Chloe by Peter McCarty


Chloe has ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters.She’s in the middle and she loves it—especially when they all gather for family fun time.But when Dad brings home a surprise one evening, Chloe finds she is not in the middle anymore . . . but not for long!With gorgeous colored-ink drawings and funny, spare text, Peter McCarty tells a winning story of family, imagination, and love.

Details Chloe

Release DateApr 19th, 2012
PublisherBalzer & Bray
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Family, Animals, Storytime, Rabbits, Fiction, Kids, Media Tie In, Tv, Juvenile

Reviews Chloe

  • Laura
    Chloe by Peter McCarty is an adorable story filled with family and love. Words that inspire sharing time as a family with imagination, interaction, and laughter.For me, the pictures held the magic though. Pages filled with warm, rich colors pulled me right into the book. The clear, crisp illustrations flowed, swirled, and almost hopped around the page capturing the bunny family’s energy and cuteness perfectly. I so wanted to reach in and scratc...
  • Melissa
    Yes, yes, we get it, digital media is evil.
  • Steven Matview
    I thought this book was great and I’m surprised to see such a mixed reaction here. The art is cute and McCarty doesn’t beat you over the head with the message – a positive message about pretend play. I would recommend a parent read this book to their preschooler and have a box and bubble wrap ready to play with after!
  • Carol
    I love the message of this book. It is refreshing to see a child (okay a bunny) who isn't engrossed with the TV and who convinces her family that an active imagination is more entertaining.
  • Megan (ReadingRover)
    I adore McCarty’s soft pen and ink illustrations and the story was sweet but there wasn’t much to it. Chloe’s large family spends a lot of fun quality time together then they get a tv. Chloe feels left out but then she figures out a way to snap them out of their tv watching daze. Nothing much actually happens. I’ve read a few of McCarty’s books and this one is probably my least favorite. The illustrations make the book.
  • Antoinette Scully
    Chloe loves spending time with her family. Then the family gets a tv. Is that the end of the family games? ••• I liked this story but I felt it just sort of ended. It’s a good ploy if you want your kids to have more family time and demonize the tv.
  • Arminzerella
    Chloe is a bunny – the middle-bunny – in a large family (she has 20 older and younger siblings). Chloe loves her family and especially loves when they have “family fun time” together. When Dad brings home a new television, however, Chloe is upset. She doesn’t think watching TV is fun at all. She and her tiny little sister Bridget find a way to have fun anyway – using the box and the bubble wrap that once packaged their TV. Soon the re...
  • Kifflie
    Eh -- maybe I'm trying to read too much into this book, but something about it felt off. Is it a story about the difficulties of being a middle child in a large family? Is it a diatribe against television as family entertainment? Is it about the (questionable, IMHO) joys of popping bubble wrap? I'm just not sure what Peter McCarty was trying to get at here, and it's too bad, because I did enjoy his Hondo and Fabian so much. The 20 bunny brothers ...
  • Jennifer Love
    The illustrations are beautiful, but the turn off the TV message was not quite driven home. It might have, if the story had encompassed more than just one day.
  • Shannon
    Blek, could the message hit you over the head hard enough? Three stars for the exxxxxxxcellent, expressive artwork. I want McCarty to do a portrait of my kitties. :)
  • Bonnie Lambourn
    I personally loved this book, but understand why some people have been nonplussed or confused. It seems they have assumptions a middle children in large families always feels lost. I do think Peter McCarty would have had a stronger book if Chloe's expressions were big and clear. Because she is actually delighted to be the middle child. How do I know for sure? It says so on the flyleaf before the story. And it says it in the very first line of the...
  • Kaitlin Bisbee
    McCarty's "Chloe" is a story about a bunny who lives in a large family of brothers and sisters. One day the father brings home a tv, and Chloe convinces her siblings (and eventually her parents too) that playing together is more fun than watching tv. This story could be used in the classroom to illustrate to students the importance of stepping away from technology and engaging not only with our imaginations, but with each other. Especially in the...
  • Seema Rao
    Lovely, twee illustrations with a nice readaloud story about the importance of actively engaging as a family.
  • Jennifer Strong
    A little bit too heavy handed in message.
  • Sara
    Not a very satisfying ending. Do they keep the television?
  • Susan
    Cute for story time.
  • Phoebe
    Adorable art but the moralizing in the story felt a bit heavy to me. Though, I do like bubblewrap and I enjoyed the twist at the end of the book.
  • Jennifer Heise
    Cute illustrations, enterprising main character, but a little preachy. However, popping bubble wrap IS more fun than TV, so...
  • Banner Rodgers
    Illustrations are unique and colorful. Cute book.
  • Drew Graham
    Chloe's favorite part of the day is Family Fun time, when she and all her twenty bunny brothers and sisters spend time together. When Dad brings home a television set, Chloe worries their fun will be disrupted.This is a really cute and fun and readable story about turning off the TV and spending time together, and the illustration style is unique and memorable. But at the same time... sometimes a movie night is just fine, Chloe.
  • Leslie
    If you thought for at least a moment that “the not for long” meant Chloe would be dealing with a new sibling or cousin or someone–you were mistaken. No, the surprise Dad brings home is–ta-da!–a television!So, what does the arrival of the television have to do with Chloe being the middle child? Are we to be sad she is no longer the center of attention and/or the go-to girl for stellar ideas for familial “fun-time” activities? I think...
  • Kris
    Sweet picture book about Chloe, the object of Henry's affection in the author's previous book Henry in Love (one of my favorites last year). Chloe is the "middle child", with 10 older siblings and 10 younger siblings, and has to express her opinions in order to be noticed -- and she does. The strengths of this book, in my opinion, are with the beautifully detailed illustrations -- each sibling is recognizable from page to page, although the rabbi...
  • Stacy Renee (LazyDayLit)
    Chloe is the middle child with 10 older and 10 younger brothers and sisters. She thinks that their family fun time is the best thing in the world. When her father brings home a television set as a surprise, Chloe is very disappointed. Sitting around is not her or her baby sister, Bridget's, idea of fun at all. Within the discarded television box they find bubble wrap and start popping away. Soon, the other brothers and sisters join in on playing ...
  • Reem
    Chloe is a picture book written by Peter McCarty who tells a story about the family and how important it really is. The story talks about a Chloe who is a little bunny rabbit in a big family. She’s in the middle of ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters. She loves her big family so mush when they all gather for family fun time. Until one day, Chloe’s dad brought a television to home where everybody seemed excited ...
  • Lindsay Caudill
    The reason I chose Chloe as my Caldecott award winner was because of the way the pictures told a story. Peter McCarty did a wonderful job expressing the story in pictures. First off, the pages are very thick and I can tell that this book will stay in tact and not rip for a very long time. As I read the book, I focused a lot on the pictures. I noticed that if I was looking through the book at only the pictures and not the text, I still understand ...
  • Melanie
    Peter McCarty's new book is wonderfully illustrated as usual. It's the story of Chloe, the middle child of 21 kids. Her favorite time of the day is when all of her siblings come home and they can all have family fun time.This particular day her father brings home a television set. Everyone is excited except for Chloe and baby Bridget. After dinner everyone crowds around the TV. Chloe and Bridget think this is a lousy idea. Bridget finds the box a...
  • Lorna
    Peter McCarty produces such charming books (Fabian Escapes, T is For Terrible, Little Bunny On The Move) and his latest is no exception. The predominantly brown on cream palate compliments his story of a typically large, and very happy bunny family. Chloe is the middle child, in one of my favorite spreads she is the center of a whirlwind created by her family. Swirling brown bunnies, what could be better. Another two page spread includes the huge...
  • Jim Erekson
    Okay, the book's turn-off-your-tv message rings loud and clear, but this book doesn't push me to take its message too seriously. The playfulness in how Chloe draws people into another mode made me laugh out loud when the giant monster on the tv even stopped to look out of the tv set at what was going on. McCarty has an animator's sense for faces, gestures, and angles--for helping me make sense of what characters are thinking. The brothers and sis...
  • Becky B
    Chloe is the middle rabbit in a family of 21 bunny children. They love their family fun time. But when Daddy Bunny brings home a TV for family fun time, Chloe and Bridget don't think it's so fun. They find a better way to have fun together with some simple supplies.A not-to-disguised message to get away from the tv and interact. (Or possibly on the magical intrigue of bubble wrap popping.) I like McCarty's soft illustration style. Sometimes the i...
  • Vernon Area Public Library KIDS
    Oh what fun the simple joys of life are! Chloe the rabbit is the middle child of a big family (ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters). Everyone loves family fun time at the end of the day. One day, Father brought home a tv and everyone was entranced except Chloe and her younger sister Bridget. They knew how to create their own fun, by snatching the plastic bubble wrap out of the box and pop, pop, popping it! Soon eve...