Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 5 (Ouran High School Host Club, #5) by Bisco Hatori

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 5 (Ouran High School Host Club, #5)

In this sharp-witted romantic comedy about the clash of the classes (of all kinds), a poor girl at a rich kids' school ends up working at the school's toniest club-and gets mistaken for a boy!In this high anticipated title, a kind of cross between HANA-KIMI and BOYS OVER FLOWERS, Haruhi is a scholarship student at an exclusive private school: Ouran High School, where it turns out the bespectacled, short-haired Haruhi is the only student from a lo...

Details Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 5 (Ouran High School Host Club, #5)

TitleOuran High School Host Club, Vol. 5 (Ouran High School Host Club, #5)
Release DateMar 7th, 2006
PublisherVIZ Media
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Shojo

Reviews Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 5 (Ouran High School Host Club, #5)

  • isabelle
    Included THIS sceneSo just had to give the volume 5 fabulous stars.
  • Zahra Dashti
    قسمت آلیس در سرزمین عجایبش خیلی خوب بود :))خیلی بهتر از انیمه اش :))
  • haley
    So, manga isn't really my thing, but I absolutely adored the anime version of this, and I needed more of Ouran's awesomeness, so that's why I decided to read it. Although most of this was the same as the anime, there was a few new stuff and I liked it.Overall, pretty good.
  • Daphne
    Re-read: March 2018This is such a fun series. It has a fun plot, a ton of slapstick humor, and a hilarious cast of characters. This contained to summer vacation arc and, while it's certainly not my favorite story arc, it is entertaining. The differences between the twins are starting to become more clear, and you can definitely see them maturing. As I mentioned in my original review, I love Nekozawa, and his story was awesome. I don't have much t...
  • Flor
    Reason #457 why I love this manga*Haruhi and Hikaru on their date trying to share an ice cream*Tamaki (dressed up as the clerk): No need to share one! I'm not stingy so here's another one for freeKaoru (tackling Tamaki): why did you interfere when things were going so well.Hikaru (unaware of their presence): Too bad Kaoru couldn't comeKaoru (jumping like a crazy person): BROTHER I'M HERE!
  • Chelsea K.
    This is definitely my favorite volume yet! For two main reasons, I think: 1) it struck a perfect balance between character building and goofiness (whereas former episodes were mainly comedic or filler-ish), and 2) the guest characters didn't seem to distract from the story of the actual club members, but actually added to it. (I'm biased, because I always prefer solo-club hijinks to guest-inspired hijinks.)Episode 17: 4.5/5Midterm grades come out...
  • Kat (Lost in Neverland)
    My favorite cover of all the manga's so far. I love the blue!!After I Finished the BookNot only my favorite manga cover, my favorite manga VOLUME. (of this series) It was so funny and sweet, and my new favorite character is definitely Mori, for what reason, I have no idea. EEEEEE!!(Btw: that picture is actually in an episode in this volume.) It has three of my favorite episodes in it, one with the creepy/hot Nekozawa!! WHOOOO! I officially love t...
  • Ankita Singh
    My favorite volume so far!
  • Kellie
    I think this is my favorite volume so far...?
  • Tsumi Tsunami
    3,5Se me fue super rapido este tomo, encontre unos capitulos muuuy relleno, peor igual eran divertidos :)
  • Laura
    This volume has all my favorite moments and MORE specially the secret of Mori-sempai. i couldn't believe it!!
  • Angel
  • Miss Ryoko
    Oh lord... I love the twins.Dayum... Mori was lookin' pretty sexy during the refreshing contest in Karuizawa!! Hahahaha!! But also.... they were ALL lookin' pretty darn sexy when the host club was dressed up like police officers! Yes ma'am!! Lol!!I really don't want Haruhi and Tamaki to end up together like I know they will. I really don't want Haruhi to end up with any of them, but she will because it is a shojo manga. I really love how nonchala...
  • Nora Cayetano
    Este bendito tomo recopila algunos de los momentos que guardo con más cariño en mi kokoro ; w ; La "cita" de Hikaru y Haruhi. El amigo del papá y su posada. Y mi favorito: la historia de los hermanos Nekozawa ♥ ♥ ♥Se queda entre mis mangas favoritos :'D(view spoiler)[Aunque ya quiero que inicie el shippeo intenso entre Haruhi y Tamaki, disfruto mucho cómo se van dando las cosas y que la autora nos permita fantasear con otras parejas -co...
  • Treasure
    This one had more plot than some of the previous books, but still plenty of silly, over the top parodies of manga stereotypes and breaks with the "4th wall".Haruhi gets a female tutor that makes the Host Club mad with jealousy and then they spend the summer vacation working together at a resort, where Haruhi reconnects with an old school friend, inciting more jealousy. Um,noticing a slight plot device pattern here....
  • Kelsey Hanson
    This one was one of the better editions mainly for the moment where Tamaki is training their resident prince of darkness. Using a flashlight as negative reinforcement really shouldn't be as funny as it was. I cracked up at the "No back talk!" line. It was also interesting to see a series where the twins do not have identical personalities and have their own issues to deal with.
  • Eva Domínguez
    En este tomo seguimos descubriendo la forma de ser de los personajes.La historia esta vez ha sido taaan mona *-*
  • Valentina Markasović
    Really liked the first chapter in this one, non-anime material. I like how Tamaki doesn't even try and ends up second best in the class.
  • Jackie B. - Death by Tsundoku
    Episode 18 brings a new character into the host club, Ayame Jonouchi. Haruhi has found a tutor in Ayame. However, Ayame harbors ill feelings for Tamaki ever since he took the school by storm when he arrived in 8th grade. He swept her heart away and swept away her 2nd place spot in the academic rankings. Thankfully, Tamaki eventually sees his innocent words and interactions with Ayame clouded her high school experiences. The Host club to the rescu...
  • Carina
    Gah, this is such a cute volume of Ouran!The first story is another filler-type piece about Haruhi not quite getting the grade she needed which could put her scholarship at risk. As a story its a very forgettable one, but it's actually sweet how the Host Club rally behind her and make sure she has studying time (even if they're a tad noisy and disruptive about it). The main storyline in this Tankabon is the summer holiday one, which is just adora...
  • Juliana Barajas
    Reseña completa: https://juliana-thisismylife-estaesmi...Los primeros capítulos se me hicieron aburridos aunque si hubo parte divertidas, como cuando aparece su amigo de la infancia y Haruchi descubre algo por ser despistada esa parte es divertida.Algo que no me está gustando es la actitud de Haruchi, como que todo le vale y no piensa en los demás, para los que han leído Host club o han visto el anime pues tiene que trabajar para pagar el ja...
  • Denise
    Haruhi really doesn't get worked up about anything (almost--we saw what scared her a volume or so ago). She forgets to go back to a section on a test and doesn't get the top score because of it. Her scholarship is dependent on her grades so she's in danger of being kicked out. She's positive she'll do more than fine on the makeup test but the Host Club tries to tutor her anyway. She gets a job during the summer which the guys of course crash. Hir...
  • Karura Chan
    Como me he tardado para leer este tomo, y eso que ya lo tenia desde hace buen rato,Ouran me encanta, es simple, pero siempre me saca una sonrisa, en este tomo es super divertido la competencia que hacen y me encantan los gemelos, los adoro, aunque también me encanta Tamaki, cuando deja sus tonterías atrás y se pone serio. Y las ultimas paginas con el extraño actuar de Mori, la verdad si da miedo. Lo prefiero serio. A leer el siguiente.
  • Emma
    It was really nice to see the twins getting some character development, as well as showing their individual personalities more (I must say that Kaoru is giving Kyoya a run for his money as "shadow puppet master" but it's all for a good cause I guess haha).Another very enjoyable instalment, and I'm pretty sure that the art just keeps improving with every volume.
  • Evelyn
    An amusing tale of jealousy and scorn.A refreshing trip for summer vacation.An old friend causes storm that could possibly mean some personal growth for one of the characters.And to top it all off, we have a three year old with a very adult vocabulary visit the Host Club.Hilarious antics and heart warming lessons.This series has 18 volumes.
  • Danii Allen
    Read as part of the PopSugar Reading Challenge 2017, to fill 35) A book set in a hotel.(Cheating more but Karuizawa is almost a hotel leave me alone.) The extra episode in this volume, Mori's Secret, was my favourite thing ever (as a massive Mori fangirl it's just incredible). More Mori, please!! And of course, I still love the main story.
  • Mandee
    This if the first manga I've read; I picked it up because the anime did not complete the story. It is really enjoyable. I'm sure a lot is lost in translation but I find the story lighthearted but still with interesting depth of characters. This is one of my favorite stories because of the scene in the church during the storm. Hikaru's character growth is beautiful.
  • Gemma Henry
    Aw this volume was a good one. I loved reading Haruhi and Hikaru's date. So sweet! I'm getting a few good laughs too. Something about books makes me 10x more invested in the characters versus the Tv show. I can't wait to see how the ending is different to the anime. Happy reading,~ Gem
  • Hana Eka
    Fanservis kali ini bagus.Hikaru vs Haruhi!
  • Mr. Tally