Lessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows, #1) by Karen Erickson

Lessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows, #1)

Widowed Lady Julia Renwick is still young enough to crave a man's touch; but she's too old to think that the Earl of Bedingfield could see her as anything more than a family friend. Garrett Walker is handsome, charming and only 26 years old—the perfect catch for any one of this year's debutantes.Garrett has no interest in the maidens vying for his attentions. He wants only Julia. With just two weeks left in the season, he makes a bold move by a...

Details Lessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows, #1)

TitleLessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows, #1)
Release DateJun 20th, 2011
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Regency, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Regency Romance

Reviews Lessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows, #1)

  • Juliana Philippa
    This was a cute little novella. For me, 3.5 stars means it's worth a read, but it would be something I might borrow instead of buy myself. Full disclosure: a romance novella has to be absolutely fantastic for it to get a really good rating for me. With such limited space, the author really has to work to give me some type of satisfying character / relationship development.This is my first Karen Erickson read and I was definitely interested enough...
  • Karla
    Delightful, sensual, scandalous…for that time period...younger man, older women romp! Garrett Walker, Earl of Bedingfield, has known Lady Julia Renwick since he was a young man. Now at 26, he would be the ultimate catch of any young debutante, but he has his sights set on the 31 year old widow and she’s got her eye on him. Julia offers him a proposal of a two week tryst as her lover, but once he gets a taste of her, Garrett wants forever! Jul...
  • Kathleen
    This was a very HOT quick read that I absolutely LOVED!
  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: June 20, 2011Publisher: Carina PressImprint: N/AAuthor’s Website: http://www.karenwritesromance.com/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Merry WidowsSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: HotAt 31 years old and a widow, the Dowager Lady Renwick has never been able to indulge in satisfying bed sport. Her deceased h...
  • Ruth
    This was a lovely little romantic story, provided by netgalley.The plot is pretty self-explanatory, and it's really an enjoyable romp with two nice people. We do get to know the hero and heroine, but we don't get much in the way of character-development. Having said that, the changes in their outlook fits well, and there is nothing jarring about the story or how it ends. It's moderately steamy, and probably would have benefitted from a bit more s...
  • Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*
    Widowed Lady Julia Renwick longs to experience the passion so lacking in her marriage to her late husband, a much older man. She contemplates taking a lover for the remaining two weeks of the season but there is only one man who stirs her, an old family friend, the handsome and charismatic Garrett, Earl of Bedingfield. But why would such a man, who could have any woman he pleased, be tempted by an older woman such as herself?Julia is unaware that...
  • Melanie
    I reviewed this book on my blog at www.bookworm2bookworm.wordpress.com By now, if you’re one of my blog followers, you already know my weak spot for older woman/younger man stories. You all know that I’ve basically ‘robbed the cradle’ as it were, by marrying a young man that’s twelve years my junior, and that I’m enjoying every minute of our life together. And because of that, it came as no surprise to me how easily I identified with ...
  • Laura
    This was a short historical romance provided to me via NetGalley. Lady Julia is a widow and after just coming out of mourning, has her eyes set on taking a lover. Not just any lover will do for Julia as she has her eyes set on one particularly dashing Lord; Lord Garrett Bedingfield. Lady Julia is nervous to approach him with the offer of being her lover for the remainder of the season, but, unbeknownst to her, Lord Bedingfield has had his eye on ...
  • Kari
    Lessons in Indiscretion is the first of the Merry Widows series put out by Carina Press. This one is a very quick read, coming in at 18,000 words. Sometimes I don't know why I torture myself reading novellas. I always want to know more about the characters. I enjoyed Julia and Garrett's story. They were great characters. This one had a nice twist, Julia is the "older woman" by 5 years. Back in their time, what a scandal that would have made. I re...
  • Katie(babs)
    A nice steamy novel that would have been so much better if it had been longer. I do so love a nice naughty carriage scene.The one downside is the heroine has a typical stereotypical ho hum, my first husband never gave me good sex and I had to lie back and think of England for the two minutes. But then she meets the scandalous, walking orgasmic hero and she's more than willing to have him show her what she has missed most her life. And it lasts mu...
  • Christine
    I liked this one much better than I expected to. I am looking for the next one now...
  • Melanie
    By now, if you're one of my blog followers, you already know my weak spot for older woman/younger man stories. You all know that I've basically `robbed the cradle' as it were, by marrying a young man that's twelve years my junior, and that I'm enjoying every minute of our life together. And because of that, it came as no surprise to me how easily I identified with Lady Julia Renwick. Here she is, at thirty-one and a widow that most of her married...
  • Habrewer
    Lessons in Indiscretion by Karen Erickson* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Lady Julia Renwick is lonely and she sets out to do something about it. She has been eyeing Garrett Walker, the Earl of Bedingfield and decides it’s time to finally approach him with her request. To her amazement, he is happy to help her out of her predicament.Garrett Walker has known Julia since he was a young boy. He enjoy...
  • Lori {Romancing the Dark Side}
    Originally reviewed on Romancing the Darkside: An enticing, sensual historical romance!Lady Julia Renwick is a widow, who after mourning her late husband for three years is ready to have another man in her life, even if it comes in the form of a discreet, casual fling. Julia has her eyes set on the available and handsome Garrett, Earl of Bedingfield, a man five years her junior with plenty of women to choose from and who also happens to be a fam...
  • Lynette
    LESSONS IN INDISCRETION is a short read at only 18,000 words. It’s a pretty straightforward, well-written story. If you read the back cover blurb it covers pretty much what happens in the story, no more no less. Julia has recently just come out of mourning and is feeling alone, she also has a major crush on Garrett, the Earl of Bedingfield, the son of her much older husband’s best friend. Garrett is known for his amorous encounters and Julia ...
  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    Originally posted at:http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...Sexy, audacious younger man tempts a lonely widow. This isn’t a battle of wills, this is a sweet yet spicy story of an affair that leads to deeper attachment. Lady Julia Renwick is portrayed as a nice lady who wants some hot love action and is willing to take risk to attain it. The younger man, the Earl of Bedingfield, is a well-done rakish sort with sensitive, caring side who gives h...
  • Ivyd
    Julia, Lady Renwick is a widow. She’s spent the last three years in mourning for her late husband. Julia has decided she’s perfectly within her rights to discreetly take a lover. She’s also decided who she wants that lover to be, Garrett, Earl of Bedingfield. He’s younger, devastatingly handsome, and he makes her feel things she never imagined she could feel. She’s finally decided to ask him to be her lover for the duration of the Seaso...
  • Tiblu
    An enjoyable read ;)This is one thing f those sweet sweet books that's cones along that you definitely Do Not Hate, but it doesn't really inspire your love really either... While I definitely would love q Garrett in My life ! Neither he or the very sweet Julia didn't really do much for me either,like cotton candy the story went down smooth and sweet but did not leave me wanting more.... Like one reviewer I read liked was the absence of game playi...
  • Cocktails and Books
    Julia and Garrett have known each other since she was a newly married 19 year old and he 14. Now, 31 and widowed, Julia finds herself contemplating a tryst with the oh so handsome Garrett the last two weeks of the season. She finds him very attractive and he’s been paying attention to her at the ton events, so she figures now is her chance for a little excitement before everyone leaves London for their country estates and she’s left all alone...
  • Diana~ (Kiss Me Books)
    For a very quick book, I actually enjoyed this one very much. The chemistry between Garrett and Julia was hot! Although one small complaint about this book would be that it way too short! If only the author had lengthen the story and gave the couple the development that they deserved, it could have been a great historical/erotica romance novel. It's not to say that i did not "love" this book. I really liked it and Julie kind of broke my heart too...
  • Marlene
    Lessons in Indiscretion, by Karen Erickson. The story is set in the Regency period, but this is certainly not an old-fashioned Regency! Widowed Lady Julia has decided to take a lover, and has set her sights on a younger man, the Earl of Bedingfield, who has been a family friend since he was 14. Now he is 26, and her husband is dead and she is out of her widow's weeds. While Lady Julia nearly scandalizes herself by her desire for the younger earl,...
  • Cleffairy Cleffairy
    Reviewed at: Library of LightsDate reviewed: 18 June 2011Review link: http://mykindaland.com/?p=334Lessons in Indiscretion by Karen Erickson is a highly entertaining and sensual story. Despite the fact that it is a historical romance, it is not boring. No, it is far from boring. In fact it was told in such a bold way that I have no doubt that the people who lives in the regency era would have toss and turn in their graves if they knew that their ...
  • Damaris (GoodChoiceReading)
    This is my very first story by Karen Erickson and it wont be my last. Lessons in Indiscretion is only 58 pages, but gives you a taste of everything you want when it comes to romance. You can easily read this story in one sitting and not feel that there should have been more.I am not a big erotica romance lover and to be honest I am not sure if this story was erotica, but if it was I am happy that Erickson did not go to over board when it came to ...
  • Judith
    A delightful historical novella set in the 19th century and with just two weeks left in the London Season, Lady Julia propositions Garrick, Earl of Bedingfield. They commence a fast and furious affair they have agreed will only last until the season ends. But just those first few encounters change Lady Julia from a frumpy and not-very-glamorous widow to one who is sought out by numerous suitors. Now Garrick is left to decide what will be his resp...
  • Romancing the Book
    Review by EmmaRaeBook provided by NetGalley for review I really didn't like Julia at first. She was whiny and the author kinda kept dwelling on her insecurity without supporting it by fleshing out the character. I breezed through several pages I thought could have been done better, but stick with it cause it's worth the read. Garrett is a great little character. The book is not that long, but it's still a nice little story to read before bed or w...
  • Jen Davis
    Lessons In Indiscretion is a hot little historical short story. It features Lady Julia, a widow who wants to have an affair with a younger man. Garrett is happy to indulge her desires. The two become lovers, and Garrett helps Julia come out of her shell, both sexually and emotionally. Julia doesn’t think the two of them can have any kind of future, since she is 5 years his senior. But their passion transcends their reservations.The story is onl...
  • Rustye
    Normally, I don't care for short stories or short novellas but Lessons in Indiscretion is well done! Ms. Erickson managed to give the reader a glimpse of Regency England and what was expected of a wife of those times. Now that she is a widow, the heroine decides to enjoy herself and possibly discreetly take a lover while she is still young enough. She picks someone she has known for a long time who is also very attracted to her. What follows is a...
  • Wendy
    This is a novella-length historical romantic confection, and it was a fun, quick read. There's a good deal of angst from the heroine about the gap in age between her and the hero, and a bit of jealousy on both their parts as they become more attached than either of them expected, which helped round out the sex pretty well. There's a lot of sex in this, and a lot of thinking about sex, and a few lashings of the f-word (with its original meaning), ...
  • Sofia Grey
    Another hot novella, but set in a Regency period. Karen Erikson is another of my favourite erotica writers and this novella was a delight to read – I gobbled it up. Widow Julia is fresh out of mourning her much older late husband and sets her heart on an affair with the dashing (and younger) Earl of Bedingfield. She doesn’t realise he’s been attracted to her since his teenage years and is only to happy to have a dalliance. De-lish-ous :-)
  • Marcy
    I really liked this first book in "The Merry Widows" series.Lady Thea Renwick is attracted to Garrett Walker, Earl of Bedingfield. Though they have known each other casually for years, Thea feels she can only engage in an affair with the younger man due to his higher rank. But Garrett has other plans for the lovely Thea.