Blue exorcist, Tome 5 by Kazue Kato

Blue exorcist, Tome 5

Adopt� d�s son plus jeune �ge par un exorciste de renom, Rin apprend un jour qu'il est le fils du mal incarn�, quand son v�ritable p�re, Satan lui-m�me, appara�t pour l'emmener dans son monde. Mais impossible pour le jeune homme d'oublier tout ce qui lui a �t� enseign� jusqu'ici Confront� � un adversaire invincible qui a consum� le seul homme � l'avoir jamais aim�, Rin fait alors le choix de combattre aux c�t�s...

Details Blue exorcist, Tome 5

TitleBlue exorcist, Tome 5
Release DateMay 19th, 2011
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Supernatural, Shonen, Paranormal, Demons, Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction

Reviews Blue exorcist, Tome 5

  • Saphirablue
    It's been a while since I've read part 4 but thanks to the summary at the beginning it's been pretty easy to find my way back into it. :)I really like Rin and my heart was sad for him when nobody wanted to sit beside him on the train.I'm really curious what Bon's father is up to (because I think that he's up to something) and where everything with the eyes will lead to. :)
  • Victoria ♡
    Can't wait for all of these to be 5* bc I love it so much
  • Kate (Reading Through Infinity)
    3.5 stars!
  • Bec
    3.5 stars
  • Josu Grilli
    Es un cuatro pero no es un cuatro completo. Me explico. Este quinto tomo de Blue Exorcist ha servido para conocer a Suguro (Bon) más a fondo, y eso ha estado muy interesante porque no me esperaba esa profundidad en él. Sin embargo, y respecto a la trama, no avanza pero sí que resulta entretenida y entrañable, como viene siendo habitual en Blue Exorcist. En este caso, tiene un toque de humor más marcado y con unas relaciones entre personajes ...
  • Taylor Ramirez
    This was a pretty interesting book. We get to see mostly Bon’s family and his followers. We also get to see Nagas which are super cool. I’m sad that Rin’s relationship with his friends has regressed so much but he’s starting to become closer with them again. I’m hoping in the next volume or so Bon starts being his friend again.
  • Fatemeh
    توی انیمه از بون خوشم اومد بابت طرز برخوردش. حتی از شیمی هم خوشم اومد :دی ولی مانگا کاملا تصورمو نابود کرد :)) توی انیمه کسی که رفتار خوشایندی داشت ایزومو بود. برخورد منطقی و عقلانی.فکر کنم نرسم بقیه جلدای مانگارو بخونم تا مدتی. از این جلد به بعد انگار ق...
  • Kaitlin
    I loved the focus on Bon!
  • MissAnnThrope
    23 January 2013Rating: * * * 1/2Blue Exorcist, Volume 5 follows the Tokyo sect of The Knights of the True Cross to Kyoto to help in the search of the missing left eye of the Impure King. When the left eye is stolen from the Deep Keep, Rin and Yukio discover a betrayal amongst their own ranks. A team is immediately assembled to go to Kyoto to prevent the right eye of the Impure King from being stolen.On the trip to Kyoto, Rin finds that his friend...
  • Raquel Leite
    Neste volume existe mais um desenvolvimento a nível da relação de Rin com os amigos que descobriram quem ele é, embora esteja tudo um pouco mais afastado. não gosto de os ver assim :/ principalmente a shiemi. A sobrancelhas estranhas é que me espantou mas enfim ela merece.
  • Negar
    این یکی از زمین تا آسمون با انیمه فرق داشت :| ایزومو خیلی بهتر بود، یوکیو هم همینطور. impure kingحتی توی مانگا بهتر بود. ولی همچنان از دیدن انیمه که کاملاً داستان متفاوتی داشت بیشتر لذت بردم چون آخرش مجبور شدم مانگا رو دوبار بخونم و گریه م در اومد :-"
  • Lanie
    Poor Rin! Aw, sweet dumb baby just wants his friends back, but they're all scared of him. :'( I loved the focus on Bon. Little kid Bon is beyond precious. :) Recommended to fans of fantasy and manga.
  • Rach Kaup
    So Rin's shown the group what he truly is, that he's the son of Satan. Rin's kind of acting like nothing's happened, but you can imagine how everyone else is taking it. Oh and Rin has to pass the exorcism exam within six months and we all know how Rin is with studying. . .Yukio has an assignment and of course Rin has to tag along. Shura's keeping a close eye on Rin and trying to help him master his flame without having to draw his sword. She's al...
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Rin and Yukio: Well, I can't say that I didn't see these difficult times with Rin's friends coming - especially now that they know his secret. Not only do most of his friends avoid him, some are outright terrified of him (Koneko and Shima). But some seem to take it in stride - major props to Kamiki for that. And it seems like Yukio is going to be having some struggles of his own soon.Suguro and Shima: Suguro may be angry, but I'm not sur...
  • E.S.
    God, everyone in this volume was so angsty.I knew this would happen when people finally knew that Rin was the son of Satan. You can't help who your family is. What matters are Rin's goals and how he treats people. Everyone knows that a) He wants to defeat Satan and b) He cares about his friends and would never hurt them. You can't blame the son for what the father does, people...siiiiigh.
  • Gustavo
    La historia hace más o menos un alto para conocer un poco más a Suguro, o Bon para los amigos (?). Este personaje me encanta porque empieza siendo el estereotipo de "personaje que se va a enfrentar al principal" pero termina siendo mucho más, aunque supongo que también es otro estereotipo el "frenemy" tipo Vegetta. Bueno, ya he dicho que este manga no es de los mas originales, pero la historia y los personajes estan buenos, y vale la pena lee...
  • ChattyNatty
    I haven't read this since last December and i forgot how much i enjoy the series!!! The plot is kind of a slow burn i guess, everything develops gradually as characters are introduced and scenarios are worked out. This is only one volume so i don't have much to say except that i'm looking forward to how the story plays out and i am definitely investing my waterstones money in it!
  • Nina
    Still kind of interesting, but also I keep getting a little lost and can't figure out who's who sometimes.
  • Abeer Albossany
    A beautifully done volume. It was also faithfully adapted to the screen with trifle changes.
  • Elias Alexander
    Ha ha totally forgot to mark this as read. Loved it of course.
  • Sarah Schanze
    Still good! Getting some insight into other characters.
  • Lucasyuri_s1
  • Martina Fuchs
    Tbh Konekomaru really pissed me off in this volume.I get it, you're going through a lot, but blaming Rin for Satan's deeds and treating him that way?! Oh hell no!
  • Gaby
    No esta nada mal, pero le falta algo. La ilustración como siempre es preciosa y los paisajes son... wowYa veremos que tal el 6 tomo.
  • Isel
    I'm happy for Rin and also that Shima finally got over it.
  • Itzel Gbd
    Hasta ahora el más lento que he leído, siento que no avanzó nada la historia, pero fue interesante ver esa parte de la vida de Suguro.
  • Anto
    Este ha estado bastante interesante, y fue nuevo porque no aparece en el anime, o no que yo recuerde al menos xD
  • Elinor Master of Gifs
    Que dire, cette série ne me déçoit pas, chaque tome, c'est du lourd...
  • Jennifer Stoy
    After a meh volume 4, this one really stepped up the action and it was just so damn good!
  • Jasmin
    It was pretty good. I felt like this was a filler book.