Lidia's Italy in America by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

Lidia's Italy in America

After taking us on journeys into her own kitchen and into kitchens across Italy, Lidia Bastianich now invites us on a road trip into the heart of Italian American cooking today. Traveling around the United States, Lidia visits Italian American communities that created something new out of the recipes passed down from their ancestors. As she explores this utterly delectable and distinctive cuisine, Lidia shows us that every kitchen is different, ...

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TitleLidia's Italy in America
Release DateOct 25th, 2011
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food, Cultural, Italy

Reviews Lidia's Italy in America

  • Will Mego
    I'm extremely critical of cookbooks, finding little other than avarice in them. I usually feel that the author has written a quick sell, duping people into paying money for reheated leftovers of other cookbooks. When I began this book, I went in highly skeptical, even though I actually hold Lidia Bastianich in high regard based upon her excellent show, and the celebration of both authentic Italian cookery as well as the recognition that while Ita...
  • Robin
    Before this I had never picked up one of Lida's books. I had seen her pop up on PBS and would watch her from time to time but wouldn't consider myself a fan. If this book is an example of her other cookbooks, I am now a fan because I love a book that has extensive notes on why the recipe was chosen and how it came into being. Of course as much as I enjoyed this book, which has a nice mention of Providence, RI in it, I feel as if I appreciate it e...
  • Paula
    One of my favorite books on Italian American cooking.
  • Bdalton
    I checked this book out because of the Almond Pine Nut Cookie recipe. My sister-in-law introduced me to this awesome cookies and they are truly mouth-watering. We made the Cioppino for a Christmas Eve gathering and I am making the Caponata tonight. I love the travelogue nature of the book, the lovely photographs, and the fact that many of the recipes recall my first mother-in-law's wonderful cooking. I would love to be able to cook like her, and ...
  • Pamela
    If it is possible to read a cookbook, then I have done it. This cookbook is of particular interest to me because it's half recipes and half travelogue of iconic Italian American restaurants. I, ahem, have turned the latter into a Foursquare list. As for the former—the recipes—I've bookmarked so many. You'll be surprised what dishes from your childhood are nouveau inventions by Italian immigrants.
  • Lucy
    Many of the recipes in this collection were staples of my childhood growing up in Northern New Jersey. This is authentic Italian American fare. I also enjoyed the historical and geographical notes included with the recipes. I am a collector of Italian-American cookbooks, I will be adding this one to my collection. Thank you Lidia!
  • Natashya KitchenPuppies
    Lidia explores Italian-American food and culture. An intimate look at the Italian immigrant experience, and the delicious food culture they have built in the U.S. See my full review here: http://livinginthekitchenwithpuppies....
  • Claudia Majetich
    The first cookbook I've read on my Kindle. Cookbooks are hard to read on Kindles and I'm don't know how to save the one recipe I'd like to have. LB does provide some interesting commentary on Italian neighborhoods across the US, although I'm not very fond of her writing style.
  • Linda
    Lots of enticing recipes for variations of the familiar and for new things too
  • Kathy
    I just love Lidia.
  • Jamie
    I loved this cookbook! I made homemade pizza dough that was awesome and some other things that came out great.
  • Lauren
    Enjoyed this cookbook, there are recipes I look forward to making.
  • Kathie
    Much like her other books, wonderfully tasty, easy to follow instructions of recipes.Definately a must-have book for fans of Italian food.
  • Holly
    A companion cookbook to the show there are interesting recipes from Italian enclaves across the US. Now we must take an eating tour of the featured places!
  • Winter Sophia Rose
    Great Food! Excellent Cookbook!
  • Nupur
    This is the companion cookbook to the PBS series. I loved the essays on Little Italys all over the US. There are many Italian American recipes worth trying.