The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain

The Homesick Texan Cookbook

When Lisa Fain, a seventh-generation Texan, moved to New York City, she missed the big sky, the bluebonnets in spring, Friday night football, and her family's farm. But most of all, she missed the foods she'd grown up with. After a fruitless search for tastes of Texas in New York City, Fain took matters into her own hands. She headed into the kitchen to cook for her friends the Tex-Mex, the chili, and the country comfort dishes that reminded her ...

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TitleThe Homesick Texan Cookbook
Release DateSep 13th, 2011
PublisherHachette Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Reference, Foodie, American, Southern, How To

Reviews The Homesick Texan Cookbook

  • Julie Davis
    Gorgeous photography, engaging writing ... but why Lisa Fain thought she needed to add chiles or heat to practically every single recipe (up to and including candy) is beyond me. I know her grandmother affectionately calls her "Chile Girl" but it looks like an obsession when you read recipe after recipe with chiles added. At least she is kind enough to mention, "I can't help adding some chile powder to this..." (etc.). It gives complete newbies a...
  • lauren
    i've been on a roll of checking out cookbooks from the library lately, but this is the first one that I felt really inspired by. I have a ton of different recipes bookmarked, and made a couple recipes the day after i brought it home. Possibly even more exciting than all the great tex mex recipes is the pie crust recipe- it's unconventional with vegetable oil and milk in it and no butter, lard, or shortening, but it's the easiest pie crust i've ev...
  • Janet
  • Renee
    This author seriously has some of the BEST recipes
  • Beth Bonini
    I've just thought to add "cookbooks" to my Goodreads categories, and frankly, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I've loved reading cookbooks since I was a kid, and this is a superb example of the kind of cookbook I like best: one that has stories and memories to accompany the recipes. I've been a fan of Lisa's blog for years, and I like to think that I can one-up her: she's only in New York City; she should try being a "homesick Texan...
  • Carol
    I put a pork roast into the slow-cooker for dinner (and there will be plenty of leftovers). So what , exactly, should go on tonight's menu? I reached for this cookbook and realize it needs to on my Goodreads shelf. Bought this book after one trip to visit friends in Texas convinced me that this food had to come to my South Carolina kitchen. It's become one of my most-reached-for cookbooks on the easy-grab shelf in my kitchen. So far, not a bad re...
  • Lauren Munoz
    Gorgeous photos, easy-to-read-and-follow layout, and delicious recipes. My only gripe is that there aren't enough weeknight accessible recipes - many of them require off-the-grid mexican store ingredients and hours of time and dedication. If you're an expert cook, this might not bother you, but for someone who's not as experienced, it limits how much use I can get out of the book. Still one of my favorite cookbooks because of how yummy the food i...
  • Kyrie
    I really enjoyed reading through this one, although the level of cooking is a bit above my usual fare, and I don't own many of the things needed to make these recipes. Still, it inspired me (and made me a little sad that I'm not a more enthusiastic food adventurer). I liked the back story of the recipes. I'll probably check it out again - when I'm feeling adventurous.
  • Caitlin
    The perfect combination of anecdotes and recipes. And lots of recipes reminiscent of my Oklahoma childhood as well. I, like the author, had my own chicken fried steak quest upon first moving here. If anything, my one quibble would be her assertion that certain dishes are only done well in Texas. Excuse me, this Okie begs to differ!
  • Carissa
    This is, as you might correctly guess, the perfect book for any Homesick Texan. There are recipes new to me, different riffs on old favorites, and great tweaks to standard Texan dishes. It is, by far, my favorite cookbook, but that shouldn't be a surprise coming from a Homesick Texan.
  • Jennie
    I haven't actually cooked from this book yet, hence the four stars; that said, I've marked almost every recipe as something I want to try, and I know enough about cooking to see that they're going to work. Soft cheese tacos have skyrocketed to the top, I must say.
  • Kerry Pickens
    Some good homestyle recipes, but the Mexican food is not very authentic.
  • Emily
    Finally finished reading this Christmas 2012 gift. The photographs of food and landscape are beautiful. The writing, not as much. She may have had a grandmother who lived on a farm, but the majority of today's Texans don't. My only other real beef is that a more accurate title would be, "The Homesick Texan's Tex-Mex Cookbook," because, as she admits, she adds a Tex-Mex flavor profile to all her dishes (save the chicken fried steak and 2 pies). I ...
  • Dixie Diamond
    Beautiful book. I didn't care for the peach cobbler, which was very sweet, very heavy on the cinnamon, didn't have that much peach in it, and had a batter topping that remained sugar-sticky after it was baked. However, I think cobbler is one of the foods about which people have very specific and individualized tastes, and it was probably the recipe with which I was most likely to disagree. (My brother made it, too, and, while he and his wife like...
  • Suz
    The Homesick Texan has been one of my favorite food blogs for years. I started using it when I was still in Texas, but now that I've left, it's an absolutely wonderful resource for cooking like I'm back in the Homeland. Fain is a native Texan, so she knows how the food is supposed to taste and doesn't shy from wonderful TexMex or Mexican food or cut corners to make it easier or more-appealing to those who aren't used to the food.Some of the recip...
  • Matthew Knowles
    This book I chose because it is a n easy book filled with easy recipes to cook for your friends and your family.This book is recommended to al, ages wanting an easy tasty cookbook filled with quick things for on the go.I found interesting was the recipes and how easy they were to make.i think I loved this book. From start to end.I learnt that I can cook really well with no fuss at all and without my parents help at all during this cooking and ser...
  • Nicole
    I would make so many of these recipes, there's no question I will eventually own this book. I read another review where a person remarked on wishing the book was organized differently "for those who don't read lengthy recipe introductions" that literally made me throw my hands up in disbelief! The "lengthy" few paragraphs of family or recipe history as well as the author's rationale for her personal changes are the most charming part of this book...
  • Eling
    I've left my rating at 4 stars because I haven't actually made any of the recipes yet, but I was practically drooling while reading, and was hard-pressed to find recipes that I _didn't_ want to try. Love the layout & organization of the book, and appreciated that the majority of the recipes were accompanied by big, full-color photos. My normal procedure on cookbooks is now to get them from the library, then buy the ones that I really think are wo...
  • Anna Malone
    I LOVE the recipes in this cookbook! The only thing I miss about living in Texas is the food. And I can never find good Tex-Mex outside of Texas. I've been following this blog for a while now and everything I've made from there is great, and dead-on Tex-Mex. My husband got me the cookbook for Christmas, and I've been working my way through the recipes. I still miss the food, but the stuff I am making now is just as good as any of the great restau...
  • Amy
    This book is full of truly authentic Texan food (speaking as Texas born half-Mexican girl that grew up eating this stuff) with some twists on classic dishes. I'm not sure I'd ever buy this book, because I did grow up eating it and learning to cook it, but if you weren't so fortunate then it is worth checking out. The only glaring absences, in my opinion, were the lack of ranch style beans and pecan pie.
  • Deb
    Wonderful cookbook from blogger Lisa Fain of Homesick Texan. It a big, glossy, colorful book with some really delicious recipes. Probably rates a 4.5 for me overall (although the Poblano Mac & Cheese is 5 stars and worth the price of the book alone!). Here's a link to my complete review with pictures and links to the recipes I tried:
  • Sophie
    I got this book for my birthday yesterday and since then have loved poring over the recipes and pictures. The recipes are easy to follow, delicious (if the Carne Guisada I've just made is anything to go by) and I can't wait to try some more - particularly Lisa's version of Huevos Rancheros and Peach Cobbler. Looking forward to getting the next book now :)
  • Al Dowling
    Great cookbook. Non apologetic Tex-Mex cookbook. Great if you're living away from Texas and want to create the food. I grew up visiting my grandparents in Texas, lived in Abilene when my dad was stationed at Dyes. Four of my own USAF tours in Texas & many work visits. This book helps me get my Tex-Mex fix.
  • Kecia
    OMG! I didn't know how homesick I was for Texican food until I opened up this book. Funny thing is - the 3 dishes I prepared from it: nachos, guacamole, and pinto beans, are all dishes I don't need a recipe for! Love her blog too! I made me want to book a trip back to Houston just eat breakfast at Frank's.
  • Joyce
    This is a very approachable cookbook. The recipes are not complicated and well written. There's also a lot of color photos which are quite enticing. Keepers include: Carnitas, Houston-Style Green Salsa, Ancho Cream Corn and Corn Chowder with Roasted Jalapenos & Bacon. I'll be doing more cooking from this book for sure.
  • Jill
    If you are a Texan and have a soft spot in your heart for Texas and its food, you will like this book. She does a good job with the recipes - I make her biscuits all the time now - and she does an excellent job pin-pointing foods from the various areas. She talks about why those particular foods are special, and the photos in the book are absolutely Texas.
  • April
    As a Texan from Hill County this book has taken me right back to my Memo's kitchen. The peach cobbler and fried pies are very special! The crawfish rolls reminded me of fishing with my little brothers at the spillway and bringing home our buckets full of crawdad's for Memo to work her magic on. Thanks Lisa Fain for the great memories and the Great fixin's!
  • BJW
    Even though I'm originally from Texas I am not homesick for it; but I do miss the Tex Mex. I've tried 8 or 9 of the recipes so far and they are all fantastic. (Only one would I slightly tweak next time). She's a fantastic writer, has a great palette, and the book itself is beautiful. One word for the Poblano Mac and Cheese: WOW!
  • Stephanie Arzola
    I am still in Texas - but this is an amazing collection of recipes. I Have used a couple recipes and know the rest will be wonderful as well. I was so excited to see the salpicon recipe from El Paso was a wonderful surprise since I have always loved to eat it when I travel there.
  • Lisa
    can i just say YUMMMMM!!! surprising to say i would probably eat everything in the cookbook it looked good it sounded good and nothing seemed like it was impossible to make i might have to buy this book i think it is a keeper