Moby-Dick in Pictures by Matt Kish

Moby-Dick in Pictures

Inspired by one of the world’s greatest novels, Ohio artist Matt Kish set out on an epic voyage of his own one day in August 2009. More than one hundred and fifty years following the original publication of Moby-Dick, Kish began illustrating Herman Melville’s classic, creating images based on text selected from every page of the 552-page Signet Classics paperback edition. Completely self-taught, Kish refused to set any boundaries for the artw...

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TitleMoby-Dick in Pictures
Release DateOct 11th, 2011
PublisherTin House Books
GenreArt, Fiction, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Classics

Reviews Moby-Dick in Pictures

  • Esteban del Mal
    How great is Goodreads?This great.I found out about this here book somehow or other because my antennae are always up when it comes to anything about Moby-Dick. I add it to my 'to-read' list. Resident nice guy, tim, notices this and, as you'll see in the comments below, let's me know that Powell's has ORIGINAL PRINTS from the artist on for sale in their gallery.I call Powell's. Am treated as a curiosity because I don't live in Portland and can't ...
  • Paul Bryant
    Now I have a reason to enter the Euromillions lottery and win a cool 100 million smackers. Because I now want to commission a book just like this wild, obsessive compulsive disorder of a book only for James Joyce's Ulysses. What I will do (when I win) is hire 782 artists, one for every page of Ulysses, and their contract will stipulate that they all sit down on Bloomsday (16th June) and made a lovely picture inspired by a specific given page of J...
  • Mariℓina
    I have yet to decide if this book is a masterpiece or a complete nonsense..Its grandiose style and the very well formed relationship between the book itself and the drawings are two contradictory elements that make it unique yet at points very disturbing..Right from the start you know this book is not what it comes to mind when someone hears Moby-Dick!That is both good and bad..Yes it's from a totally new perspective but the disadvantage is cause...
  • tim
    It must have taken some Ahab-grade obsession to see this ambitious project all the way through to completion. Fortunately, like Ishmael, Matt Kish narrowly escapes annihilation to bring back his labor of love intact. Every drawing accompanies a quote pulled from each page of Moby Dick, visually re-imagining it. At 552 drawings completed roughly one a day without a break, one might expect to encounter waning inspiration if not sheer exhaustion at ...
  • Feliks
    Made an impulse buy, based on what excerpts I encountered on-line. It's a superb picture-book for my coffee-table (if I had a coffee-table). Also purchased one for a friend in the hospital. Anyway, great for flipping through--the thing is THICK! And handsomely printed, large-dimension. Supple 'matte'-finished pages for the fingertips. Graphic-art delight. And anyway, since this tome has no actual reading to be done (just quotations on each page) ...
  • S.
    I learned of this book shortly before I began Moby Dick and was intrigued, but figured such a huge book would cost me a heap of postage. Thank you for making this purchase possible and less painful than expected.This is a beautiful companion to Moby Dick, full of inpired drawings and graphic work, one based on every page of the book. It's the kind of thing only someone who really loved the book could do, and that's what makes it all the...
  • Deirdre
    This is an outstanding book and that is an understatement! It is a must have for any English or Art Teacher! Process and commitment is an endeavor and this book brings joy, energy and excitement to the undertaking. I love the concept and the work. BRAVO!
  • Michael
    This is more of what I would call a Coffee Table Book of artwork. Each page of Moby Dick is represented in art. The artist is completely self taught and used a variety of mediums for the art including some unconventional sounding things:According to the blurb on Amazon he "used found pages torn from old, discarded books, as well as a variety of mediums, including ballpoint pen, marker, paint, crayon, ink, and watercolor. By layering images on top...
  • Chris Blocker
    What a wonderful tribute to a great novel.When I received Moby-Dick in Pictures I decided it was imperative I view the book simultaneously with Moby-Dick . With a full reading list and an uncertainty about Melville's classic work, it took a little too long to get around to it. Thumbing through these artistic interpretations, I appreciated the work, but viewing these as I believe the artist intended them to be viewed, alongside Moby Dick, made th...
  • Edward Rathke
    This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I didn't really care for this book.I love most of Kish's artwork that I've come across. I love Moby Dick. This seemed like it was made for people like me, yeah?While I like what he's doing in here and I like the idea behind the whole thing, his vision of Moby Dick is so vastly different than mine that I actually began to feel repelled by it. I don't know how to explain it better than that, but it kind...
  • Alfonso
    This book was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I wasn't to sure what to expect when I entered the giveaway....but was pleasantly surprised when I received my copy in the mail. I had a graphic novel in mind. I am not really an artsy kind of person but this might have changed my outlook a bit. I read Moby Dick when I was very young and did not remember as well as I would have liked, so I went to the library and picked it up. Matt Kish does an excellent job portrayi...
  • Ray
    Moby-Dick In Pictures by Matt Kish is one of the the best books I read this year, and one that I refer to often for inspiration. 552 remarkable, beautiful, ingenious illustrations, one for every page of the classic novel, Moby Dick. It's a great bargain too. $28 ... that's, like, two cents a pound. (It's a BIG book.)
  • Molly
    Very handsome book.
  • Mycala
    In the ninth grade, my English teacher confided in our class that Moby Dick was the most boring book she'd ever read. This made an impression on me. If someone who was a Literature major was bored by it, why should I bother to read it? Since then, this seems to be the consensus when I hear others mention the book, so it surprised me to learn about Matt's early obsession with it and I thought this would be a good way to ease into the story.I did n...
  • Jared Davis
    An affinity for Moby Dick can be hard to explain. The book runs long, droning at times, yet still stands as a quintessentially American classic. The endless attempts to transform the book into other modalities -- textual, visual, theatrical, cinematic -- may too be an American cultural tradition.Kish has done a fine job for our generation. I'm impressed by the very feat of producing an original artwork, once per day, for every page of a nearly si...
  • I Watts
    Moby Dick is one of my favorite books and Matt Kish has created something excellent by way of his own obsession with it. Not only the drawings and character interpretations lend a wild magic to the story but selecting choice excerpts from the text illuminates how great Melville's writing truly is. When immersed in 500+ pages of the same stuff, one becomes in a way snow blind in the brilliance of of his beautifully writ revelations.
  • Loretta
    My husband got this for me because he knows how much I love Moby Dick... More of a coffee table book than anything else, but it is a fun, interesting look at how a text can impact other readers in ways that align with or diverge from your own perspective. Plus, it is pretty cool to look at!
  • Autumn
    I am too much of a traditionalist to ever like this book.
  • Lindsay
    It's wonderful to see this images while listening to Moby Dick by Melville. I love Kish's approach to illustrating one page of the entire novel.
  • Aaron the Pink Donut
    some of the work is quiet inspired and worth checking out but a lot of filler to be found in this massive collection.
  • Julie Flandorfer
    Wonderful artwork! This was a great inspiration to me. A treasure to own.
  • Elizabeth A
    Let me first confess that I have yet to read Moby-Dick. I tried once, and gave up right about the time I hit the word Circumambulate. Don't get me wrong, I love the word, but realized I was not in the right frame of mind to read the book at that time. Which brings me to this delightful book. The author has a fascination with Moby-Dick, and created an illustration a day, for each page of the 552 page paperback version of the story, on found papers...
  • JL Smither
    If the idea of flipping one by one through 500+ art prints depicting every single page of Moby Dick sounds at all appealing to you, then this is certainly the book for you. To me, that sounds incredible, and I’m so glad this book exists so I can do so. This is not at all the way I pictured Moby Dick, but it’s the way Matt Kish does. And it was fascinating to get a glimpse into another interpretation. Not that many people have actually read Mo...
  • Bob
    Although I read about this book in the NYT last year, I really didn't know what to expect when I bought it to accompany my reading of Moby Dick this summer. When I paged through it before starting my read, I was somewhat disappointed to find that the pictures were primarily somewhat abstract collages, not necessarily my favorite art form. But when I got down to the reading, 20 or so pages of Moby Dick followed by the matching pages of the artwork...
  • Juliana
    Gorgeous book. Matt Kish created an illustration (one-a-day) for each page in the Signet Classics paperback edition of Moby-Dick. Hopefully someone at Signet will be smart enough to produce a new edition of Moby-Dick with at least some of Kish's illustration. This is exactly the kind of wonderful project that works well as a web site, but then is also worth the price of a book to have and hold. I've posted a few of my favorite illustrations on my...
  • Sarah
    This is a really cool book. The drawings capture the meaning of all the statements very well. I think using found paper and using it was a great idea because it adds another dimension that just being "flat" and "generic". I find myself looking at the drawing and then looking past it to see what is popping out and around it. I too worked in a bookstore and I was drawn to more the artsy book covers instead of the plain boring book covers. I guess t...
  • Kurt
    I could go on and on about how amazing this book is, but everyone else mostly has done that already. Instead, let me focus on why I gave this three stars instead of the five it deserves. It's simple: I read this on Kindle. This is a book that deserves to be on a shelf or a coffee table. This is not a book that you buy a digital copy of. The Kindle version is horrible. If they came out with a dedicated app instead, then it would be better. So me g...
  • Carolyn Hanson
    Grateful to daughter Cara for hand delivering her library copy for me to borrow/enjoy~ I've never read the Moby Dick classic (& am still not very tempted to tackle it) but certainly appreciate this creative visual version. Having recently completed a modest 61 day art challenge using index cards, I have a bit of perspective on the commitment & depth of Matt Kish's 552 page journey. (Be sure to read the Forward in this book ~ either before or afte...