The Invisible Enemy by Dorothy Crawford

The Invisible Enemy

Here is a compelling scientific account of viruses, their history, and the dangers they pose--now and in the future. Viruses are disarmingly small and simple. Nevertheless, the smallpox virus killed over 300 million people in the twentieth century before it was eradicated in 1980. The AIDS virus, HIV, is now the world's biggest killer infection and the single most common cause of death in Africa. In recent years, the outbreaks of several lethal v...

Details The Invisible Enemy

TitleThe Invisible Enemy
Release DateApr 3rd, 2003
PublisherOxford University Press, USA
GenreScience, Nonfiction, Biology, Medical, History

Reviews The Invisible Enemy

  • Jose Moa
    With a elemental introduction to virology, inmunology and epidemiology makes a description and a bit of history of the most común viruses : flu,smallpox ,herpes,rabid, hantavirus,poliovirus ,VIH ,comon cold and spongiform bovine encefalitis,though this is not produced by a virus is instead produced by a defective replicant protein or prion;makes a referene to the relation of certain viruses to cáncer , finally the vacines as a preventive soluti...
  • Alex Brown
    I was in the pub with some geeky friends and one asked for my suggestion of a good popular science book on virology (as this is what I study). This was when I realised I'd never read one.This book was the most recent one that seemed to fit the bill - and it was from an Edinburgh University (where I am currently a student) academic. I was very excited to get started and passed the time waiting for it to arrive by imagining how I would set it out.T...
  • Michael Blackmore
    I have to admit I got interested in reading about virus' from some podcasts I've been listening to the topic and microbiology in general.It is an interesting topic and a reasonably good book. More of a history of our learning about them and fighting when discussions of the mechanisms of how virus' and infections work than just an examination of them. Still some interesting stuff in there. It would have been more interesting if it had talked about...
  • Jorge
    A propósito de uma disciplina do meu curso, acabei por conhecer este livro. Uma abordagem interessante, sempre com factos históricos e um texto muito bem encadeado e que deixa o leitor curioso, consegue dar ao leitor uma explicação interessante sobre a biologia humana, sobre os vírus e a sua influência na ciência e na nossa progressão enquanto espécie. Ainda que não seja um livro técnico, acaba por deixar o leitor interessado sobre uma...
  • Betsy Curlin
    An amazingly well researched and well written book that covers all aspects of viruses and their interactions with the living world. Investigates the hypothesized origins of viruses, how they invade living cells and appropriate the DNA of the cell to make more viruses, and the historical impact of viruses such as HIV and influenza.
  • SarvI
    I really enjoyed reading this book,the language is simple and covers what you need to know about viruses in basic level.
  • Laura Cooper
    Fair introduction to virology, writing before the 2014 Ebola outbreak, so in this and other senses out of date.
  • walter
    "A Natural History" of anything is interesting
  • Genetic Cuckoo
    A fascinating book about how viruses have shapes our everyday lives. IT is excellently written with many delightful descriptions that both scientists and non scientists can enjoy.
  • Cara O'Brien
    Interesting and informative, but I think Killer Germs is easier to follow for those not terribly familiar with biology/medicine.
  • Ellen
    Very readable introduction to this subject. Could probably do with an updated revision, though.
  • Brian
    Bit dated but well written. I never thought about how prevalent virusrs are in our lives and what an impact they have made, and continue to make on human societies.
  • Megan
    a nice, accessible description of viruses and the diseases they cause.