The Shattered City (Creature Court, #2) by Tansy Rayner Roberts

The Shattered City (Creature Court, #2)

In the city of Aufleur, the Creature Court of the night has chosen a new Power and Majesty ... but can she reconcile her creature form with her human world of daylight. She could hear that laughter again, and for a moment Velody was confused, not sure which dead man was mocking her. Velody now holds the leadership of the Creature Court. the unsteady alliances within the Court are beginning to fracture, as a series of murders and disappearances th...

Details The Shattered City (Creature Court, #2)

TitleThe Shattered City (Creature Court, #2)
Release DateApr 1st, 2011
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Magic, Animals, Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy

Reviews The Shattered City (Creature Court, #2)

  • Leonie
    I enjoyed this second book in the series just as much as I enjoyed the first one.The character development was particularly strong, and the story became more complex - satisfyingly so. I became extremely attached to several characters, and enjoyed following their journeys as the stakes rose higher and higher.The Creature Court itself is a fascinating concept, and makes for a story full of surprises and twists. In this book, The Shattered City, th...
  • Celia
    This was a fantastic follow up to Power and Majesty - as per the blurb, Velody is the Power and Majesty of the Creature Court (the fantastical band of shape shifters who protect the city of Aufleur each night from the terrible threat in the sky). She's trying to be a better leader to the Creature Court than they have had before, and to inspire their loyalty and trust, but the threats they are facing seem ever increasing. Velody feels the incred...
  • Kaia Landelius
    Yes, this will be the most substantial and well thought-through review you have ever seen. It goes like this:I've read this book three or four times now. It's so amazing to see it in print, without the [MAKE WRITE GOOD] notes in the margin. So yes, I'm slightly biased, but I will still say this:Delphine is awesome, Heliora is heartbreaking, Rhian is beautiful, Poet is creepy and I still want to bone Ashiol. PS. Every single of these three or poss...
  • Thoraiya
    Not as many surprises as in volume 1, but still rather enjoyable. As much as I love the beautiful cover, really, after reading the book I wanted to see the flame dress more than I wanted to see the museum dress. But I guess you have to have your actual protagonist on the cover at some point ;) Greatly entertaining juxtaposition between serious dramatic plot points and such one-liners as "The kitchen table required to be stared at a great deal" an...
  • Estara
    There was just too much of an emotional mess and teenager-like behaviour by the main characters to make me enjoy the second book as much as the first one and I just decided to spend my money elsewhere. I especially got annoyed at Ashiol's ennui and angst. I could understand it in the first part because of the horrific happenings, but here he became more like a spoiled pouting boy who ran from girl to girl because the first girl was unhappy with h...
  • Tehani
    Tansy makes me so cross! I got this book at Easter and, as I'm in the final throes of reading for the WA Premier's Book Awards, dutifully put it neatly on the shelf as a reward for later. Then I was sitting at the table and had no book in front of me so I picked it up and thought, I'll just read the first chapter. And then I read another chapter. And another. And I couldn't put the darn thing down!! Most CROSS Tansy - I wasn't supposed to be READ...
  • Coyora Dokusho
    It was soooooo good!! Glad there are only three so I can read them all in a day!!! (almost XD)
  • Milana
    Wonderful continuation to the fantastical Creature Court. I found this moved a little slower than the first book, and I initially thought that it was more predictable - but am pleased to say that I was largely mistaken. There were plenty of surprises, but they still fit well into the tapestry of the story and didn't feel forced or artificial. The character development is thoroughly enjoyable and not restricted to the apparent main cast. There is ...
  • schneefink
    I loved the first part of this, with Velody changing things and everyone adjusting and evil sky plots. So many so broken people, but it's fascinating how it all weaves together. Unfortunately the "solution" came a bit out of the blue. I liked large parts of the second part as well; I'm not sure about the ending yet (even though it's something I kinda expected to happen) but it's certainly an interesting set-up for the next book.In some aspects th...
  • Alicia
    2018-11-11 second book in the Creature Court series is more of the same, but it feels duller and more repetitive here. I thought about just stopping several times while reading, but I didn’t have anything else I wanted to read, so slogged along with a sigh. I mean, it's interesting enough, I just think it could have used a tighter edit. I am not sure if I’ll read the third. B.
  • Rivqa
    A very worthy successor to Power and Majesty. It's not the sort of trilogy you can jump in the middle of, but in this day and age, why would you? Intrigues that were hinted at in the first volume all begin to play out at a delightful pace, with a few surprises too (at least for me). Fortunately, I can dive straight into the final book.
  • Matt Hope
    No complaints. The drama of the creature court continues as it began: twisted and violent and sexy. It’s more of the same, sure, but the characters all develop. Some more than others but changes are happening all the same. If you liked the first you’ll enjoy this one too.
  • Liza
    I liked it, but not as much as the first one, for some reason. It felt ponderous. Maybe it's a Middle Book Syndrome thing? It just felt like a whole lot of camping in tents.
  • Mark Webb
    This review forms part of my contribution to the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading Challenge. All my AWWC reviews can be found here.The Shattered City by Tansy Rayner Roberts is book two of the Creature Court trilogy. I reviewed book one (Power and Majesty) a few months ago.The Shattered City picks up where Power and Majesty leaves off. I'm finding that it is a bit hard to give any kind of plot synopsis of book two of a trilogy without gi...
  • S.B. Wright
    The Shattered City is book 2 of Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Creature Court Trilogy following on from Power and Majesty. The third and final book Reign of Beasts is to be released February 2nd1.Don’t let the cover fool you- the Red Hot Chilli Peppers fifth album, Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic could have been an alternative title for this book. Bloody action, liberal use of Animor (magic) and some very saucy sex scenes and the sugar…well there’s honey...
  • Dark Matter
    Velody, dressmaker and Power and Majesty of the Creature Court (Fae), creates a beautiful dress for Isangell, Ducomtessa of Aufleur (ruler of the city/state in which the story is set). In Power and Majesty (book one) Velody began having problems with shadows on her skin and in her vision; these problems have continued. Ashiol, the other King of the Creature Court and Isangell’s cousin, struggles to retain a shred of his sanity. Rhian, Velody’...
  • Sam
    This book gave me all the feels.Seriously, what an amazing ride from start to finish. Not only does Roberts have amazing and beautifully fleshed out characters, but she really knows how to take shit hitting the fan to a whole new level. The level of chaos and destruction in this novel is staggering, and the world in which Velody wishes to protect is shattering with no hope of survival. Until she has the best sex ever in an attempt to save it. Tha...
  • Melina
    The middle book where everything falls to pieces . . .To be honest, things were dissolving at the end of the first book, but The Shattered City just amped everything right up to a heightened level of ‘oh my goodness, that can’t happen! Can it?’ We start the book with a lot more knowledge about Aufleur and the Creature Court than when we opened the first book. We know about the many festivals which keep Velody, Delphine and Rhian in work, we...
  • Alexandra
    I read this about 10 weeks ago, and I'm not sure why I've left it til now to actually review it. I think it's because I read it too fast, and was then a bit shell-shocked. I couldn't face reviewing it immediately, and then I kept putting it off... so now the review isn't as good as it might have been, but I can at least tick it off my to-do list and move it to the bookshelf, rather than having it staring at me accusingly from the shelf above my c...
  • Maren
    I'm even more torn on this one than I was on the first book of the series. It kind of has the quality of a train wreck - rather horrifying, and yet you can't really look away.The good: Amazing character development; good, bad, twisted, complicated, incredible character development. For everyone, not just the main characters - you really want to hate some of them, but you just... can't. It's a bit frustrating, actually.The really not sure: The plo...
  • Yvonne Boag
    Velody now leads the Creature Court but knows better then to trust any of them. The nox battles have taken a new form, growing harder to deal with and having repercussions that none of them can foresee. The Creature Court is fracturing and Velody may have to make a decision that is more then she can bare.It starts slowly building towards a sinister air. As I read I found myself reading faster and faster to find out what was to come. It is a fabul...
  • Clinton
    I feel like Ive been way too negative in my reviews lately. But this book has to have one of the dumbest cast of characters I have ever seen. Normally its only maybe one or to characters who ooze stupidity in a book, but The Shattered City signed up all its characters for that role. Im not going to spend time going over all the stupid choices each character made, because I honestly don't have that kind of time or motivation. The book is interesti...
  • Moira
    24.2.2015 - 4*Oh my. Musela jsem mezi prvním a druhým dílem přečíst pár jiných, optimističtějších knížek (Heroes od Moore posloužili dokonale), ale dostala jsem se k tomu zpátky.Příběh se zamotal, více se soustředil na přítomnost příběhu, začala se objevovat dějová linie, která se bude táhnout až ke konci. Lehce méně depresivní. protože tam bylo zrnko naděje, ale stále... skličující. A plné tajemství a l...
  • Marianne
    This was a bit of a slow start as I didn't quite recall all the details from the previous book. But, once I got back into the world of Aufleur I sped through. There were a lot of interesting character and plot developments; I really liked Heliora this time around and her journals/diary entries were definitely high points. The ending was also rather interesting.
  • Matt
    Enjoying this fantasy story. The huge amount of festivals in Aufleur seems to be an impossible burden for any society to carry. However, if one must suspend credibility in one area, ...Not quite sure why all the sex -- implied and realised -- has to be present. The story works very well without the tawdriness.
  • Adrielle
    3.5 starsI found this better than the first in the series. In this installment Velody is Power and majesty, she is the head honcho of the creature court. However, they are still up to their old tricks, there is division and in fighting but they are slowly learning to work together.
  • Melanie
    An entertaining follow up book, that had me wondering what could possibly happen next!? A decadent, dangerous world of which I can't wait to enter again.
  • Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)
    Oh how utterly amazing.Any country who doesn't publish this series? You're utterly crazy.