And Also Sharks by Jessica Westhead

And Also Sharks

Finalist for the 2012 Danuta Gleed Literary Award A 2011 Globe and Mail Top 100 book One of Kobo's Best Ebooks of 2011 The forlornly funny stories in And Also Sharks celebrate the socially awkward, the insecure, the unfulfilled, and the obsessed. A disgruntled follower of a self-esteem blog posts a rambling critical comment. On the hunt for the perfect coffee table, a pregnant woman and her husband stop to visit his terminally ill ex-wife. The of...

Details And Also Sharks

TitleAnd Also Sharks
Release DateMar 15th, 2011
PublisherCormorant Books
GenreShort Stories, Cultural, Canada, Fiction

Reviews And Also Sharks

  • Brooke
    I read this over the course of a few weeks and I don’t really remember any of the stories. I didn’t dislike them - they were well-written and held my attention while I was reading them, but they aren’t memorable to me.
  • Jeff Bursey
    More three and three quarters, really. I like the tonal control Jessica Westhead displays, and wonder what her stories would look like if she let the tartness and occasional sniping from her characters come out more. There are a lot of stories in this collection, perhaps a couple or so that could have been left out, making the book stronger. For those who think canadian short fiction is only the interminably boring Alice Munro and Mavis Gallant, ...
  • Shannon Knight
    My Auntie Val sent me this book from Canada (incidentally, people who send me books from Canada are always right up there on my top 10 list of favorite people); she met Jessica Westhead at her book club and got it signed for me, thinking I would love the book. And she was so right! These stories are funny and bleak and touching all at once, and sometimes you see your friends or coworkers in the characters, and sometimes you see yourself. I think ...
  • Renee
    Awesome compilation of stories. From hilarious to thought-provoking, Westhead provides a little bit of everything. I loved that although she wrote many in first person (a POV I have trouble reading) I didn't realize it after about two sentences. Very talented writer. I can't wait to read more of her work. Definitely recommend.
  • Ian
    Every story has notable quotes but some stories seem unevenly paced. Some stories seem unexpectedly to race to the end in a final paragraph with a somewhat dissatisfactory resolution. Highlights include "Todd and Belinda Rivers of 780 Strathcona" and "We are All About Wendy Now."
  • Kirsten
    Jessica Westhead is talented. A few of these stories alone knocked my socks off. The way that she writes characters that are quirky and complex - just wow. When I read the first story in the collection, "We are All About Wendy Now," I thought I was going to continue to be wowed throughout. And I was, but at the same time I felt the repetitiveness of her theme drag on me. Every single story is about people who think they are morally superior in so...
  • Benjamin Kahn
    I enjoyed this collection of short stories. They were all a little strange, quirky takes on modern life. The main characters seemed to be a little out of step with the rest of the world, which gave them a different outlook on the other characters without seeing through them. A fun read.
  • Pooker
    Found in my mailbox on April 24 - a birthday surprise from DJO!May 1, 2012Okay, so I'm 3/4 of the way through this book of stories and have come to the conclusion that I am a horrible person. I've been snickering, sometimes even laughing out loud, all the way through. It's not that these people are so funny. In fact the poor souls are quite miserable. So why am I laughing? I DON'T KNOW! Hence, my conclusion that I'm just a jerk.I kind of knew tha...
  • Nat
    The first story sucked me in but I didn't enjoy the others as much.
  • Lexyvs
    If you’ve been by Gin and Rhetoric before, you might know that I have a soft spot for short stories … especially quirky ones, so when I saw Jessica Westhead read from And Also Sharks a few months ago, I knew that I had to read it. And Also Sharks contains 15 short stories, each one telling the story of outsiders, misfits or weirdo’s. People who just don’t quite fit in to the established social norms. People that I like to call ‘socially...
  • Lindsay Nichols
    At first glance, this seemed like a great, quick read for me. I love short story collections. I love weird stories about normal seeming people.This book did not satisfy my short story loves. Reading this book started to feel like I was reading for a class assignment. And not even an assignment for a class I particularly enjoy. Perhaps it was a case of wrong book at the wrong time, but it will make me second guess reading anything else by this aut...
  • Jennifer Whiteford
    I read with Jessica Westhead in 2008 and will be reading with her again later this month, but I would have given this book 5 stars even if I'd never met her. These are wonderful short stories. Funny, current, at times devastating, but always well crafted. Each story is character-driven so the settings become secondary, but still all the scenes are easy to picture. I loved it.
  • Robin Spano
    Quirky & awesome. Seriously hard to put down. Don't read if you've just had Botox (or some other reason it's harmful to laugh). Jessica understands people's quirks - and communicates them - like a true literary genius.
  • Ann Douglas
    A motley assortment of characters populate the stories in this collection. The stories are as unlike one another as the characters, and yet the narrative voice is steady -- always ironic. Enjoyable, particularly if you like quirky.
  • John Degen
    I have an audio interview with the author coming out in a couple weeks. You will hear my enthusiasm for the book then. See here for Book Room podcasts.
  • Loretta
    Wonderful, odd, quirky characters, often not sympathetic if one were to step back, but Westhead brings them and their humanity to life. I really enjoyed these.
  • Carrie Marcotte
    Solid set of short stories. Not too complicated but with enough whimsy to make them interesting to read.
  • Allison Baggio
    Smart, well-written, tight sharp prose. And funny. Loved it.
  • Ricky
    better then shark week
  • Hadi
    I thought this was a fairly solid collection but after a few days I couldn't remember any of the details...
  • Angela Misri
    Just met the charming Jessica Westhead last night at the CBC Books Trivia Night, so I'm starting her book with her in mind!
  • Jerry Levy
    Jessica can really weave a tale. There's not one story here that I didn't like
  • Kelsey
    Very skillfully told, compelling stories. A wonderful collection.