Five, Tome 1 by Shiori Furukawa

Five, Tome 1

Ballottée depuis sa plus tendre enfance de ville en ville par ses parents, Hina n'aspire qu'à une chose : goûter enfin aux joies de la vie d'une élève ordinaire. Le rêve semble devenir réalité lorsqu'elle intègre son lycée définitif... mais vire au cauchemar lorsqu'elle découvre qu'elle est la seule fille d'une classe de surdoués !Pire que tout : les Five, les élèves les plus intelligents mais les moins disciplinés de sa classe, d...

Details Five, Tome 1

TitleFive, Tome 1
Release DateMar 20th, 2009
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo, Humor, Comics Manga, Graphic Novels

Reviews Five, Tome 1

  • Marianna Rainolter
    Volume preso al Salone del libro di Torino, attratta dalla copertina e dalla trama sul retro: la protagonista si trasferisce in una classe di soli maschi e 5 in particolare sembrano particolarmente interessati a lei e cercano di diventare loro amica mentre le stessa si ritrova ad apprezzare le loro attenzioni e le loro stranezze. Una commedia scolastica è un pochino romantica che non mi è dispiaciuta ma non mi ha convinto tantissimo, anche se m...
  • Lucie Paris
    If you liked the series "Special A" by Minami Maki, you will love to follow the adventures of Hina and her friends.For me, discovering this manga on, I admit I had some a prioris from the drawings proposed by the artist. Some features left me a little disappointed in the character's design, less fun to watch because less detailed. I personally have a preference for the drawing by Kisaka Io in the serie "Ao Haru Ride", which is...
  • Cheyenne
    Five is very similar to Special A concept wise, and even character wise, mostly or especially in regard to Hina (aka "Princess" or "Hime") the heroine of the story. Unless the similarities would be something that would irritate you, I'd think you'd like it. Personally I like "Special A" better, but this is a good read.After transferring schools all her life due to her parents work, Hina is finally able to set down roots and make the friends she's...
  • MJ
    The art style is quite exaggerated, but you get used to it since the expressions are versatile and the proportions aren't that bad. It's a little typical high school girl makes friends with popular group of boys, but then it takes that and drops it on its head. The adventures are hilarious and the characters have depth. :)
  • Chtitepuce
    Un premier tome plutôt sympathique (dans mon souvenir). Malgré des dessins moyens, on m'a fortement conseillé cette série et comme j'ai les sept prochains tomes autant me faire plaisir.https://lapucealoreilleblog.wordpress...
  • Tracey
    To this day this is still by far my favorite manga. It has so many aspects that I love, the characters, the story and the art most of all. I will continue to read this again and again =^.^=
  • Natasya Wiah
    Don't like it. The draw or the sketch or whatever it call, its really bothering me. The character was drew quite ugly. I don't think that I need to read further until volume 2 and so on.
  • Melcouettes
    Un premier tome sympa. J'attends de lire la suite pour me faire un meilleur avis.
  • Nura
    intermezzo saat dikejar deadline. plotnya gabungan antara boys before flower sama perfect girl evolution. satu cewek yang keliatannya biasa aja tiba-tiba dikelilingin lima cowok yang jadi idola.