Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections by Stephen Biesty

Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections

These amazing, original cross-section drawings take readers right inside 18 of the world's most fascinating structures. There's something new to find with every look at the extraordinarily detailed illustrations, depicting the insides of a steam train, a coal mine, a castle, the Queen Mary, and more. Full color.

Details Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections

TitleStephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections
Release DateJul 7th, 1992
PublisherKnopf Books for Young Readers
GenreNonfiction, Childrens, Art, Science, History

Reviews Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections

  • Amar Pai
    The beautiful, lavishly illustrated cross-sections in this book are spellbinding. They reawakened my childlike sense of wonderment & fascination with things BIG. Ocean liners, jumbo jets, earthmovers, castles, cathedrals... the ocean liner is a four page fold out! It is a glorious thing to behold. The section on off-shore oil rigs is quite eerie to read, in light of Deepwater Horizon. Everybody knows what a blowout preventer is now.The section on...
  • Peter
    Stephen Biesty is a very special author, but not quite the equal of David Macaulay. If you actually know who I'm talking about then you are some kind of schematical book nerd...
  • Akiva
    I was so very obsessed with this book as a kid. Oddly, one of the parts I remember most vividly was checking out what all the little people were doing. And the soldier whose intestines were hanging out in the tank cross section, of course. Biesty really knows how to appeal to kids.I'd love to reread this as an adult.
  • Lisa Day
    The copy I have is the 25th anniversary edition so the front cover is different. This book offers a cross-section of a number of different items including a coal mine, castle (my favourite cross-section), a space shuttle and a cathedral. Lots of details. The oceanliner runs over four pages, which shows the size of these ships.
  • Barbara Ab
    I came across this book by chance and took it for a friend’s boy. I couldn’t resist going through it. It’s impressive. Highly amusing and educational. I have found out that there are several of these series and I hope they are famous among children because they are incredible indeed!.
  • Sue
  • Tony
    My Grade = 90% - AThis is my second Stephen Biesty Crpss Section. The first was Man-of-War Cross-Section, which was obviously about a British Man-of-War. In it, each set of facing pages was a full cross-section drawing of some aspect of, of course, the Man-of-War. I found it truly fascinating and was very interested in finding others like it.In this book, each set of two facing pages is on a different building or vehicle, except two: the ocean li...
  • Minifig
    El libro es una maravilla. Reúne toda una colección de ilustraciones a doble página acerca de distintos edificios y vehículos (un castillo medieval, una catedral, un rascacielos, un submarino alemán de la IIGM, un trasatlántico, una estación de metro...) y los secciona para mostrar su interior.Las secciones están magníficamente bien realizadas a partir de planos de corte limpios que permiten retirar piezas y mostrar el interior de las co...
  • Maryse
    Incredible is not a misnomer. Stephen Beisty's amazing illustrations give you a fascinating look on how things work. From the inside of the tank, to the busy workings in the Opera House; from an ocean liner, to an ancient Castle. No detail (such as going to the loo) is too intimate to be left out. Accompanying the iluustrations are fun facts about each place, which are easy to read and understand, making for a great and enjoyable learning book.
  • Jen Johnson
    Originally published in 1992, and still relevant to the curious kid in you. A good range of cross-sectioned things, with tons of side notes and explanations. My only complaint is that the pages, big as they are, are really very packed. Maybe a little too packed, and the designer in me wants an updated, clean, layout, haha. The illustrations are very 'Where's Waldo' which was a fun bit of nostalgia but might not such a treat for your (ok, my) agin...
  • Fantods
    Not nearly as fascinating and re-readable as the Man O' War book, but then again, there's no gore, which is a plus or minus according to the reader taste. Much fainter memories of this book; I don't recall as many or as interesting of facts compared to Man O' War, but I'm suspicious my grade school aged self just liked the grossness of sea life hundreds of years ago.
  • Junessa
    A fascinating look inside many things including a castle, cathedral, tank, subway, Empire State Building and the Space Shuttle. There is a lot of information on each page so smaller children may need help reading.
  • Don Gubler
    Fascinating and informative.
  • Luca
    I like it the way it is cool, I learned some stuff to.
  • Matthew Moss
    Rediscovered my childhood finding this in the loft.
  • Allie
    It was Christina's revisiting of childhood favorites that prompted me to revisit this totally amazing book. IT HOLDS UP.
  • Aragão
    Awesome Artwork, detailed drawings, interesting dive into details of life in castles, ships and cities
  • Amanda
    I was completely obsessed with this book as a child, and had forgotten about it until just now. I think I'll have to get a new copy :)
  • Adam
    Nice without gimmicks or flaws! However, I thought that an improvement would be to make purposes clearer and more vivo and touch. I liked the brilliant style of this, it made me feel surprised!
  • Erika
    Quite good; a little too busy
  • Charles
    Great pictures for all.