LIFE by Chris Brady


How to live a life that counts!In the spirit of Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac, this book delivers power-packed truth in bite-sized pieces with nearly 600 of their most popular one-liners from Twitter. Roughly grouped into the "Eight F's" of Faith, Family, Friendship, Freedom, Finances, Fitness, Following, and Fun through award winning articles that are as deep as the subjects they cover are wide, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward present lif...

Details LIFE

Release DateMar 1st, 2011
PublisherObstacles Press
GenreLeadership, Self Help, Business, Personal Development, Family

Reviews LIFE

  • Richard Kroll
    Whether you sit down and read this book from cover to cover as a Leadership Development gem or use it as a Coffee Table book for everyone to read the short golden nuggets of wisdom and enjoy the incredible photography, LIFE is a wonderful combination of wisdom, leadership development, art, and pleasurable easy reading!
  • Carl Buchanan
    Wow this is a very informative book on how to live life for not just self but to live intentionally and correctly to impact others. How to get your eyes off your self and onto people in need. Most of the time caring goes un-recognized. If this is the case continue to care and make the difference. We need to go the extra mile all the time. Especially in all we do. If we change our self we have a chance to effectively change our world.
  • Jonathan
    Another great book by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.It took me a while to really get into this one. I think it was the format. There are many "chapters" that are usually only one to four pages long. Between these are a page or two that contain Chris and Orrin's tweets.I think I wanted a book into which I could immerse myself, but the frequent change in format proved a series of speed bumps.This turns out to be a good thing! One lesson repeated o...
  • Chuck Cova
    Easily the single best coffee table book ever produced. 'nuff said. Get one. Read it. Enjoy it. Share it.
  • John
    Most of us would like to live full lives and some of us are lucky enough to achieve excellence in some area but few of us actually Live Intentionally For Excellence. I have had the privilege of reading some of the chapters in this book as blogs and heard the concepts in talks. To have all of these compiled, arranged in an appropriate order, with clever and wise quotes added, and including gorgeous pictures is a rare treat. This book is the primer...
  • Michelle Mielke
    More than a pretty coffee table book, this book is beautiful and filled with nuggets for LIFE! I love reading it again and again. I also love gifting copies of this book to young people for graduation and as birthday and Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Amazing book filled with wisdom!
  • Mike Stratman
    This is one I take in small bites often. This collection of great one liners and short stories always lifts me up every time. Thinking about buying a second copy just so I can hang each page on my office wall!
  • Scott Stevens
    This is a nice book to open up some very interesting conversations with your friends. You can open just about any page and read some of the quotes or short blog-like stories in a few minutes. It is really an amazing collection of inspiring information from one of my favorite authors.
  • Philip Meinel
    So many truths on each page. I will keep coming back to this book again and again. The format is arranged as a compilation of powerful articles, allowing the reader to pick it up in short spurts. Fits nicely into a busy lifestyle and looks great as a feature coffee table book.
  • Alondra
    Great book Chris!Amazing information and wonderful photos.If you haven't read it pick one up!
  • Phil
    lots of insight with lots of humour mixed in
  • Tim
    Their books are as uplifting as their talks! Chris Brady autographed our copy.
  • Beth Ober
    The Life Book is not only a beautiful book to look at but has so much wisdom and leadership quotes! A great book for any office or business to have on display!
  • Scott Staley
    An amazing book, with amazing illustrations touching on 8 areas that are designed to help people to live the lives they've always wanted!
  • Jeanne Fritch
    Love the layout of the book - you can pick it up at any time and glean wisdom for wherever you open the book!
  • Georgia
    Great book ! I loan this out often .
  • Connie
    Fantastic! I started rereading this book last night. Great coffee table book.
  • Colleen
    I pick it up all the time for the little tidbits of wonderful thinking.
  • John Miller
    Awesome book!! Inspiring is a mild statement!
  • Kelly
    I am reading this right now and it is very inspirational
  • Brandon Perry
    Still one of my favorite quick reads. Short blogs with great insight.
  • Brianna Allen
    Now THIS is something that EVERYONE NEEDS!!! It's little tid bits here and there that are phenomenal!! This should be on every coffee table in America! No joke!
  • James Carthy
    Interesting Read.
  • Marie Mckenzie
    Life changing.
  • Soupie Shaw
    One book no one should be without
  • Jaime Shaw
    Love the pictures and paragraphs, best book to display on the coffee table, well written, heart felt all the way thru