The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2 by Bill Finger

The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2

The second volume in the series reprinting every Batman comics story ever published in chronological order features the Dark Knight in early stories originally appearing in DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN and NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR. This collection features Batman´┐Żs early encounters with classic villains including the Joker, Catwoman, Clayface and many more.Continuing the complete and chronological reprinting of every Batman comics story ever published...

Details The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2

TitleThe Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2
Release DateSep 6th, 2006
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Dc Comics, Batman, Superheroes, Comic Book, Fiction

Reviews The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2

  • Patrick
    I think I like Batman more than Superman. These comics were really fun to read! Some had a murder where you really needed to pay attention to the details so you could solve the mystery by the end. Others had the Joker in them, and Cat Woman made a few sneaky appearances as well. These were a blast!
  • Adam
    More fun stuff from Batman's early years. Reading this wasn't quite as revelatory as reading Volume 1, but it was still fun to see how little Batman has changed over the years. There are so many fans of the character that everyone has their own opinion about what makes him tick, and which parts of his mythos and back story are essential and which parts should be jettisoned, but like it or not, pretty much everything's here ... Bruce Wayne's life ...
  • Adam Graham
    This 2nd Volume collects Batman stories from Detective Comics #39-#45 which were relatively short 13 page stories as well as stories from Batman #2 and #3, which were larger magazines dedicated to Batman and contained 3-4 stories each and then a Batman and Robin story from New York World's Fair Magazine.It's worth noting that these are truly Batman and Robin stories. The Boy Wonder continues to bring color, life, and fun to each adventure, saving...
  • Andy
    Not quite as interesting as Volume 1, but still good. I love seeing such early uses of popular cartoon catch phrases like:(Batman throws a thug into the air) "Happy landings!"(Batman knocks two thugs' heads together) "Two heads are better than one!"(Batman kicks gun out of thug's hands) "Don't you know it's dangerous to play with guns?!"This is great literature.
  • Mike
    Good stuff -- classics! Including ongoing crime-fighting, the Batman tackles the Joker, Cat-Woman and an early incarnation of Clayface.
  • Jay
    Volume Two was a definite step down from Volume One. There was a very prevalent change in tone in these stories to make them more kid friendly. Batman no longer kills the criminals (although a few commit suicide) and the dialogue it littered with silly one-liners, many of which are reused multiple times in consecutive stories. Many of the comics also end with PSAs urging young kids to stay away from crime. In fact, there is an entire story based ...
  • Jennifer
    Actually found I had read this volume already but I enjoyed it so much I read it again. The variety of the stories shows Kane was still working out the dynamics of their relationship. It was daring to introduce Robin into the story, he softens the Bruce Wayne story, otherwise he could have become a dangerously obsessed loner. There is a theme in here about redeeming lost boys too. Really enjoy these, it is early in the Batman-Robin relationship s...
  • Coen
    Classical Batman comics from the early 1940s.In Batman Chronicles 1 Bob Kane was still searching for the right tone for his stories. He started out with a very dark gloomy mood, but didn't keep that up for long.In Batman Chronicles 2 Bob Kane has found a more kid-friendly tone. Light hearted, with more humor, more colour, and far less shadows. The villains become less fearsome and more comical. The Joker becomes a sort of clown.A lot of people wi...
  • Daniel Butcher
    The stories are not the best, really too many jewel theives.But the books give us a great view of 1940 America, with word plays that would be considered vulgar today and Bruce Wayne stating views not considered PC today, once nothing a dead villan saved the state the job.So, how does one become a supervillan, friends and their bad decisions, "It's a hypo needle filled with a lot of drugs I mixed together haphazardly." Avoid this guy!
  • Tosh
    What was a reason to bring Robin into the scene? Maybe Batman was too weird of a character to be by himself. Then again what does it say for a man to have his adopted son face danger, etc? What's up with Bruce Wayne?
  • Mladen
    The Batman of old continues to be hilarious and amusing. Stories are riddled with fun moments both in storytelling and drawing. One thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the overuse of the word suddenly. Almost as they were trying to bump up the tension with every mention of it.
  • Mark
    More incredible reprints of the first Batman stories ever told. Features the first appearance of Clayface, more Catwoman and Joker, and the rare 1940 Batman and Robin visit the World's Fair. Wolf, The Crime Master is one of my favorite hilariously bad early Batman stories.
  • Mark
    Detective Comics #39-45Batman #2-3New York World's Fair Comics #21939-40
  • Bradley
    I'm a huige Batman fan and it's great to go back and read the original stories. This issue introduces Clayface but a different Clayface than the one I'm familar with.
  • Gary Butler
    59th book read in 2012. Number 156 out of 291 on my all time book list. Follow the link below to see my video review:
  • Inanna
    I am less enchanted. Robin is annoying and I feel like it's just a bit too racist and pushy with the agenda....
  • Michael
    Catwoman's first costume is a doozy.
  • Scoobs
    Bang! Zap! Pow!