Independence Day by Dean Devlin

Independence Day

The rumors of a secret government project concerning the remains of a crashed spaceship in Roswell, New Mexico, prove to be true as the brethren of the craft come calling. As panic grips the nation, all wonder exactly what these visitors from space intend. Publication to coincide with the release of the motion picture of the same name from Warner Brothers. Includes a prequel not dramatized in the film. Color illustrations throughout.

Details Independence Day

TitleIndependence Day
Release DateJul 29th, 1996
PublisherBoxtree Ltd
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Adventure, Media Tie In

Reviews Independence Day

  • Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!}
    Rating: 3.5Review to come.I really want to watch the movie now.
  • Gene
    If you saw the movie, the book does not add very much. It's not a bad book at all, just very drawn out at times and if I had not seen the movie a million times I may have enjoyed this book a lot more. The little details that it did add that were not mentioned in the movie was appreciated however. 2.5/5
  • Tabitha
    The movie was fun , the book is great. the book is the novelisation of the movie but goes deeper into the story lines and takes more time on the characters and the feelings they have. if you love the movie the boiok would be a great addition to your collection.
  • Adam Aufderheide
    A fun book, for more mature alien lovers. it took the best parts from every sci-fi movie and book and mashed it all together
  • Adi
    I read it one afternoon when I was in high-school.
  • Shawn Cooke
    Novelizations have a bad reputation, only partially deserved. At the best, they can recontextualize a familiar work, adding additional material or character motivation lacking in the parent film.Independence Day does none of these things. Far from adding enjoyment, it actually made me like the movie less, if anything.The listed authors are the screenwriters, and they even followed Writers Guild convention by listing the team who wrote together, D...
  • Fred Lusk
    I read this book just for entertainment.. Was actually pretty good.. followed the movie pretty closely.. But were a few surprises and went more into depth on the aliens.. I enjoyed it.. Actually has a little sobering message at the end.. If you like sci fi, it is well worth your time..
  • Terra
    I didn't realize that this was a novelization of a movie. If I had known that I would have just re-watched the movie. It truly read exactly like the movie, not a single hair out of place.
  • Alfred Haplo
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  • Mateo
    This book was about aliens abducting earth. They weren't afraid of anything. They were smart and knew how to destroy the earth good enough, but we figured out their plan. I can relate to David because we both love chess and can relate things to it. Funny enough, both our parents get mad if we win because they usually lose. We both have an open mind and cant stop thinking on what anybody doesn't know. I think that when i grow up ill be something l...
  • Alden
    Independence Day is a science fiction story about an alien invasion of the earth happened on July 4, the same date as the Independence Day holiday in the United States. It is also based on the movie of the same title shown in 1996.I have only watched the movie version when I was younger. But if I had a choice, I'd rather read the book first before watching the movie. The movie was good but the book is not that good. The book contains a lot of lon...
  • Victor Orozco
    Very good. Really enjoyed the thoughts and feelings of many of the characters in the book. Most books based from films are from an initial screenplay. Most of the scenes that didn't appear in the movie I had seen in the Director's Cut and other deleted scenes. I prefer reading the scenes but in the end I prefer the Theatrical Cut. Thank Goodness they didn't include the alternate ending with Russell in the biplane, didn't work as great as him in t...
  • Heather's Mum
    Independence Day is a good read... Great Movie. Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich's great plot, plus the outstanding, believable special effects of the film, made the movie an emotional, on the edge of your seat treat. Jeff Goldbloom, Will Smith and other stellar cast members were the hot fudge on top of this cinema sundae making this one of the best science fiction flics ever!Also read Stephen Molstad's 1996 tie-in novel, 1998 Independence Day: Si...
  • Mandy
    Not a bad movie tie-in. Some of the scenes (dialogue especially) were better executed (and more memorable) in the movie. Not surprising, since this is mainly an action movie. I did enjoy getting a bit of a deeper look into the characters. Also, as a Stargate fan I loved the nod to Daniel Jackson. All in all, definitely not the worst movie-tie in I've ever read, but not the best, either. Sort of middle of the road. A must for die-hard fans of the ...
  • Abdul
    A fun little read. The book is quite simplistic in the story and dialogue, and is EXTREMELY American (cockiness and swagger from every character and not just the pilots, the whole Independence Day concept, America being the centre of it all, etc). But all in all, worth a read. The simplicity makes it an easy read, which in turn made it quite enjoyable. Didn't blow my mind at any point, but I liked it.
  • Patrick
    Even though this was written after the fact. I found the book to be an enjoyable read and as I usually do, liked the book over the theatrical release. Although I might be a bit biased due to the author being my uncle. He nicely included my brother and I in the book as the doctors who get killed during the alien autopsy.
  • Indah Threez Lestari
    Kubeli sebagai hadiah ulang tahun buatku sendiri. Kalau nggak salah terbitnya nggak lama setelah nonton filmnya, jadi bisa membayangkan tampang pemeran tokoh-tokohnya, kayak Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, dan Bill Pullman. Tentu saja, aku lebih suka nonton filmnya yang sudah rewatch berkali-kali sementara reread novel ini kayaknya malah nggak ingat...
  • Angel Serrano
    Han llegado los extraterrestres.Mientras algunos en la Tierra los reciben con los brazos abiertos, otros no se fían. Los peores temores se confirman cuando de forma simultánea destruyen las principales ciudades del planeta. Sólo un grupo de pilotos americanos (con el Presidente a la cabeza) luchará.
  • Dustin
    The novelization of the movie Independence Day. It's pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. This was obviously based on an earlier draft of the movie's script because it includes the crop duster version of Russel's suicide run at the end.It's competently put together and adds more context to a few scenes from the movie, but unless this is your favorite series I'd say skip it.
  • Josh Steele
    The movie word for word but instead of Will punching the alien in the head and saying "Welcome to Earth" he says "Now that's a close encounter" which is terrible.But because the movie is awesome so is the book.
  • 17bailey_andrew
    Really good book
  • John
    Much better than the movie - good sic-fi.
  • Dana
    I really enjoyed the movie but I was disappointed when I realized that the book was just the movie written down word for word. I could have just watched the movie again.
  • Matt
    Yeah, I read the Independence Day Novelization when I was a kid. Wanna fight about it?
  • Andrew Thibodeau
    Movie was great, was a fan of the book but I can't believe coming back to it now that it took three authors, not like there was any originality involved.
  • Kel
    I like that it fleshed out the backstories for the characters but this is definitely a movie novelisation. Don't expect a brilliant piece of science fiction literature.
  • Heidi
    Great book! Something of a prequal to the Independence Day movies/books, thi.s book combines the ID stories with great alien cover-up conspiracy theory. A quick and wonderfully entertaining read.
  • Raija
    It tells you so much more than the movie.
  • Aaron
    My feeling about this matches a previous review:"Yeah, I read the Independence Day Novelization when I was a kid. Wanna fight about it?"