument is that the Holocaust never happened, of course I've never heard an explanation as to how 6 million people disappeared and then we have the Germans meticulous need for documentation, which brings us to this book; A compilation of reports, trial testimony, letters, and journal entries. It is a glimpse into the mindset of those responsible for carrying out the "Final solution" and it is both riveting and revolting.
  • Tawnee Isner
    I read this book for a class and the brutality in the documents show that the myth of just following orders isn't entirely true. But it also shows that ordinary people could be more brutal than the Nazis I recommend this book for people looking for documents from the Nazis or bystanders point of view.
  • Geraldine
    This is probably one of the most distrubing books I have ever read. I can't figure out what caused the Germans to hate the Jewish people with such passion. They certainly much have felt threatened by them.
  • Nancy
    A very interesting, yet extremely disturbing read! For those with an interest in the horrors of the Holocaust, this gives a unique perspective on those who were on the "dark side" of this horrendous event in history. Some details are fairly graphic.
  • JManInPhoenix
    The best book on history I have ever read. It is essentially a collection of anecdotes by various (mostly) Germans that either participated in or witnessed aspects of the holocaust. Very sobering and very hard to read at times.
  • Monica Moyes
    Interesting to read from the other side. Difficult and terrible all at the same time. Not for the light reader per se. Definitely a worthwhile book for those who have a passion for learning about WW II and the holocaust
  • Rachel
    "dear diary, today We ran out of butter. On the upside, we did get to see a little mass execution, so the day wasn't a total loss"I paraphrase, because I'm still shuddering. If you can get through it, it's a worth-while read.
  • Chuck Knudsen
    A dark, dark read. A collection of diary entries and letters from German soldiers who participated in The Holocaust. I read about half of this before putting it down.
  • Tara
    Terrifying, yet absolutely necessary when learning about the Holocaust.
  • Karen K - Ohio
    The first sentence of the foreword says it all: "This is a horrible book to read, and yet one that should be read."
  • Debbie
    Very hard to read but anyone who thinks another Holocaust couldn't happen should.
  • Fishface
    This one was too disjointed to finish. It read like a stack of index cards filled with bite-sized ideas that might one day become a book -- raggedy and still disassembled.