Wildly Affordable Organic by Linda Watson

Wildly Affordable Organic

Buy Green. Eat Green. Save Green.   If you've wanted to eat like it matters but felt you couldn't afford it, Wildly Affordable Organic is for you. It's easy to think that "organic" is a code word for "expensive," but it doesn't have to be. With these ingenious cooking plans and healthy, satisfying recipes, Linda Watson reveals the incredible secret of how you can eat well every day--from blueberry pancakes for breakfast to peach pie for dess...

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TitleWildly Affordable Organic
Release DateMay 31st, 2011
PublisherDa Capo Lifelong Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Nonfiction, Cooking, Health, Nutrition, Reference

Reviews Wildly Affordable Organic

  • Happyreader
    One way to save money is not to buy this book. Bottom line, the tips offered to save money are cook your own food, don’t waste what you bought, buy in bulk, cook in bulk and then freeze, and I may have slept through the rest. The USDA, of food stamp infamy, provides more extensive tips on how to save food money than this book. The recipes and menus offered here are repetitive, boring, and oh so bean and pasta heavy and don’t particularly have...
  • Kristen
    I wanted to like this book, honestly. I've made a couple of the recipes from her site which were good, but the book reads like a Depression-era housewife's manual, aimed at wringing the most nutrients out of the least expensive amount of food. It's completely and utterly devoid of any joy in cooking.
  • Lesley
    good practical information, most I already know but a beginner it would be very useful. I am interested to trying some of the recipes as those looked delish! I did like how it has shopping list by the seasons!
  • Moniker
    I loved reading this book...but as a disclaimer, I should probably add that I love the idea of this book, as I have not tried to live it out! This book was a well organized publication of Linda Watson's personal experiment on eating well on the food budget of a low income family. I personally truly appreciated her efforts in debunking the idea that eating organic costs an arm and a leg. While I learned a great deal about the pros and cons of buyi...
  • Melanie
    This book makes me look forward to spring and summer produce (soon!). I liked finding out that author Linda Watson lives in Raleigh, NC. She offers some nice pointers that I'll use to help streamline our current household project, which is to cook at home with minimally processed and fresh ingredients as much as possible. I really liked that Watson emphasized that you don't necessarily need lots of equipment to do lots of good cooking ("Whisk Bre...
  • Laurie
    This book has been very inspiring to me. By following the menu plans and shopping lists we have saved money and have a fridge and freezer full of delicious homemade food. We gave up: juice boxes, breakfast cereal, store-bought bread, Tofurkey, and all the unpronouncable ingredients and packaging that goes with those items. I would definitely recommend WAO to all vegetarians, especially ones who already enjoy cooking.
  • Sam
    One of the things that makes this book so great is that Linda actually went through this process herself and did a trial-and-error process to find out what works and what didn’t. The book itself is an amazing resource, containing a wealth of information as to how to start a new lifestyle and stage a revolution with your kitchen and your budget to make sure that you’re eating well while also eating cheap.
  • Elise
    A must-read for anybody who wants to make a lifestyle change without the costly expenditures of doing so. This book helps plan out meals and makes sure that you’re spending the least possible in order to get the healthy, nutrient-rich foods that your body craves. Linda Watson shows her readers that cheap no longer needs to have a negative connotation when you’re wandering through the produce aisle.
  • Claire
    I learned how to prepare dried beans with a crockpot so I don't have to use salty squishy canned beans. I would buy the book just for that. Cuban Black Beans is a great recipe.
  • Kendra
    Loved this book. The author is from Raleigh where I live so that was a definite plus.
  • Lizzbert
    I should not have liked this book as much as I did! First, I am not vegetarian, and this book is—although it makes no mention of it at all, even to lay out a case that forgoing meat is better for the environment/health. Second, the recipes seemed rather repetitive and simple. However. Every recipe I made was a winner! I especially liked the pasta with peanut sauce and seasonal vegetables. Really good food!
  • Nicole
    Very interesting concept, and loved that it included lots of recipes. Kind of disappointed that it's all vegetarian though. I had hoped that Watson had some amazing tricks for eating that cheaply while still eating meat (at least once a week or so). Worth reading just for the ideas.
  • Amy
    I am a long-time devotee of Linda Watson and her website "Cook for Good" as well as this cookbook. You can get free recipes through her website and email newsletter, but here's why I love this cookbook:Watson's recipes are consistently tasty, and we feel great knowing they are all on our budget. I have tried many a recipe from other cookbooks or sources and there's always some duds (a few duds just seems to be the price of admission, so to speak)...
  • Kevin
    I like where this book is coming from: it was inspired by the food-stamp challenge. That is: see how well you can eat on $1 or less per meal. That being said, this book neither promises nor delivers any easy answers. If you want to eat healthy organic food on an affordable budget, you are going to have to WORK for it. Which, it should be said (but isn't in this book), is a socio-economical point in itself: low-income people don't need ANOTHER job...
  • Sheba
    There are absolutely some great ideas in this book--like how to ask for and use fruit and veggie seconds from your farmer's market in your cooking, which I've recently become a huge proponent of doing--but at times Watson lost me with the numbers. Her insistence on weighted vs. measured ingredients and her emphasis on (overly?) planned-out, diet-focused meals was a joy kill, even as they felt apropos to the subject. I was crazy about the idea of ...
  • Karen
    If you’ve wanted to eat like it matters but felt you couldn’t afford it, Wildly Affordable Organic is for you. It’s easy to think that “organic” is a code word for “expensive,” but it doesn’t have to be. With these ingenious cooking plans and healthy, satisfying recipes, Linda Watson reveals the incredible secret of how you can eat well every day—from blueberry pancakes for breakfast to peach pie for dessert—averaging less tha...
  • Christina
    This book is such a huge help! Living on a tight budget doesn’t have to feel like you’re limiting your food options, thanks to the help of Linda Watson.I was a vegetarian for seven years of my life, so it was easy for me to all but revert back to the lifestyle-and honestly, it feels healthier to limit the amount of meat I eat. I love the term “flexitarian” and will be using it in my daily life. Linda gives you an easy plan to follow, help...
  • Chelsea Reid
    Wildly Affordable Organic is great because it does what it promises-educates people about how to prepare food on a budget while teaching them that it’s possible to actually be satisfied with that menu. One of the things that makes this book a great read is that its author actually went through the process herself that she suggests for her readers, and was completely honest about how it turned out. Not everything was easy, she admits, but it’s...
  • Zoey
    I haven't spent much time looking at the recipes - they look pretty basic, and Watson eats a lot of beans (no meat). But this was a great resource, since I'm trying to get more organized about shopping and cooking. Watson's comprehensive plan considers cost, source, health, taste, time, convenience, and variety. Detailed seasonal menus and shopping lists. Cooking broken out into set times. negative: Her ideas about eating organic (literally: "sav...
  • Shannon Bailey
    very compelling - she sets out to prove that you can eat healthy and even organic food on a food-stamp budget. This can obviously be applied for just saving money - doesn't have to be that stringent. The menu ends up pretty limited but has a lot of good ideas. I will take from it the ideas of cooking beans and sauce in bulk and freezing, and cooking a little each day for meals that come together for the week, as well as some of the good charts, e...
  • Danielle
    I would recommend Wildly Affordable Organic to anybody who feels like they want to make a healthy eating change, but worries that it’ll be too expensive to do so. This book can absolutely help you revolutionize your diet to eat in a more healthful fashion. It even has separate grocery lists which show you the “green” option (that’s code for super-healthy and delicious) and the “thrifty” option (which means even cheaper, and still a gr...
  • Naomi
    I thought this book was ok. Good lessons on how to eat organic. I would have to try some of the methods. A couple just seemed off compared to the prices I have seen and she writes about. Some of the ideas are pretty common ideas. There were some things that I walked away with that were new to me. I agree with another reviewer who stated it read as a depression era book vs. anything inviting for non-users to try.
  • Gina Boyd
    Linda Watson cares deeply about the food she eats and where it comes from. Everything she says is sound and valuable, and there wasn't a single thing I could disagree with. I baked two loaves of the Good Whisk Bread, and as much as I wanted to love it . . . I didn't. I enjoyed reading Watson's story and her thoughts about food, and I certainly agree with her belief that home cooking is the best, most healthful way to feed yourself, I'll keep expe...
  • Dee Mcrae
    This book contains so many recipes...it was great to learn how to cook all types of different things, in addition to reading about a diet transformation that would be easy on my wallet. Though it isn’t the intended purpose of this book, this would be a great way to maintain one’s weight (if that were a desired goal) because the meals are focused on making sure that everything is nutritious enough that you’re not skimping on quality to save ...
  • Andrea
    This would be an ideal book for a vegaterian eater who was looking to go organic. For me this book doesn't work. I really don't like beans, I've tried to like them, I really wish I like them more. A big portion of this book is a million ways to cook and eat cheap beans. A lot of the foods also had a lot of sugar and fats, both of which I try to limit. The bottom line is it is an interesting book that will help many people.
  • Cyndie
    A book that's about sustainability and practicality! Loved it. While I don't know that I'm ready to do the full cooking schedule right away, the recipes seem simple, doable, and affordable. After reading a couple organic/sustainable books that expected me to have complex equipment like dehydrators and pressure canners, this book helped assure me that putting these recipes to work didn't take any crazy or special resources. Enjoyed reading, think ...
  • Kelly Lynn Thomas
    There is some great stuff in here, but following a strict shopping and meal plan isn't something I'm interested in. Especially not when every meal seems to involve pasta and you're expected to eat peanut butter on toast for breakfast every morning. Sorry, but that's not breakfast, it's a snack. But like I said, there is still some good stuff in here, like how to make your own yogurt and pasta sauce.
  • Jen Michaels
    One of the few cookbooks that I use consistently, year after year and month after month. For the record, I'm an omnivore--I eat meat, dairy, etc.--but Linda's recipes are consistently delicious, delightfully simple, and cheap to make. When I first read this cookbook, I scoffed at many of the recipes; they seemed so spare, so simple, that I couldn't imagine that they'd taste good. Well, they taste fabulous and often best the more complicated recip...
  • Zaw
    What a great book. Though it’s definitely been a switch away from how I’m used to eating-meat as often as possible-I’ve realized that there was a lot of room for improvement when it came to spending in my budget. I think that this book is a great guide for anybody who feels like they need some help in planning out their food and wants to save money while doing so.
  • Lindoula
    Echoing the reviews of many others, I'd say this is 90% tips on how to save money by buying in bulk and planning your meals in advance. The recipes are nice, along with the step-by-step plan for easing your way into cooking all your meals with organic ingredients, but those are only a small section of this book. I don't think the author had enough content for an entire book.