Poems of André Breton by André Breton

Poems of André Breton

Andre Breton (1896-1966) was the founder of Surrealism and a major leader of the avante-garde movement in France following World War I. This exceptional volume brings together the most comprehensive selection of poems by Breton available in the English language. Here, in a bilingual French-English format are 73 poems representing all styles and stages of the writer's career.

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TitlePoems of André Breton
Release DateApr 17th, 2006
PublisherBlack Widow Press
LanguageMultiple languages
GenrePoetry, Cultural, France, European Literature, French Literature

Reviews Poems of André Breton

  • Eadweard
    Woman of mine with the back of a bird in vertical flight With a quicksilver back A back of light With a nape of rolled stone and moist chalk And the drop of a glass just drained Woman of mine with nacelle hips With chandelier and arrow-feather hips Like scapes of white peacock plumes Of imperceptible sway Woman of mine with buttocks of sandstone and amianthus Woman of mine with swan’s-back buttocksWoman of mine with springtime buttocks With the...
  • metaphor
    When the windows like the jackal’s eye and desire pierce the dawn, silken windlasses lift me up to suburban footbridges. I summon a girl who is dreaming in the little gilded house; she meets me on the piles of black moss and offers me her lips which are stones in the rapid river depths. Veiled forebodings descend the buildings’ steps. The best thing is to flee from the great feather cylinders when the hunters limp into the sodden lands. If yo...
  • secondwomn
    i have a push-pull relationship with surrealism. some of it grabs me and some of it i find unbearably dull. breton tends to be on the better end of the spectrum for me. i don't have any french, so i cannot compare the translation to the original (included here, which i prefer even when i can't read it). the english versions generally hold up well to my ear, although they don't always provide the element of linguistic surprise that i expected. "No...
  • Jsavett1
    These poems are very good. I'm deeply engaged right now with surrealist poetry; obviously, Breton, as the movement's founder and philosopher is a must read. In terms of the content and effect of the poems, not what they DO, I enjoyed Paul Eluard's work a bit more. It may be my difficulty in still holding on to SOME sort of traditional hand hold on meaning; but, I think it's also something else. While Breton is certainly more "wild" and what Rober...
  • J.M. Hushour
    Surprisingly not very interesting, considering it's Breton we're talking about here. About half the poems are tedious and one gets the sense that at some points in his literary career as the vanguard of Surrealism Breton was either trying too hard or not trying enough. That said, some of the pieces here are really, really, really good, and the ones that aren't might just be due to the translations. The few poems included in this volume that I've ...
  • Jamie
    Forgive me or at least my lack of culture, but I just don't appreciate surrealism. Words are powerful and beautiful on their own, but sentences need some cogency.
  • Donald Armfield
    A large collection of Brenton's work some interesting lines. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of these two collections as stand alones.*Clair De Terre*Le Revolver Á Cheveux Blancs
  • George
    This is another fine title from Black Widow Press, casting a wide net across the waters of Breton's work.