100 Decisive Battles by Paul K. Davis

100 Decisive Battles

From the ancient Egyptian battle at Megiddo in 1469 BC to the recent military actions in Iraq, great battles have had an enormous impact on the shaping of history. Now, in this fully illustrated book, one hundred of the world's most important military confrontations are described in detail. 100 Decisive Battles gives us the facts about the battle and also explains where it fits in to the scope of world history.In each entry we are given the name ...

Details 100 Decisive Battles

Title100 Decisive Battles
Release DateJun 14th, 2001
PublisherOxford University Press, USA
GenreHistory, War, Military Fiction, Military, Military History, Nonfiction, Reference, Ancient History

Reviews 100 Decisive Battles

  • Brett
    I first read this book when I was a budding history buff in high school, much younger and much less knowledgeable about history. It introduced me to many battles I had never heard of, but I think its value more or less ends there. Looking back on it now, it seems like a type of book that has rapidly become obsolete in the wake of the internet. In it, Paul K. Davis sets out to provide short summaries of 100 of the most influential battles througho...
  • Josh Liller
    I picked this up from my local library as some light-n-fluffy history reading and I didn't particularly like it. The presentation felt uneven, the inclusion of maps felt random, the author occasionally mixed up his directions (east vs west), and background information on battles from the same war often felt repetitive. For a book published in 1999, it also seems to lean heavily on old sources; on the battles I was already more familiar with, I of...
  • Rick Wong
    Good synopsis of the battles that are described. Though I wouldn't rate some of them in the top 100. I would not have rated the 1st Gulf War in the top 100. I would have put Kursk before GW 1, but that's the beauty in doing a top 100, always room for opinions. Otherwise nice, short, and concise. Kind of like your Cliff Notes for battles.
  • Steven Peterson
    Paul Davis undertakes an effort to identify the 100 most decisive battles in history. The three criteria that he uses to select key battles: "1. The outcome of the battle brought about a major political or social change. . . . 2. Had the outcome of the battle been reversed, major political or social changes would have ensued. . . . 3. The battle marks the introduction of a major change in warfare." There follows the enumeration, with each battle ...
  • Eugene Slaven
    One of my all time favorite military history books, and one that I use regularly as an encyclopedic guide to history's most interesting and significant battles. Each of the 100 chapters is broken down into three short and concise sections: the events that led to the battle, the details of the battle, and how the battle's outcome affected the course of history. While each chapter is only 1-2 pages, Paul K. Davis manages to give the reader a remark...
  • Miles711
    This book is fantastic for learning about 100 battles in all of history. The author does a great job of keeping every battle to about 3-4 pages, but you learn enough that each battle could be its own book. The maps and sidebars are also very good, and they put lots of things into great detail. All of the battles are clearly decisive in ancient and modern history, and the Author also does a great ob of explaining why and what happened after. I wou...
  • William Herbst
    I liked the idea of this book more than the execution. The maps gave me little understanding of the tactical situation and the commentary for each battle was too superficial. Perhaps he should have covered 50 battles well.
  • Jesse
    Some of the older battles were fascinating but the American battles were far less grand. Of course, this is all a matter of opinion, but it seemed like the book started off great and ended up boring at the end. Still, this is a great book and I recommend it highly.
  • Wayne
    Maps of battles were almost worthless, but overall it was a good introduction to many historical battles and how they affected history.
  • Jeffry
    Thin ... fun kind of stuff. A better conversation starter than a book.