The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1 (The Batman Chronicles (The Batman Chronicles (Reprints) #1) by Bill Finger

The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1 (The Batman Chronicles (The Batman Chronicles (Reprints) #1)

Presenting an exciting new way to experience the rich history of the Dark Knight in an affordable trade paperback collection of every Batman adventure, in color, in chronological order!Batman Chronicles, Volume 1 reprints Batman stories from DETECTIVE COMICS #27-37 and BATMAN #1, featuring the earliest adventures of the Dark Knight by Batman creator Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Jerry Robinson and Sheldon Moldoff.

Details The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1 (The Batman Chronicles (The Batman Chronicles (Reprints) #1)

TitleThe Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1 (The Batman Chronicles (The Batman Chronicles (Reprints) #1)
Release DateApr 1st, 2005
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Dc Comics, Batman, Superheroes, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1 (The Batman Chronicles (The Batman Chronicles (Reprints) #1)

  • Adam
    These early Batman stories (most of which were originally published in Detective Comics in 1939 and 1940) are cloddishly written and primitively illustrated, but nearly everything that makes Batman a powerful and intriguing character is present. There is no Alfred the butler, and we don't see a lot of Bruce Wayne's life as a feckless playboy, but we see enough. The villains and situations are pure pulp, and the dark, sinister atmosphere is thick....
  • Philip
    Number of murders committed by Batman in this book: At least eight (not including two mutants.)It was always my belief that the Comics Code was beneficial to the Batman mythos. As annoying of a cop-out as the Comics Code was to creativity in general, it shaped the Dark Knight into a more well-rounded character, specifically when it came to his Golden Rule that the Bat does not kill. This one principle keeps Bruce Wayne from sinking to the level o...
  • Patrick
    The very first issue was called “The Batman The Case of The Chemical Syndicate” with this beneath it: “The ‘BAT-MAN,’ a mysterious and adventurous figure fighting for righteousness and apprehending the wrong doer, in his lone battle against the evil forces of society...his identity remains unknown.’” I really enjoyed these very first issues of The Batman written in 1939. I didn’t know how strange Batman looked at first before the ...
  • Anzu The Great Destroyer
    I started watching the Batman animated series and I’m in love with it! That made me want to know more about our dark avenger, so it made sense that I get the original comics and give them a try. This did not turn out as I have planned.First of all the illustrations suck. Bigtime. But keep in mind that this is vintage stuff, so you have to respect it. I respect it. But fun-wise? Nah. No. Just no. Calling the story cheesy is an understatement.I w...
  • Brent
    Lots to enjoy here: early Batman uses a gun! Earliest Batman stories are sort of magical.Gardner Fox writes a surprising amount of the first year's stories in Detective Comics. Bob Kane very early gives way to the embellishing inks of Sheldon Moldoff and the young Jerry Robinson. And Bill Finger keeps adding new twists and new characters, including, here, Robin the Boy Wonder, Hugo Strange, the Joker, the Catwoman.Highly recommended.
  • Yvonne
    These old stories just go to prove that Batman will always be Batman. You can do just about anything to him and, so long as it's Bruce Wayne beneath the mask, he's still Batman. Basically, in my opinion, the character has aged well. I am always surprised by the dark, grittiness of this era. I originally encountered it in the first volume of stories featuring Superman, which were quite jarring because of it. The writing fits Batman much better. Th...
  • Nicholas Richard Pearson
    'The Batman Chronicles' serves to provide fans of the Dark Knight, and of popular culture in general, with a cost-friendly alternative to its counterpart 'Archives' series (which utilises more shiny and colourful print with hard-cover binding) by attempting to distribute every Batman story in chronological order from the character's debut appearance in Detective Comics #27 onwards, using more inexpensive newsprint-style paper withinin soft-cover ...
  • Alex
    No reason to really go in-depth with something like this--you either like this kind of stuff or you don't. This is a trade paperback of the first 13 Batman comics, running from 1939 to 1940. It's part of DC Comics' "Batman Chronicles" series, a paperback and relatively inexpensive alternative to the hardcover "Batman Archives" and "Dark Knight" archives, which sometimes cost $40 or more.I read these because I like to get a sense of how the early ...
  • Stephen Arvidson
    Behold—a true piece of history! The earliest adventures of the Dark Knight are glimpsed in the pages of this collection, The Batman Chronicles, Volume One. Presented in chronological order, in vibrant color, and featuring original covers, these these classic Golden Age reprints give readers a look back at what is now a household name.While Alfred Pennyworth had yet to make an appearance in these original adventures, readers are first introduced...
  • Mladen
    I know this is the begining of a legend, but boy is it stupid this early on. I full on laughed my ass off at some parts. It was quite fun to see some meme worthy panels, like Batman doing drugs, Robin picking his nose, ...But wow does he kill a lot of people. I mean really kill, he shoots them, or hangs them, ... or whatever. DEAD! permanently. A LOT of people die. Did not know he was this brutal in his early years.I also notice the overuse of th...
  • Laura
    For any fan of Batman, this volume is a real treat. From the origins of the Caped Crusader & the Boy Wonder to the plots of the villians such as the Joker and Professor Strange, these stories have a delightful vintage tone and mood. Definitely recommended - if only to see Bruce's fiancée and the red "Batmobile!"
  • Ron
    I had a 3rd grader recommend this book to me. It is a graphic novel and is a collection of some of the first Batman comics.
  • Adam Graham
    The Batman Chronicles Volume 1 marks the Batman's first appearances in Detective Comics in Issues 27-38 and the first big 64-page Batman Issue 1. The character in the first eleven stories is barely recognizable as Batman with those huge ears on the costume. The original Batman is a character right out of the same pulp fiction tradition as characters like The Shadow and Doc Savage. He's a vigilante who often carries a gun. In these early issues, B...
  • Antje
    Ich kann diese Zusammenstellung der ersten Batman-Strips (Mai 1939-Frühjahr 1940) nur aus der Sicht von jemand bewerten, der noch nie in literarischer Berührung mit diesem Thema gekommen ist und nur wenige Ausschnitte aus der seltsamen 60er-Jahre-Fernsehserie kennt. Wegen der sonderbaren Kostümierung und oberflächlichen Superhelden-Handlung kam für mich eine Auseinandersetzung mit den gleichnamigen Kinofilmen bislang nie in Frage.Aber mich i...
  • Nicole
    I resisted reading classic comics for many, many years. My sole reason is my absolute need to start things from the very beginning. This gave me that exact opportunity, while also giving me a glimpse into the roots of comics as a whole.As far as Batman’s history, there was a lot of good stuff in here. Readers see the death of Batman’s parents, Professor Hugo Strange, Robin’s origins, the Joker, and even a certain Cat. The only character I w...
  • Andrewc Ehs
    Detective Comics #27 brought Batman to the world for the first time. He's been around ever since, Batman is one of the greatest comic icons known to humanity. He has appeared in comics, movies, video games & many more popular forms of media. This collection brings together his first appearance (Which is RIDICULOUSLY expensive on its own). The Dark Knight is introduced to us as a young boy whose parents were murdered right in front of him. As if t...
  • Inanna
    Awesome. The earliest ones rock. Loves the '30s.
  • Demi
    Batman na na na na na na na na batman
  • Mark Short
    A very entertaining piece of nostalgia
  • April Taylor
    Modern Batman comics are a favorite of mine, so I finally took the opportunity to read several from the very beginning. These comics are good as a time capsule, and the first appearance of the Joker showed the true promise of both characters. However, many other aspects were almost laughably bad. For example, during Batman's first meeting with Catwoman, he actually says, "quiet or papa spank," to her. There's also the super cheesy "inspirational"...
  • Eric
    I have been a fan of Batman all my life but until now I haven't had a chance to read the ear!y writings of Bob Kane. These are great stories. Bob' s art progressively gets better throughout the series. I am surprised that Hugo Strange was his first major villain and Robin is introduced without an origin story. Also no Alfred makes me wonder about Batman's story too.
  • John Dalton
    Clunky as it may be at times, this text collects together the origins of Batman, Robin, The Joker and others. That he has survived and thrived eight decades later is a testament to the strength of the ideas behind it.
  • Matthew Lloyd
    I sometimes think that I am more interested in the history surrounding comic books and the influence that history has on their content and reception than I am in the actual stories that they tell. When The Superman Chronicles, Vol. 1 were published back in the '00s I was really excited to read them, but of course I found the actual content to be fairly rubbish, the kind of cheap, improbable storytelling which gives science fiction a bad reputat...
  • Emma
    You can tell this was made in a different time period. It is a little refreshing that the problems Batman faces are easily solved and the bad guys get it.
  • Joseph
    A little campy and corny, but it's still Batman
  • John Gentry
    lots of batman killing people in these. 5 stars.
  • Josiah Chick
    This is a great mini-collective to introduce fans to the first appearance of "The Bat-Man". Also included is the first appearing of The Joker as well.
  • Printable Tire
    The origins of one of the most famous comic book characters are steeped in an an almost Lovecraftian "weirdness" -here, we see no interior/pipe-smoking thrill-seeking playboy Bruce Wayne transform into a dark spectral who takes on Orientalism, mad scientists, the occult, giant apes, serial killers and werewolves. I like the pulp and internationalism of these stories, even the novel use of real monsterous characters (
  • Christopher
    Historically interesting; The Bat-Man initially is an urban legend disliked by his now life long ally and friend James Gordon, and overall is a stone faced dispenser of criminals. The early stories end with a grim soliloquy on a fitting end for the loathsome criminal, (pulp mad scientists and gangsters, with even the first Joker stories working mostly with the visual of his face and slightly less of the hilariously maniacal villain of today)often...
  • Brad
    As a big fan of Batman, I decided to go back and read the original stories from the 1930s and '40s. DC's "Chronicles" series provides a convenient and economical way to read the stories in order of publication. Volume 1, here, takes you from Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics in 1939 to Batman No. 1 in 1940. It's a bit startling to see how nonchalant his is about killing criminals in these early days, before he takes his vow of nonleth...