Achilles and the Houseboy (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #3) by Gillibran Brown

Achilles and the Houseboy (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #3)

If Achilles, ancient hero of the Trojan War, had worn proper footwear then Gillibran Brown, modern hero of the Domestic Empire, would get into a lot less trouble, or so he believes.A kiss heralds the arrival of a most unwelcome and troublesome visitor who throws Gilli out of kilter with life and his Daddies.Take another journey with Gillibran Brown.

Details Achilles and the Houseboy (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #3)

TitleAchilles and the Houseboy (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #3)
Release DateApr 29th, 2011
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Erotica, BDSM, Menage, Contemporary, M M M

Reviews Achilles and the Houseboy (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #3)

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    I am emotional wreck right now from this book. I don't know if it is just me or if this book is really that intense but I was near tears for most of the story, from about 30% on. I went back and forth in my rating everywhere from 1 star to 5 stars because I HATED what my poor Gilli was going through but I am obsessed with Gilli's writing.This book is much more emotional than the two books that lead up to this one. For the first time, I really tho...
  • Julia
    First off...I LOVED THIS BOOK! I fell into this series by accident and have basically inhaled it over the past two days. I'm a tough audience, and I can safely say I haven't laughed as hard in years as I did with books 1 and 2. Gilli is a wonderful, complex, brilliant personality under construction and I would be happy to spend any amount of time between his pages.However, I spent most of the time welling up in book 3.SPOILERS FOLLOWThat said, it...
  • Kaje Harper
    For the first time in this one, I really wonder if this relationship can work and feel like Shane is failing in his position as Dom to the trio. He and to a lesser extent Dick treat Gilli like a child or a pet, not like an adult sub in this one. Major decisions are made not just without consulting him but without even telling him in advance. There are times when it would be a small effort to assure him of his worth and solicit his opinion and hel...
  • Fangtasia
    A missing chapter from the 2007 story, More Fun With Dick And Shane, this novella is about Gilli's reaction to his partners Dick and Shane getting married, signing a Civil Partnership agreement. Even though it retained some of the funny writing style that characterizes the previous books, this one is a painfully emotional look at Gilli's jealousy and insecurity in the face of what he views as a threat to the menage he lives in.Typical of him, the...
  • Macky
    These stories are told by Gilli so some may argue that you only get his POV and that's true , its Gillis voice we hear but usually its interspersed with hilarious incidents and snarky comments to balance the poignancy and sometimes heart rending moments that are always based around his interactions with Shane, his Alpha daddy and other daddy Dick. So getting back to the POV argument, yes it is all told in a one sided way but Gilli never downplays...
  • Vivian
    Well this one is tough. A lot less humorous as Gilli feels sidelined with everything going of with Dick and Shane that he can't participate in. I can understand all three points of view and none of them are wrong, but they are not working well together. Shane, my way or the highwayGilli, me, me...ME!And Dick, hello gorgeousIt's really hard because this book, Shane and Gilli are really out of sync. When one is leaning in the other is pushing away ...
  • A.B. Gayle
    This is a fabulous book about the nature of jealousy and insecurity, and the way the two are married, but as others say, you should read the other two books in the series first.The Quaker, William Penn, is quoted: 'The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.'The story sure illustrates that, but just as much, it explores the vicious cycle between feeling envious of not getting the love from Shane that Gilli craves, and fear...
  • Trio
    Best one yet. While I like the diary form of the first two books I really appreciated the more novel like structure of this one, plus it expanded on several of the issues brought up in the 2nd book.My heart always breaks for Gillie, but damn this one sure got me - and if I start talking about Shane I might not stop. I wish he would write a book.The references to the Greek Gods was perfect... how they're flawed and not above the humans, and how GB...
  • Josephine Myles
    This book is a much more sombre affair than the previous two, being an extended examination of Gilli's attack of jealousy over Shane and Dick's civil partnership. It takes place during the year of More Fun With Dick and Shane, and there's no point dipping into the series at this point - you need to have been reading Gilli's journal from the start to make sense of it all.I was moved, I sympathised with Gilli because I could see why Dick and Shane'...
  • JustJen
    My my, poor Gilli. I'm so addicted to his little stories, even though his extreme brattiness and tantrums can be quite grating. He consistently struggles with jealousy, self consciousness or low self esteem, whether it be from the medication side effects or his job. My heart breaks for him at times, yet others, I am appalled by his immature behavior. I keep waiting for a time when Shane will finally have enough, yet I fail to understand why Shane...
  • Danni
    Another corker from the lovely Gillibran Brown.Nasty, nasty Shane should be ashamed of himself, the way he treated my Gilli.Poor Gilli spent most of the book in tears, as did I reading it. A totally wonderful read.
  • Maggie Simms
    Warning!! This review might be spoilerish. So I read this one after reading all three books rather than after the second book. It is really hard to like Shane in this one for being an insensitive bastard over and over. It makes you want to get in the story and rescue Gilli to let him know that he is lovable and wanted. HOWEVER, Shane does love his boy as he will show over and over in Gilliflowers and his website diary. All Shane does throughout t...
  • Trix
    "The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves."The very quote that sums up the book. (view spoiler)[I wept for Gilli! His insecurities, his jealousy warped every touch, every gesture, every action into a slight against him, a personal attack and declaration of his worst fears, that he wasn't loved or needed anymore.I tried to keep a level head as I read through the events but even so, I was slowly sucked into Gil's distorted...
  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    Now I know what happened on the fateful days of Shane and Dick's civil partnership. I can see that Shane and Dick didn't want to give it too much importance to make Gilli understand that nothing would change, but: 1 - I think Gilli was entitled to his anger, because even if they didn't mean to, they ended up treating him like the lesser part of their menage and simply they chose not to make him deal with his disappointment and jealousy, because i...
  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    This installment had a different feel. It wasn't as funny and light hearted as the last. But it was worth the read, it is an important part of their life together. I still like Shane. When Gilli finally opened his mouth, and told Shane a little bit about how he was feeling, Shane dropped everything to show him that he was important....ya he might have used sex, but he still expressed how he felt about Gilli.I think if Gilli didn't stew so much, a...
  • Tamkin
    I must confess, I have a soft spot for Gillis bratiness and smart mouth, which probably appeals to my own inner brat, and therefore was thrilled to see a new or rather (as we are revisiting 2007) additional chapter of Gillis account of "this boys life". It is not all laughs and jokes, as the time revisited was a heavily emotional one for Gilli, but the authors irrevent humor still shines through. I for one was left looking forward to more of Gill...
  • Julia
    Please, please, please let the next book have some moments where I don't want to kill Shane. I would love to hear his side of things because right now, I just don't get it.
  • Mariana
    I'm really mad at Shane....
  • Lisa
    You know, I don't think I've ever been this emotional after reading a book. I read the three other books before I read this one and although I though Gilli was being unfairly treated by Shane in the other three it didn't bother me NEARLY as much as this one did. I was actually temted to tag this book under emotional abuse. In the previous books I guess you could excuse the way Shane treats Gilli and I get that it is apart of their relationship dy...
  • Chelsea
    This was the book of how Gilli copes with the announcement and proceedings of Shane and Dick getting married. I knew it would be an emotional ride from everything I had read about it and I was also aware everyone hated Shane is this book, so I wanted to read it with that in mind while trying to see a different perspective. Gilli does go through a lot of emotions in this book and has a really difficult time dealing with his insecurities. I felt re...
  • Addicted2M/M
    Rough. Had me welling up often. The humor is what I liked best in the previous two books. This lacked humor almost entirely; however, I really could not put this down. I love Gilli. I almost hate Shane, though I am certain I shouldn't. (view spoiler)[ the rope scene helped somewhat (hide spoiler)] (Just an FYI-Dick has a reduced presence in this book.) I came away completely understanding why Gilli thinks the things he does in regards to their re...
  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    ★★★★★This covers a period of time, just in more detail, of More Fun With Dick And Shane . Events, feelings, Gilli's worsening condition and the fallout of that, leading up to and including the Dick and Shane's Civil Partnership. A tough book to read. But a must-read if you're a fan.
  • FlibBityFLooB
    This is a few missing chapters from the previous year of Gillibran's life with Dick & Shane. In wasn't as humorous as his previous entries, mainly because it was capturing a very emotional time in his life that year. I have to say that I really emphathize with Gilli and his jealousy as I can relate to his insecurities. I shed tears while I read his shared thoughts. I am sad to see this is the last journal book of his that he has published. I dear...
  • Leah
    I know Gilly's a solipsistic ass (yeah I learned a new word from porn :D Righteous!) but you can't help,but empathize with him. I LOVE his writing STYLE and this book best of the series...even if I begrudgingly have learned to like Daddy Shane. More please!
  • Chris
    I haven’t read this series for a while and forgot how brilliant Gilli is as a writer. His visual style had me laughing and crying but also had me feeling a huge amount of empathy about being the third wheel. Gillis angst was real and while Dick & Shane take the lead and maintain control I couldn’t help but feel a little sad for Gilli - especially during the marriage scene. I’m not a fan of Leo or his smartarse comments - guess I’m a sucke...
  • Amber
    I like this series alot but I can't say it is one I always enjoy. This book was painful and sad in a lot of way even with Gilli's sarcastic humor. This book mainly focuses on Dick and Shane's wedding and the events that lead up to it. Where the other books you can see times where Gilli really is being a brat and selfish this book highlights the things that make me dislike this menage relationship. There just isn't alot of affection for Gilli outs...
  • Kristan
    WARNING: spoilers ahead.I hate you Shane. If Gilli was your only sub and this is how you treated him, it would be the furthest away from a healthy D/s relationship as you could get. You never bend. You laugh at Gilly, allow Leo to tear him down, agree with him, then add your own disparaging remarks on top of it. You ruined Gilli' s birthday gift to Dick by taking all the joy from it the moment Dick left the room. You seem to think that Gilli isn'...
  • Susan
    This book covered a really emotional time for Gilli and although it had some humour it also dealt with some serious situations. I had mixed feelings about this book. In the past, I think Shane has been harsh but fair with Gilli. The specific nature of their relationship gives him the right to make decisions which Gilli has to accept. This time though, I don't think he made the right decisions. It was inevitable that Gilli would feel slighted and ...