Fever (The Chemical Garden, #2) by Lauren DeStefano

Fever (The Chemical Garden, #2)

Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion, but danger is never far behind.Running away brings Rhine and Gabriel right into a trap, in the form of a twisted carnival whose ringmistress keeps watch over a menagerie of girls. Just as Rhine uncovers what plans await her, her fortune turns again. With Gabriel at her side, Rhine travels through an environment as grim as the one she left a year ago - surroundings that mirror her own feelings of fear an...

Details Fever (The Chemical Garden, #2)

TitleFever (The Chemical Garden, #2)
Release DateFeb 21st, 2012
PublisherSimon & Schuster Children's Publishing
GenreScience Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews Fever (The Chemical Garden, #2)

  • hayden
    nov. 2017: 3.5 stars. very druggy.march 2012, original review: 4 stars(view spoiler)[GUESS WHO TOTALLY LOVED THIS BOOK????? :DLet's play Guess What She's Thinking!Oh, God, I really have to take a shit."I probably should've slept on the twelve-hour flight here. I feel like I haven't slept in a millenium.Shit, my foot iches... I wonder if they'll notice if I scratch it.What the hell did they do to my hair? It feels like I have straw coming out of m...
  • Meredith Holley
    You know, I think after talking to a couple of people about it, reading a couple of reviews, I can see better why someone would like these books. I am not a girl who cares for The Wings of the Dove, so I cannot understand this particular preference, but I can observe that people have it. I guess that there is something about vague wordiness that is attractive to some readers, and, you know, I can see how that is a thing. Maybe it is like black li...
  • Steph Sinclair
    4.5 starsThis is the first book I've read this year that grabbed me. And I mean it grabbed me. In fact, it's the first book that's going right on my "2012 favs" shelf. You know I'm picky and you know my bar is pretty high, but I LOVED this book. Lauren DeStefano stole my heart with her lyrical prose in Wither, but she took my breath away with Fever. But before I start gushing uncontrollably about how much I loved this book, I feel I need to talk ...
  • Ellie
    2012? Seriously? I can't wait that long! I want to get my hands on that book NOW. This is total agony. *cries*
  • Deanna
    Fever is Book 2 of the Chemical Garden TrilogyRhine and Gabriel have succeeded in escaping the mansion, and they are determined to find Rhine's brother, Rowan. However, it's a very short time before they are in danger again as they fall into the grips of an evil brothel owner. I really liked some of the secondary characters introduced in "Fever". I had a very soft spot for young Maddie. We learn a lot about her and her story really tugged at my h...
  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    About a year ago, I reviewed Fever, and it was pointed out to me how positive the review was compared to my rating; you can still see on my blog, but which I'm not going to link to, because, though I meant it at the time, this is one book where hindsight has really changed my opinion. Since I don't believe in major edits to my blog reviews, I'm going to change this one, because I really don't care.What I Liked:The writing, sort of. Lauren DeStefa...
  • else fine
    Not good at all. Oh, wait. No one likes it when I leave a single sentence review. Breathless fangirls and guys are even now lurking in the darkness of the internet, waiting to leap out with their all caps denunciations: HOW CAN U SAY THAT WITH NO REASON U JUST DONT GET IT ITS TO DEEP FOR YOU. I'm sorry. I'm sure some of them can spell. I'm a little bitter from my last bad Goodreads experience, with other fan fave 'Name of the Wind'. But there's n...
  • Arlene
    Things will get worse before they get better. A little more agony before the fever will break.Fever, the second installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy, picks up immediately where Wither left off. As Rhine and Gabriel escape Linden’s mansion in search of their freedom and Rhine’s twin brother, they find themselves captured by Madame Soleski and forced to become a perverse display for profit. The story unfolds into a brutal yet subtly roman...
  • Giselle
    An improvement over Wither - Fever starts exactly where we left off in the midst of the excitement from having escaped. The issue I had with Wither lacking energy, where I had a feeling of restlessness being with those girls in their big mansion unmoving, is not the case anymore. In Fever, we're out in the real world. Things are moving fast and the anxiety is heightened. As a lover of fast paced dystopians, I found myself much preferring this sec...
  • Angela
    Gritty sequel failed to keep my attention like WITHER didFever takes readers into an even darker world than did Lauren DeStefano’s debut novel, Wither. Having escaped the confines of the mansion, Rhine and Gabriel make the run to freedom only to find that the outside world may offer even less of it. As they struggle to make their way to Manhattan in search of safety and Rhine’s twin brother, the two find that the world is populated by those b...
  • Beatrice ~ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
    341 pages of boredom.I am so disappointed with this book. The plot is completely dull & boring. I don't see any world building and the characters just escaped, run, getting caught in the circus, find Rhine's brother etc. Nothing exciting happens and it didn't answered anything of what's the problem in their society. Na-da. Not even single CLUE how to cure this virus. I tried to be patient but it's exhausting. I don't feel the dystopia vibe anymor...
  • Isamlq
    Nothing was happening. I feel like Fever was an overlong game of hide and seek, and I didn’t even like the players all that much! As usual, the positive lay in how it’s written. And like the first, the negatives lay in the shock value. If the first had me reeling from the child bride aspect. This one had me reeling back from a number of things:Prostitution? Check.Drugs? Men turned monsters?Experiments? Check, check, and check.OK. I liked it a...
  • Maddie
    I didn't realise a book could be so repetitive, or that characters could spend so much of the plot sleeping!
  • nancy (The Ravenous Reader)
    FEVER by Lauren Destefano was a much anticipated novel for me because I enjoyed reading it's predecessor, WITHER and was very intrigued on how this new storyline would play out. Although I anticipated a few plot points, on a whole it was not what I expected.Upon returning to the bleak world that Rhine and Gabriel inhabit we find them on the run, fleeing a madman that is hell bent on cruel experimentation. Unfortunately they do not enjoy their fre...
  • Foz Meadows
    I really loved Wither. Fever, though, was a massive disappointment.This book was all over the place; I couldn't believe it at all. So much of it is dreams and nostalgia for other times and places and people - so much of it internal, wistful monologuing - that I found myself completely detached from the here and now, which, given that it's written in first person immediate, is no mean feat. The structure is uneven: nothing really seems to happen f...
  • Mimi Valentine
    HOLY WOW. People say that it's hard to write reviews for books you don't like, but I honestly think it's harder to write them for books you absolutely LOVE! Wither was one of my favourite reads of all time and Fever is just as breathtaking, if not more!Lauren DeStefano has some of the most beautiful prose I've ever read! She hooks you in from the very beginning and traps you in a dark dystopian world unlike any other. And you wouldn't think so, b...
  • Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner)
    OH MY GOODNESS. I cannot even formulate words right now. Devoured. Absolutely devoured. Full review on my book blog
  • Kristy
    First off, let me just say I loved Wither, but after reading it I really didn't feel like it needed another book. It could have been a standalone. But, Destafano's writing is was so good in #1 and the cover for this one was so appealing I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a go.dis·ap·point(ment) 1. to fail to fulfill the expectations or wishes of: His gross ingratitude disappointed us. 2. to defeat the fulfillment of (hopes, plans, etc.); th...
  • Lauren
    This book was a mess. What was it even about?Full review is also on my blog.What the HAIL? This book was a total disaster! I think the only reason I finished it was because I so confused I didn't know to stop reading. The different sections were disconnected. There was almost zero world building, and it made no sense. I read the first book Wither last summer (when I wasn't blogging) and I gave it 4 stars. I know that I am much less critical of bo...
  • Beth
    Rhine's struggles and pain are real, and her story is both heartbreaking and hopeful. I couldn't read this book fast enough.
  • Eric Boot
    4 stars! This was definately better than book 1. I'm looking forward to book 3 :)
  • Alex
    When I read Wither, I fell in love with the plot, the world, and the characters. I wanted so much more, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second book. But now that I’ve actually read Fever, I’m a bit disappointed.It felt like Lauren DeStefano was just throwing a whole new cast of characters at the reader without really bothering to give us enough time or information to truly care about them. It was hard to feel any emotion for a charac...
  • Lyndz
    Better than Wither, but still not really all that great.I can see why some people ((ahem, fake cough, *teenage girls*)) are really going crazy over this series. And maybe, even a few years ago when I was really into YA, I might have enjoyed it too, but sadly, it just isn’t really doing it for me anymore.Ok, you idiot, if you hate it that bad, why do you keep reading the books in this series?There is something about DeStefano’s writing that is...
  • ℓуηη, ℓσкιѕℓутнєя¢ℓαω
    Let me begin by saying that Rhine is one helluva tough girl. So tough. She's resourceful, brave, determined, loyal, and clings to hope with an iron grasp even when it seems there should be none at all. She goes through one kind of hell only to end up in another and another. With all the trauma and pain, she still remains true to herself and her beliefs. For those she loves she will sacrifice herself, and she fights for them, too. I can't say enou...
  • Maddie Senator
    **spoilers*My roommate summed this book up in a single sentence: "It's like one long acid trip."I liked the first book enough to pre-order this one. When I got it in the mail a few days ago, I excitedly opened it up and took a good look at the cover. "She looks like she's on drugs," I thought to myself. Whereas the cover of Wither was beautiful, I really didn't like this one. I didn't want to do the whole book-cover-judging thing, so I slipped of...
  • Foxyreading
    Hello my beautiful goodreads family! Its Foxyreading (@Foxyfangirling on twitter) with my full review of Fever!"Trust is the strongest weapon"This book was something... only about 300 pages and so much happens! I think in this sequel the balance between action and description is perfect, much better than in the first book! I am completely blown away by this book! I did not expect the story to develop this way! I did see some things coming, but it...
  • Booknut
    Harrowing. All I can say is that not only am I dying with anticipation for the next book, but Rhine's journey was emotional traumatising and I was only the reader! I felt for her every minute whilst reading the book, and even though I loved Gabriel's sweet, brave and protective nature my heart goes out to Linden as well - the sheltered, naive and incredibly broken guy who I think loves Rhine in a way that is unique. So much drama. So much emot...