The Night the Defeos Died by Ric Osuna

The Night the Defeos Died

On November 13, 1974, police received a report of a homicide at 112 Ocean Avenue in the Village of Amityville, New York, a sleepy seaside community located on Long Island's South Shore. Once there, the police discovered six members of the DeFeo family -- father, mother and four of their five children -- shot and killed execution style. The surviving son, Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr., was eventually charged and tried for the murder of his family and n...

Details The Night the Defeos Died

TitleThe Night the Defeos Died
Release DateMar 7th, 2006
PublisherBooksurge Publishing
GenreCrime, True Crime, Nonfiction, Biography

Reviews The Night the Defeos Died

  • Randie
    I've always been interested in the Amityville case, so i have read a lot of books concerning it. While this book claims to tell the "true" story about what really happened the night the DeFeos were killed i have my doubts. I don't believe that their was ever any paranormal entity inside the DeFeo house that "told" Ronnie DeFeo to kill. I say this because, the Lutzes, a couple that bought the house shortly after the murders do so in hopes of gaini...
  • Sarah Todd
    The book is well written in that it reads quickly and the information (there’s a lot of it) is easy to follow. The problems I have are with the speculative nature. I think I was left with more questions than I started with, and I don’t feel like I have a solid conclusion. But as far as true crime and the info that’s delivered this was a solid read.
  • Nancy
    If you've heard of the DeFeo murders, then no doubt you've heard that the family was killed at the hands of the oldest son who was under the influence of drugs, drink, or possibly a supernatural element. The DeFeos were in fact killed by the oldest son but that is about the only true part of the story. Author Ric Osuna spent years meticulously researching the story of the DeFeo murders and the story of the Amityville horror, the haunted house the...
  • Karen
    I found this book fascinating. I've always been intrigued and curious surrounding the real story behind "The Amityville Horror". Osuna did a great job at researching and providing facts on the case. I never knew the real story and I learned a great deal. Even though, Osuna maintains an unbiased point of view, you always wonder if what everyone claimed to be accurate is, in fact, accurate. Reading this book I am able to understand Butch aka Ronald...
  • Fishface
    More on ye olde DeFeo family murders. This is Butch's viewpoint, as related by his ex-wife. Includes some information on the connections between the DeFeos and the Mafia. If possible, this makes the DeFeo family looks even more miserable and depraved than the Kaplans did in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR CONSPIRACY, and in the process the author does his best to bring down the Long Island police constabulary, the prosecutor's office and most of the author...
  • Mitzi
    I've always been intriqued with the Amityville Murder's & House since I was a child. This book goes into great detail of what happened and behind the scenes. Very well written & seems like it the author has researched very well also.
  • Samantha Nicholson
    An excellent resource that delves into the hard facts of the case, including court records, crime scene evidence, in-depth interviews, and much more.
  • Rachael
    i'm not sure i agree with all of the author's scenarios regarding this case; nevertheless, it was an eye opener. it provided many facts that i was never aware of. worth the read
  • Trisha Arrowsmith
    I couldn't finish it. It was too long.