うそつきリリィ 1 [Usotsuki Lily 1] by Ayumi Komura

うそつきリリィ 1 [Usotsuki Lily 1]

Hinata Saotome is suddenly asked out by En Shinohara, a gorgeous boy in her grade. What she doesn’t know, though, is that his hobby is cross-dressing! En has always hated men, and whenever he sees his own reflection, he punches out whatever is doing the reflecting (windows, mirrors…). To combat this hatred, he dresses up as a girl. Hinata decides to go out with him anyway, despite his weird hobby.

Details うそつきリリィ 1 [Usotsuki Lily 1]

Titleうそつきリリィ 1 [Usotsuki Lily 1]
Release DateApr 23rd, 2010
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo, Humor, Comedy, Comics

Reviews うそつきリリィ 1 [Usotsuki Lily 1]

  • Sonia
    This series is hilarious!En is a guy that cosplays as a girl because he can't stand the idea of guys. He likes this girl named Hinata who is kind of manly.Yes, the idea has been used before but trust me. You will love this series!I found it so funny! Especially the antics the couples has to go through. Yes there is some cliches like old loves and all that but honestly the comedy just made it all up for that!The side characters are great too! Ther...
  • Zala
    Read up to Chapter 80This is an adorable and hilarious manga but it doesn't have the thing called plot, so I got a little bored after so many chapters... It's an enjoyable read for when you have a lot of time and its take on crossdressing makes for some very meaningful scenes, but also very funny ones. Oh, and there's a lot of romance, wouldn't be a shoujo manga without it.
  • Zim
    A feel good gender-bender story. I feel like cross-dressing after reading this one haha! LOL!
  • {LaughingManiacally ∆ ShootingLasers}
    Was really hoping for a lot more mirror smashings.
  • Katie
    see full review @ Katie's CornerHi, everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today I have a quite weird manga, so if you can’t stomach cross-dressing than it’s definitely not for you. And I mean it though the manga is absolutely hilarious, if you can’t read about something, better not to read and then say it sucked. I’ve read this manga twice and loved it both of the times. How come? Well, I’ll need to go a bit deeper into the sto...
  • Nina {ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ}
    Pfftt...fufufufu...hehe I never thought I'd enjoy reading a manga like this, but this is hilarious!!! Haha What I like about this is that Hinata and En love each other and definitely have a good and understanding relationship. Sounds pretty snazzy, ey?Well there's a catch. Hinata is a girl who's always dreamed of a perfect handsome boyfriend, and of first kisses and all things romantic. Good thing is she's reasonable! Here boyfriend though...is a...
  • Savvy
    A boy confesses his love to a girl. She says yes to going out with him and everything is great. The school bell rings and then she sees her new boy friend. Or should I say girl friend? En cross dresses as a hobby. For some reason he can't stand guys and loves women so much that he wants to look like one! This is a funny manga. I mean, it's like a way better version of W Juliet. I love all of the characters and the author panels are funny too.Woul...
  • Buttons
    What you need to know: easy read, romantic comedy, sexuality and gender issues, from beginning to end good and light mood, not yaoi!This is a manga that doesn't take itself too serious. It's a love comedy with quite a number of couples gathering around one main couple. It is really easy too read and quite funny, some scenes are outright hilarious. There are no real dramas and all in all the characters behave quite mature with regard to all the is...
  • Kaitlin
    What a loveable, albeit very strange, little book.Lately I've been into the gender-bending genre. I don't know why but something about cross dressing always seems good for a laugh. I love the dynamic between Hinata and En, it is so cute. I love silly, cheesy books. This is all fluff and I adore it! I can't wait to see what trouble these two encounter with their relationship an all the hijinks that are bound to ensue!This is also seriously underra...
  • Allie
    >///< wahhhhhh this is soooo cute! I was wary about reading this but after I did I could not put this down. I think it is by far one of the funniest mangas I have read so far! En, the psycho cross-dresser, hates men so much so that he can't even stand to see himself in a mirror. If he sees his reflection, dressed as a boy, he punches the mirror. Even though he has this serious sickness (it is a sickness) he falls really hard for the heroine of th...
  • Jenna
    Just read volume one. It was interesting the themes that were discussed, but Hinata's blatant distaste of cross dressing, so much so that she says En's sick and has a disease, is putting me off. I don't know whether or not the author would go in depth into En's reasons behind hating guys and his own body so much, or if it would even go into trans issues at all (the situation makes me think of Nitori from Hourou Musuko), so may read a bit further ...
  • Hruotland
    Ich hatte mich zuerst einlullen lassen. Wenn man nicht aufpasst, kann man die Serie als einfachen Gag-Manga lesen. Dann ist sie OK.Allerdings…Sind verinnerlichte Trans*-phobie und Gender Dysphoria, die so weit geht, dass die Hauptfigur sich selbst verletzt, nicht urkomisch? Ha-ha-ha-harg *hust* *würg*.Äh, nein. Ich sehe ungefähr drei Arten, wie man diese Serie hätte retten können. Fortsetzung folgt.
  • Kadie D♥
    I still don't really get his reason for crossdressing. He is a 100% hetero male and likes his Gf but can't stand his own body?! How could they ever get more development in their relationship? Does he even accept his male body?!
  • Raven DeLajour
    3.5 stars...Really cute, but I don't like some of it...like when Hinata says En has a disease. No...I don't really like Hinata, she rubbed me off the wrong way a lot of times. But I mostly read for En because he's adorable.
  • Ella
    I'd love to tell you about the whole volume of this manga. But I don't feel like telling it. Though it's a really good manga, if you like Shoujo books.
  • Sofi
    Funny and entertaining, not your usual shoujo manga. Still, I'm not sure if I'm reading more or not.
  • Hunter R.
    Very light, lack of depth and psychological roller coaster.
  • Grace